The Great Subway Jalapeño Scandal

Birt 25 sep 2019
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this is a video about how subway needs to fix their stupid jalepeno situation.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
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  • in my city, here in canada, they dont even have jalapenos at subways... they only have those banana peppers or whatever theyre called, the multicolor little slices of peppers, like some are yellow, some orange, some red, u know? and they arent rly hot at all, like 10-20% of a jalapenos heat... thats why i go to quiznoz those guys do have jalapenos and i havent experienced a stem problem there! therefor quiznos>subways

  • This is still my most favorite video to watch ever

  • Just went to a subway to confirm: 2 Sandwiches 9 Stems in total.. dear god.

  • Nice of Gus to support an up and coming sandwich joint 😊

  • STEM

  • This does not have enough views

  • Every SubWay sandwich I've gotten in the past ~3 years, has had jalapenos on them. Never, not once, have I ever found a jalapeno stem. Though, I am in Australia. Maybe our SubWay's just better than America's.

  • dude your math was off it was 54 stems in the sandwiches

  • Drinking game: take a shot everytime he says stem

  • Bruh I'm an A's fan myself; I like yo hat, mate 😊💕

  • BTW It's 54 not 50

  • My subway doesn't have any stems i've been getting stuff there for a while and have gotten 0 stems

  • You eatin good this month

  • I dont think gus is over reacting. This is a serious deal lol

  • The second biggest scandal in Subway history

  • This isn't even the only subway video

  • Just ask them to not put stems on it. They don't care. I worked at one.

  • "so you can see I am not crazy!" *Buys like 20 sandwiches with just jalapenos*

  • whats the song when gus rides his scooter

  • It's funny because their bread is no longer able to be called "bread" in some countries

  • Yo gus I work at a subway. We cut most of our veggies fresh every morning. Jalapenos arent cut fresh we get them out of a bag and most of the time have stems still in the bag. i personally go through the bag and take out the stems but a lot of people are lazy and dont throw em out.

  • Thumbnail looks like a great value Ron Swanson

  • here's a drinking game, drink every time he says "stem"

  • “Sandwich seven, I’m in heaven. Never mind, here’s a rind.” Got a like and a sub from that line alone

  • Call em out gus!

  • tha fuck man

  • Shane Dawson but its better

  • Jalapeños like that are not cut in house. Come in cans.

  • this is math

  • In all there was 53 stems i counted

  • I love how intrigued Eddy Berback is

  • Oops! All stems

  • thanks for proving why i never eat out

  • why is no one talking about Gus flashing a dick at 1:17

  • They probably buy the lowest grade from a company that chops jalapenos. The grade F chopped-jalapeno option. Like bag cereals, subway is buying the imperfect Cap'n Crunch of the pepper world.

  • this is such a g darn good video

  • Sounds like someone is a delicate flower. Most of those weren't stems!

  • not as bad, but its the same shit with banana peppers in burger places like harveys

  • Kill the employees

  • yoooo I'm pretty sure that adds up to 53 total stems...... not 50. Maybe I'm crazy...

  • Got a subway ad on this video lol

  • Over a year later and this is still one of the only videos I laugh out loud at every single time I watch it

  • he says i wish it was 2020 but look what happened now fucking covid happened

  • This is some Costanza shit.

  • well why did you ask for like handfuls of Jalapenos on every sandwich? who the fuck actually eats that many lol

  • Is it bad that I also didn’t know Gus was in a doctors costume until Eddie pointed it out

  • I can't tell if this is a skit, or if he's genuinely pissed that there are stems on his peppers.

  • I like the stems

  • I love how he actually swears when it comes to jalapeño sandwiches.

  • 9:45 :(

  • Nice science experient.

  • Just because you’re not wrong doesn’t mean you’re not crazy

  • Remember when you could just go out to 4 different stores in one day?

  • Got heartburn just watching this. Thanks Gus our Saviour!

  • What's that song with the barney theme

  • gus is the only person who could make me sit through 12 minutes of him counting jalapeno stems

  • Goddamn I wish Quiznos was still, if at all, in Canada. But also the stem epidemic in Canada isn't as bad, or it's only when u go to a restaurant the first time

  • 10:22 he said “wishing it was 2020” but boy if he knew what was coming...

  • As someone who works at a subway, I gotta say, our jalapenos come pickled and presliced in big bags. We don't cut them oirselves, and I agree this Shits gross.

  • 53

  • Doctor gus

  • if Bobby Flay knew about these stems, he would jump up on that counter and dance all over those sandwiches.

  • Avg of 2.63 stems per sandwhixh

  • brunh if i woked at subway i would just stuff them in my pockets out of imbearassmint and theru them in my c0ompost

  • The Manager: ok guys and you have to make sure you get only stems in there ok? That One Worker: WTF I wont do that to our customers! The Manager: You don't belong here, Get out, NOW! Do they want you to suffer XD

  • The same thing happens at Domino's. Change my mind.

  • 25 10

  • Come to Germany, no stems on our subs

  • Personally in my state I won’t say my state for privacy reasoning but I don’t get very many stems Maybe 1 but it’s rare for me.

  • I had subway yesterday and when I bit into it there was a toilet paper roll in it. Tasted fine.

  • Looks like this man started his science fair project 20 years late.

  • This guy is brilliant

  • Ever considered working at subway?

  • canned jalapenos subway employees aint cutting that shit

  • Look idk but at 12:36 I swear I felt his lips and that shit was weird but oddly satisfying

  • Can't tell if he did this after zuckerberg's smoking meats and brisket video

  • you show a picture of what a stem is and then whole 0 "stems" in all of those subways that you opened up

  • 1:19 just some penis

  • Rip. You had an average of 2.65 jalapeño stems per sandwich 😆

  • Drinking game: take a shot everytime gus says "stem"

  • "why don't you take a bite out of my-" shows drawing of dick and balls for like 12 frames

  • Yayayay capitalismmmm

  • subway workers after seeing this: "Well F***"

  • 132 dollars for 20 sandwiches i could make 132 sandwiches for that price at home

  • Hey there,just letting u know subway is a big corp. Which try to save time and money

  • So I used to work at Subway, they get the jalapanos precut in bags.

  • 4:07🤣😂😅

  • This is a real thing lol. Sometime in 2019 I experienced my first jalapeno stem in a subway sandwich and I couldn't finish it because I was so grossed out by how it felt in my mouth. I'm not a picky eater and I'm never phased by the texture or consistency of my food; this was not a minor "weird.. *swallows anyway*" situation. Few weeks later, I thought maybe they'd have a new batch of jalapenos or something so I gave it another try and there were 3 or 4 in it. Had subway regularly for years and now it's dead to me lmao.

  • The problem I have with Subway and jalapeños is, when they get to the veggies and they ask me what I want, I say “everything,” and they get to the jalapeños and ask “do you want jalapeños?” To which I say “Jalapeños is part of everything.” It happens every time.

  • I used to work at subway and we never cut our own jalapeños. We’d get in precut in a bag so we didn’t have control over that. Granted I was always numb working there so I never even noticed stems while making sandwiched

  • He's the Gordon Ramsey for sub-way

  • It's a conspiracy put on by the banana peppers.

  • 53 not 50

  • 53 stems

  • i find the cheese on the japaleno sandwiches worser to be honest

  • we get out jalapenos in a pre-sliced bag. we just drain it and put em in the pan.

  • I’ve watched this video like 10 times and I love it

  • I thought this happened just to me 😭 I’m glad I’m not alone.. after getting 3 sandwiches in a row with the stem at my college campus I was traumatized I could not get subway ever again 🤮

  • Subway employees don’t cut the jalapeños. Jalapeños come in a can already sliced. If anything the jalapeño company is mostly responsible for this.

  • Pete brought me here lol