man gets a big surprise

Birt 20 jún 2019
wow i did not expect this
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this is a video where i get disneyland surprised
Welcome to the Gus Johnson channel, where the most average content comes to fizzle out.
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  • it is my birthday so legally you have to follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets

  • Shit went from 0 to 100 real fucking quick

  • happy birthday

  • A moment of silence for gus


  • !? OH MARKUS ?!

  • why she fuckin sounds like 6 yo... btw nice video but that voice is more teribble than bernadette in TBBT

  • My first Gus video

  • Fuck Marcus.

  • The king of plot twists

  • I always new Marcus was trouble

  • aww, MARCUS?

  • Always with Markus

  • bdddd

  • the voice tho

  • This title reminds me of something...

  • 👁 👁 🐽 👄

  • Fuck Marcus

  • Fuck Marcus

  • I want that Alien Mickey Mouse T-shirt

  • -awwWWWWW MaRcUs?

  • 2000th comment

  • dude went from eating bubbles to getting dumped by mini mouse in a year jeez

  • Marcus be out here stealing people’s girls 😂

  • I'm still going to Disneyland LMFAO

  • This is like that #boogie2988getkickedoutforChristmas

  • dis is how all dem bitches be, i tell u hwhat

  • That's a bangin backie tho

  • The sad thing is that even if he paid for the house she would get to keep it

  • Mid way through i realised what she was doing

  • Plot twist Marcus is his bro Sven’s it’s his middle name

  • I’m no longer in love with youuuu

  • Are Sabrina and Gus dating or are they just really good friends? Because I’m extremely confused

  • I thought this was serious at first lol

  • AW MARCUS?!?!

  • As a man fresh out of a 2 year relationship this makes me feel personally attacked lol

  • if this would happen in real life it would be sad

  • Oh man the “I’m not in love with you anymore” triggered some mild PTSD lol

  • If you watched Gus' other video with smash pit, you would Gus only watched 1 disney film, so he definitly doesn't fancy a disneyland trip IRL

  • The Mickey Mouse shirt was a xenomorph/Mickey mouse hybrid

  • Hahaha the trip to disneyland was great

  • This is my fav guys charector. Wholesome gus

  • fuck marcus

  • I clicked on this video to laugh not be personally attacked:(

  • Ok ngl that shirt is cool!

  • Dammit Marcus!

  • damnnn yoouuuu Marcussss

  • Gus Johnson l you mejalaşmak yess???

  • Gus Jonshos

  • We’re did you get that shirt? Lol

  • That damn Marcus. I KNEW he was trouble...

  • Imagine if this is how they announced they broke up

  • I love how sabrina kinda sounds like the run for the cube guy just a little bit

  • *MARKIS?!*

  • Ow nvm

  • I thot this was another roll play but now I think about it itsnot

  • Frick Marcus

  • oh, marcus???

  • so uhh you guys still datin or is she single... issa joke funny content

  • Her voice irritates me

  • I always knew Marcus was a dick!

  • Damn that alien and Mickey Mouse fusion t-shirt at the beggining was insane tbh I would buy that

  • Rip

  • I tear through gus' vids like a fat kid through a sleeve of double stuffed oreos.

  • This looks like the beginning of a porn

  • I wonder are they still together

  • 🔪

  • Time to 🔪

  • :c

  • They had us in the first galf not gonna lie

  • I like how Gus is so embarrassed that he got divorced that the title says “he” instead “Gus”.

  • This is great


  • Damn marcus

  • Id be trembling in sadness you think its a disney land surprise and its your birthday just to have someone break up with you

  • She legit sounds like someone who would voice a toy review

  • I literally just have a discursion with my girlfriend about if she still love me or not and she go sleep without anwser me and this video was recomended so i thing i got really sad now

  • My wife literally did this to me.. and I actually laughed with all this pain ..

  • Dinkleberg...

  • dude, her high pitched voice with "I'm no longer in love with you"

  • A child Edit: I legit thought it’ll be a child.

  • aww man you have another lover? ItS mArKuS!?!?!?!

  • this hurts me inside

  • F in the chat bois


  • This is a backpack Gus: dear god There’s more Gus: Noo

  • Hey but listen to her voice, heka onoying

  • Feels bad man

  • L8l

  • thats actually a pretty cool shirt

  • no

  • She sounds exactly like Bernadette from Big Bang theory

  • I like how high pitched and innocent Sabrina’s voice is saying “I’m kicking you out!”

  • I knew it dude when he pulled out the passport i was like oh noo not this again

  • At the beginning I hear this gunfire noise is World War three outside their house!?

  • Fuck you Marcus

  • I like the Arabic captions

  • fuck you marcus

  • Oh man... Really big surprise

  • Wow