What's going on with Mr. Bean on YouTube?

Birt 18 des 2019
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this is a video about the funny haha lol random mr bean youtube channel
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to Imbiamba Jombes to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast, come on.
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  • wow this is so wacky and random haha maybe follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets oh my god are we doing this hahaha

  • Blackadder was my favourite Rowan Atkinson show. I enjoyed it just as much if not more than Mr. Bean.

  • My siblings where watching mr beans holiday when i was being born

  • my classmate looks like him

  • I actually enjoyed the animated version more than the live action one.

  • 10:01 chill man

  • How do I do subtitles

  • This is how many times Gus said g danget 👇

  • Gus out here asking the real questions

  • who else thought that when gus put the mic on the beans can thought it would go perfect for holding a mic on five minute crafts

  • I’d never thought i’d see Laurie Strode and Mr. Bean on the same screen.

  • I love how Gus classifies kids being stupid by the fact that he could kill any of them. What does that make cockroaches? Little hairy Einsteins?

  • cup of teaaaaaa?

  • Anybody "Peep" that candle in the background?

  • wow

  • We used to watch this in my grade 4 french class.

  • He said territories because every country is just a territory of america

  • Atkinson like many people his age, may not know what to do on or with the internet. He is probably just going along with what his employees tell him to do, and if it keeps making money he'll keep doing while being totally oblivious to what it's doing to his legacy.

  • I love how he legit just says he can kill any kid, if he wants

  • 9:07

  • Am I the only one thinking they don't have the real Rowan doing narration and some person or company is running the channel by doing kind of what you said.. They're taking the same 15 episodes and couple of movies and using the audio and different scenes to create the green screen skits. I think it's all old footage of Rowan, they are just constantly editing it to make it appear as new or different videos. Maybe I'm crazy, but some of the green screen skits and also the sound from voice over seems really really familiar, as if it was cut directly from an episode or movie. Idk lol, crazyyy!

  • I felt and smelt that burp...

  • Mr Bean is the new Mr Beast

  • why does it look like you and General Sam could be brothers.

  • Gus, this might sound totally corny. Ive been going through a really hard time in my life these past few months, Im not gonna get into detail but your videos have been a huge part of my self-care regiment. You’ve become by far my favorite ISchatsr.

  • I loved the movie “Mr. Beans Holiday” I have watched it a very long time ago though.

    • Mr Bean goes to Hollywood is much better imo

  • colin furze is a legend

  • I’m only 12 but Mr.Bean is a great show. I used to watch it with my mom. My favorite episode is the one with the pool.

  • He honestly sounds like it

  • I love how you like the og mr bean and give him credit but also show this crappy channel

  • Gus you’re cool as fuck man

  • 2:23 5:04

  • yeah man i totally agree.

  • #notmybean

  • I’m 13 and I’m so happy that My dad mad me watched the og mr bean

  • Mr bean looks a little like Hitler

  • For real though, have any Rowan Atkinson fans here watched Maigret? It's Rowan playing a French detective, the most serious and sombre role i've ever seen him do, and it proves that he can do drama just as well as comedy. Well worth a look!

  • The lil peep candle in the back❤️

  • Mr. Bean has always scared me tbh

  • it gives me baby Einstein vibes and I actually do think some very small children would really enjoy it tbh

  • Wow this reminds me of something familiar..... 5 min crafts...

  • Did this homie reach out to the channel or this fella?

  • 6:44 I’m two seconds in. Make it stop.

  • Why does it get clearer the farther the mic is from his mouth

  • mr bean this and mr bean that, where's the acknowledgement that rowan atkinson's most iconic role is clearly that weird amusement park owner who ended up being a skin suit for scrappy doo

  • One of the three year olds I babysit watch the cartoon mr. bean all the time

  • Too small

  • Can you talk about those mr bean thumbnails from unofficial channels that just plaster animated mr bean on it and use full episodes with NO permission whatsoever?

  • Awesome video

  • Awsome video

  • Awsome

  • awsome

  • Apparently, Mr Bean is like really popular in India, like REALLY popular. Now that Indians are starting to get access to internet and phones reasonably cheaper than before, I'm sure many of these subscribers and commenters you were talking about are just Indians who are avid fans of the Bean.

  • Where did you get the crayola shirt I love it

  • Rowan Atkinson used to come to the shop I worked at, in London. The staff who served him said he was frequently and hated any mention of Mr Bean with a fiery passion.

  • hey gus can we get an update on this?

  • i had the james bond mr bean on vhs i was messing with tracking and idk wtf

  • "Carrying out absolute garbage." THATA LITERALLY HOW I FEEL ABOUT YOU GUS. You're little brother is Funnier than you. Which isn't saying much..

  • Who watcheing Gus in 2020?? 👇😂😂😂😍😍😍😍

  • I love you gus for name dropping all the Rowan Atkinson hits

  • 10:01 I’m stupid 🙂

  • so many cuts

  • 10:01 I honestly choked. You weren't exaggerating and I'm not even a child.


  • 12:45 dhdb O mG so tru to Like if you agree! BtW iM gIvinG frEE GiFt CaRdS

  • You should do voice acting for adult cartoons.

  • Yes some kids are stupid but remember any kid can also kill you. :')

  • Rowan Atkinson does have the reputation of being very selfish and grasping when it comes to money, to the extent that it's a standing joke with his fellow comedians.

  • Before I found this video I was watching another one with you -- currently do not recall which one -- and you reminded me of Mr. Bean. Clearly you are inspired. I love Rowan Atkinson. This is probably why I find you hilarious.

  • kids r stupid, they dont know anything, i could kill any kid -gus johnson 2019

  • So I came from the Keytar video to this and was pleasantly surprised

  • he is legend :D

  • After re-watching this video months later I've just remembered Adobe have a weird connection to this channel, like the animated bits on this channel were used as the main advertisement for Adobe Character Animator and I'd get adverts on the Creative Cloud app talking about how it *powers* Mr. Bean. That's another odd thing that suggests this channel just lives off people giving them sponsorship and free stuff to use as advertising.

  • Have you ever seen that episode of Community where Chang gets famous as the Ham Girl guy and the gang uses old footage of him in front of a green screen to make a horrible movie? It’s probably like that!

  • Now 23 million lol

  • That whole channel just screams China

  • Gus your giving the people more views by playing the video

  • You haves stumbled upon the many alternate timelines of the Beaniverse

  • "Rowan Atkinson has stupid unlimited money, pretty much" Rowan Atkinson's net worth in 2020: ~150,000,000 USD Jeff Bezos's net worth in 2020: ~175,300,000,000 USD or ~1,170x Atkinson's net worth. I think we need to replace "billion" with "thousand million" until people start to realize just how much money billionaires have.

  • You must be have so much free time huh

  • 12:50 what about little kids? They aren’t known for being good at writing.

  • I can’t watch mr bean it frustrates me.

  • That one comment said THE MAGIC (SNORT SNORT) INGREDIENT. Wtf.

  • What is that microphones

  • It's really odd that they've decided to push this show towards kids, as I remember adult humor being peppered in the show.

  • Gus looked like he was hold at gunpoint at the end

  • Hes like chaplin but in the 2000's. Also its very asmr.

  • Collin is actually pretty nice...

  • The comment section has very much real people who are desperate for like or subs. In India these are the only comment you will find in any trendy videos or videos of big ISchatsrs. It may very well be bots.

  • But then... who's going with Johnny English?... or Inspector Fowler?

  • i love the lil peep jesus candle

  • Who watching gus johnson 2020 👇

  • Was the Colin Furze handing him the award just taking a video of Colin holding his own award or when he was just holding a okay button then then mashed it together to make it look like he handed it to him? No way Colin or bean would be down for this they both are great rich dudes Colin Furze built a huge bunker under his house.

  • i like this kind of video format, but i still like the short funny clips too.

  • i remember when i was little my grandma had a vhs tape with mr bean episodes. we would laugh our asses off. i miss those times

  • I'm 20 right now, and mr bean was a rage even in India in 2000s.

  • When I saw him in hot shots part 2 as a kid I thought that was the greatest thing. That was probably my first time seeing 'mr bean' outside of him playing that character.

  • Sounds like the channel Star Wars Comics

  • Honestly he looks so old now with all the wrinkles and his hair he seems like he's being forced into doing it cause it makes alot of cash, cash Rowan clearly will never need till the day he dies it's so sad to what he has become now it's not even his fault

  • wow love bean giving away money to subscribers 👇