The Great Subway Jalapeño Scandal

Birt 25 sep 2019
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this is a video about how subway needs to fix their stupid jalepeno situation.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • Now do one on why theyre always out of vitamin water


  • Gus Johnson becomes Gordon Ramsay

  • Is he an alcoholic because I swear there was tens of bottles up on his cabinet

  • Same shit w Dominos.

  • Employees don't cut them we just dump them out of a factory cut and sealed bag I personally pulled those out but alot of people don't

  • what ive learned from american youtubers is dont eat fast food in america

  • "number 7 im in heaven never mind heres a rind" "here comes number 8 right out of the gate its the stuff we hate" i love it

  • Gus: to prove to you im not crazy i bought 20 sandwiches

  • It’s 53

  • It's cute that they think humans cut the peppers.

  • Subway gets a jalapeño and takes one slice and the stem, calls it good and throws it away

  • I thought you were talking about Jared Fogle

  • Guys is the kinda guy to order 20 subway sandwiches with only jalapeños

  • 4:40 my god that sound of shock was kawaii

  • As a former subway employee.... It's cause the jalapeno slices come in bags

  • Well that looks absolutely disGUSting

  • 4:40 she moaned

  • 6 dollars 60 each?!?!?! those are some expensive ass subs

  • You should have done 3 sandwiches from 6 shops. 3 is enough for an average, and 6 is a bigger shop sample size.

  • Covid*

  • The travel bug also none as vivid 19

  • "Im not crazy" *buys 100 dollars worth of sandwiches consisting of just jalepenos from 4 different subways*

  • 1:19

  • Top of pepper? More like STEM!

  • gus and sabrina prolly ate subway for 3 weeks after this

  • Just a casual saturday with Gus

  • I have not once in my life gotten that many jalapenos on my sandwich. You got those things murdered with fucking peppers. When I order a sandwich with jalapenos I get maybe 5 pieces on a 6-inch, you had some sandwiches that had probably around 30-40. But then again I don't order a sandwich with only Jalapenos, since I am ... you know... a sane person...

  • now i really want subway >:(

  • Wow, I've never had a stem in mine and I always get extra

  • There are 53 stems

  • Gus Ramsey

  • I feel like he went to subway about an hour before filming this, snapped, raced home and started filming

  • It’s spelled Sooubway.

  • Why do you have what appears to be a hand painted dingle

  • I paid for the whole jalapeno I'm gonna use the whole jalapeno

  • why are they shiny

  • why did I just watch a grown man yell at me for 12 minutes about subway jalapenos

    • if I ever work at a subway gus, I will make sure to through out the stems

  • I agree pillow man rocks

  • As you can see I'm not crazy. You could have proven that to me by not buying 20 subway sandwiches like come on.

  • How much you want to bet a Subway executive ends up watching this and the only thing they end up saying. "They are putting way to many jalapeños on those sandwiches, that's a waste of valuable ingredients". Completely ignoring the Stem issue.

  • Clicking on this video I thought this was Gus taking a stance on an actual scandal. I was correct

  • Kinda of a loose definition of stem, if we're including any part of the shoulder...

  • Doing the math each sandwich had an average of 2.65 stems in each sandwich

  • You’re so nice what. Just Jalapeños on each please. Thanks guys!

  • Has this been shared with subway

  • i wonder if subway stepped there shit up after seeing 3m watched this

  • ph title: hot brunette touches jalapeno assholes

  • I feel like this was an excuse to spend 132 dollars on subway

  • Why work so hard for a masters degree when you could get a free jalapeno degree from gus

  • When he said the dumbest i was also thinking about the pillow man

  • good oh subway. where nothing is fresh at eat fresh.

  • This is what happens to white people when no one oppresses them. They look for things to be oppresses and bothered by...


  • I'm Dming this to subway right now.

  • “Is that is focus look at that”

  • First World Problems

  • alt title: man dies from excessive stems

  • I actually Like the stems

  • 1:17 Gus this is why your demonized

  • NO1 eats Subway.


  • I counted 53 stems. Anyone else wanna fact check the math?

  • At 1:05 that’s my ring tone to I was like who’s calling me?!

  • you should work in subway

  • 0x1+1x4+2x5+3x4+4x4+5x1+6x1=53 Wow it's really bad

  • Sooooo, did Subway reacto to this video in any way?

  • You should make more videos like this. This is amazing

  • When you learn a new word : STAMP

  • And no one really cares

  • It is edible

  • Yay pre corona virus video

  • it’s actually 53 stems total

  • That's a lot of science, technology, engineering, and math in those samaches

  • My subway doesn't have stem jalapeños

  • seems like America is shit at junkfood. who whoulda known

  • This should be a one a done video, but dammit I’ve watched it once every three months. Just so funny how passionate Gus is about this. And as a fellow jalapeño lover I can confirm that those pieces are inedible.

  • I’ll be honest with you chief, your subways must have some shit workers cause where i live the subways are pretty gourmet.

  • Cop the lp merch

  • Also they forgot just a touch of olive oil

  • What do they do with the rest of the jalapeno

  • Somebody call theoddonesout

  • This is why i get the banana peppers instead

  • Cockamolie, that really got me XD

  • *Points at 2013* "That was a good year, I was a junior in high school" Fuck me I'm older than Gus Johnson.

  • Gotta check me out some of this Udible stuff

  • Nobody: Me 10:48

  • Drinking game: every time he says stem; take a sip. he

  • Gus is a lier, he said there is only 50 stems yet there is 53. Yall trust him too much.

  • There was actually 53 stems

  • Hey Subway employee here, I know I'm late, but figured I'd put my two cents in. At least where I work, the peppers come pre cut, and are dumped into metal tins, we typically don't notice them then. But on the line, we literally grab them with our hands, and myself as well as everyone I work with, if we grab a stem from a hot pepper, or even a banana pepper, we throw them out and continue making the sub. Just wanted people to know that not every Subway employee is incompetent.

  • 1:19 then pause immediately put into .25 speed and keep pausing and unpausing til you get the CLEAR image

  • Dude this is to real lol I get subway nearly everyday for lunch. After a couple years of getting stems I now keep a jar of jalapeños in my mini fridge in my office at work

  • Fuck that "Stem" Got me water has flown out my nose add some rice to it. Yes it's disgusting idc

  • Stems: *imma end this man's whole career*

  • 53 stems actually :)

  • the word stem has lost all meaning :O

  • I think he's the only one with this problem

  • Good subway workers follow orders... That's how they train you. You don't think about it as you're cutting the stems, but you know where they're going. The suffering they'll cause. You hope that if this ever ends, you aren't singled out. Because you know it's a crime. But you just follow orders. You have to. Good subway workers follow orders. And that's what you need to be. A good subway worker. Good subway workers follow orders. Good subway workers follow orders.

  • hes an actual genius cuz he gets to eat a subway everyday for 20 days without people realizing