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this is a bunch of behind the scenes and bloopers and stuff
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Take a peek behind the scenes with me, gus.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • Hey guys, I'm really excited to do another bloopers and behind the scenes video. It's been a long time since the last one and so much fun stuff has happened since then. Going back through this footage was so much fun and I am so grateful for all you guys who watch and support what me and my friends are doing here. I am really looking forward to seeing you after the live shows and I can't wait to show you the sketches and desk videos coming up. All is well on the homefront. Love, Gus.

  • three things that sent me: the imbiama growl face the “are you done” kiss “you came out of my butt.. so..”

  • Were the live shows any good

  • Anyone have any idea what Gus is sing-saying at 16:27 that made them all laugh so hard? I've rewatched it countless times and still can't make it out.

  • Keviiiii!!!!

  • All I have to ask is why is there a toilet paper holder in the Gus Tub.

  • 16:27 is making me laugh so hard

    • What is he saying at that part? I can't figure it out and have rewatched it countless times with the volume maxed.

  • „I should probably go to sleep now,it’s 4AM” -99% of the people wacthing Gus Johnson

  • Imbiamba is the best, please Gus can we have a remake

  • I’m surprised some of the deleted Imbiana scenes never made it to the final video

  • We need another one.

  • 1:07

  • 18:11 I had headphones on and I thought that a bomb had dropped.

  • Alt title: "Gus regretting every second thing he says"

  • I love how when he laughs as imbiamba it's still so in character

  • I really wish this video was louder. It’s so difficult to hear. If it was too loud I could turn it down but you can only turn it up so loud.

  • Stupid shit like this makes me need a ambulance from air loss and choking on my spit when I'm laying down. Imbiamba Jombes is my favorite. Lubs u gus

  • Pillow Guy 3 PLEASSSSSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • can i still get a ticket

  • U think

  • 11:31 Perfectly cut screams

  • that "you're an angry gay" face :DD

  • 5:05 Sven laughs like a 40 yr old man

  • 11:52 Is that Gus's Dad wearing Jordan 1s??????

  • Last one was the funniest

  • Eddy’s normal laugh kind of sounds like Seth Rogan’s laugh.

  • 12:57 I hear a gunshot

  • 2:56 Jack is jealous that Gus is funnier than he is

  • No joke, Pillow Man is one of my favorite memey joke videos I've seen in years. You captured lightning in a bottle, and doing it again you've shown you can consistently do that. I'm impressed and always want more.

  • Wait. What is a "tour"?


  • Ho on tour in Australia Plays down under by men at work

  • wait i have that exact candle, it smells like pumpkin spice

  • " I wanna see each and everyone of you after the show", yeah, right, said by the guy who only likes verified comments.

  • Sven looks like a young Judge Reinhold

  • Dutlniv tioogattlyg

  • When they both had the idea of falling asleep at the same time. Adorable.

  • Add a public comment...

  • wait are you from minnesota too ?? its rare u find a youtuber or anyone anyboody really knows from MN lmfao

  • i want that curtain

  • 16:03 The little "baby" is so sweet Lol so wholesome 💜💜💜

  • #meblue

  • I was frozen for a year by the face at 7:55

  • The best part is at 11:27

  • u be Gus Fring or what?

  • 11:52 why is that old guy so fresh??

  • 5:37 why didnt you keep this lmao

  • Gun behind the scene is gus adult only

  • 6:44 Cosby

  • 13:28 is that famous actor James Allen McCune?

  • I have had 8 different phones and 4 accounts on each and for each I have subscribed to Gus

  • 17:32 has got to be the best part of the vid

  • Gus do a gorilla dumpy review

  • Is it weird that my heart melted when he looked off-camera and said “Fuck, this is haard, baby.” Just... aaww. That’s really sweet.

  • You know the skit is good when it’s hard to film without breaking character

  • Gotta find me a Sabrina

  • I freaked out when he said Minnesotan geography becuz Minnesota is awesome and you cant change my mind no matter how hard u try

  • 16:27 what is he saying?

  • He looks so happpy

  • “That was before the #MeBlue era”

  • When he said "the pillows are going in the bath yes" i died laughing for about 10 minutes

  • Ouguycuctuu hi cut Th dc uEd dc Th fallen foxy gm CB t in d Cd dc t um x dc Th e I’ll dc thff dc t t C C ur Dc it’s Gn s H f e Dc Dc tu Rn x my Th hi u Tom l

  • Hi

  • “Well you came out my butt so...” KILLED ME LMAO

  • These behind the scenes with multiple cut jokes makes me more impressed with all these peoples talent

  • Get ya Gamer Gus bathwater...

  • 12:26**hangs himself** *Oh JeEwIz*

  • 12:02 "well hey I guess that's what they mean by liquid funds.... ooouuh"

  • comedy central logo looks like the PH logo


  • This cured my depression

  • Thhe last imby clip had me dead 😂

  • Hearing Gus' laugh come out of Imbiama's face is so jolting for some reason

  • 6:48 i was not ready even a little

  • 6:53 had me actually crying in laughter

  • The camera man/woman filming this ☠️

  • The Imbi dive at 11:30 KILLED me

  • his eyes at the end

  • Why not take onion with you when you are filming. Just chop it and take it into eyes. Instant real tears. I dont know how okay it is to dry eyes that much

  • Gus is the American lazerbeam

  • This is now the fourth time I am watching this

  • The fact that most of these sketches keep in some of the laughter of trying to film is so fucking hilarious

  • I was waiting for that candle to burn the floor

  • Seeing Gus speak in the Imby costume makes me uncomfortable

  • i love it when gus makes an edgy joke and immediately goes "yeah we're cutting that"

  • Rare Gus laugh at 9:02 wow what a sound luv it

  • Dick

  • It is Wednesday my dudes... 14:46

  • every time i click this hot vid i have to scroll down so i dont see your peen and or balls on my 1080p 75 hertz moniter, guy!


  • love how in "My pool", Gus' parents are just sitting behind the camera watching the whole thing being filmed

  • 16:03, im sorry what gus?

  • Is that famous doctor mickey mouse?!??


  • People think it’s effortless videos *now you know*

  • 17:38

  • "Your tongue looks like a steak"

  • Glad to see you bathing :P

  • 11:31

  • can i still buy the tickets