godforsaken country

Birt 1 okt 2019
pretty much my mom let this become a godforsaken country
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pretty much this is a godforsaken country at this point.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • sorry about my mom you guys god bless you follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets

    • Is Randy still alive?

    • are the bees a yogscast reference

    • No yo mama a good christian i like her

    • The videos with your mum make me wish I could subscribe again.

    • I fuckin love these videos

  • Get this man to 5K subs. He deserves it

  • blade runner

  • Randy/Wendy/Windy is cute. Convey my love and a lot of pets for her.

  • I love these videos

  • "Dont get beer all over dads jacket" 🤣

  • This is awful and chaotic but i’m intrigued. I think his mum is the star of this show

  • Wait, are Gus and Sven brothers? I shipped them :/

  • i really love gus’ mom, she’s so funny and sweet

  • "I'll recast you"

  • I'd love to see Gus and pewds to do a colab

  • These videos are making me cry laughing

  • My mom approved of this

  • 3:13 literally what me and my cat do

  • Pretty shure randy died

  • What witchcraft makes Randy follow you?

  • I love how there is one point where Gus addresses Wendy with she @4:38

  • Mom can I have a boost

  • "I was doing a flat and you were doing l major or some bullshit"

  • Jesus christ are you 19 or 50?

  • "These apricots are ruined, completely." "That's an apple..." Killed me, bro

  • Jeepers. On a bad day I can watch this and be happy again. Don't stop, mom. I dont want him to re-cast you. You're so fun!

  • hUCKin

  • Cool but those are peaches and not apricots

  • "Mom and I are filming two God's Country videos..." ...and??

  • I’ll recast you 😂

  • 1:09

  • Poor Mrs. Johnson, honest to goodness.

  • ""I will re-cast you" - Gus to his apple hucking mother.

  • Please make another video like theseeeee

  • The way he said "dahm et" at 1:34 made me wake up my neighbors.

  • sea sick

  • “I will recast you” ahahahaah

  • No! Cliven Bundy!

  • I'm dying lol

  • This is so damn funny

  • one year ago today

  • I sounds like he’s about to cry

  • “I’ll recast you” lmao Ok but your mom is a champ, oh my god. Mine would have left on second 5 of me being on my bullshit.

  • I like his Troy Hurtubise jacket.

  • Is anyone else genuinely sad that there isn't going to be another one of these videos. I love this "series".

  • Cant believe randy used to be 2 feet taller.

  • “I’m done” “You’re done?” “I’m done” “Why?” “This is stupid” “...you like Sven better don’t you?”

  • He looks like a manchester city fan

  • you're gonna be such a cool old person

  • God's country but with your dad.

  • 2:51 Here I'll get it started for ya. That cracked me up

  • Oh my god how did I forget how funny this video is

  • True comedy is when you don't know much of the skit is real

  • Please, in the spirit of St. Louis, what's that music at the end?

  • The end made me laugh so much 😂

  • "The rocks are squishier?" Hahahahaha

  • h u c k A p p l e s at M e

  • He was getting thrown around at a burning man concert so I thought I step in and put the kaiposch on that😂😂😂😂

  • L major

  • 4:09 #Alinity

  • 4:10 "I'll get banned from twitch"

  • I just want everyone to appreciate the beans at 3:04

  • I love this

  • country

  • P

  • Hucking apples at me 😂

  • Omg, tell your mom how much we adore her.

  • Moms really are the best

  • I love randy more than myself

  • Just a boy and his cat in the field

  • i love her so much lol

  • how do u fry something in stew?

  • these are my favorite videos on the internet thsnk you gus

  • nobody: gus: can you give me a boost

  • These are my favorite videos - keep em coming!

  • "Ill recast you" - Gus on the topic of his mother

  • ceo of cut that part out

  • i hope that isn't the cat they had to bury in the weeds q3q

  • ApRiCoTs 🍎🍏🍎

  • How come gus is more mature in this god forsaken country, rather than the new one?

  • "That saves a 🔧 like meee" 🤣

  • I love your cat

  • I love gus’s mom. He got his humor from one of his parents... I guarantee it.

  • Your more awesome then i thought

  • Drunk gus is dope

  • 4:53 I would’ve loved Gus to say “my ass is pealing of the leather like laffy taffy clings to its rapper” 😂

  • You're mom sounds so viscious.

  • The trees are dying and the rocks are...squishy 🤣🤣

  • goes to grab cat "Don't do that i'll be banned from Twitch "

  • Ah, this is what it used to be like with me and my mom. Then she just... stopped being great.

  • The gods country videos are the best

  • I feel like if this came out 10 years ago we’d have people arguing if it was real.

  • If he was actually drunk it would be even funnier

  • HAHAHA it just slays me!

  • "you should kno by now that everything goes in" 😄

  • those pink toe beans tho 3:04

  • Gus looks like a 41yo divorced Australian zookeeper.

  • I could just imagine Wendy going down the water slides in Wisconsin Dells

  • didgeridog is a rare geo-specific pokemon found only in australia and the johnson family property

  • Sometimes i really wish i wasn't named Randy...

  • "It's not beer, I made a mimosa" 😂😂

  • what if i want apples thrown at me?

  • "There is a bee!" "It's a wasp.." "You are a wasp.."

  • This man's in L major.