behind the memes with gus

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this is a bunch of behind the scenes and bloopers and stuff
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Take a peek behind the scenes with me, gus.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • Hey guys, I'm really excited to do another bloopers and behind the scenes video. It's been a long time since the last one and so much fun stuff has happened since then. Going back through this footage was so much fun and I am so grateful for all you guys who watch and support what me and my friends are doing here. I am really looking forward to seeing you after the live shows and I can't wait to show you the sketches and desk videos coming up. All is well on the homefront. Love, Gus.

    • 1 year passed

    • Bloopers are better than the real one I may be a Karen but I can go ha

    • Ayyyt gussy poo

    • I think My Pool is probably one of my favorite videos you’ve ever done! You make my life happier Gus and inspire me a lot to make people smile 😊!!

    • Gus! You are too funny! If there is demand for it I would love if you came to Tennessee! Super happy for you going on tour! Keep up the great work and thanks for making me laugh!

  • comedy central logo looks like the PH logo


  • This cured my depression

  • How do all three of those dudes look so similar yet so different at the same time?

  • Almost every line of the avatar sketch has an out take, that makes sense

  • Thhe last imby clip had me dead 😂

  • Hearing Gus' laugh come out of Imbiama's face is so jolting for some reason

  • 6:48 i was not ready even a little

  • 6:53 had me actually crying in laughter

  • The camera man/woman filming this ☠️

  • The Imbi dive at 11:30 KILLED me

  • his eyes at the end

  • Why not take onion with you when you are filming. Just chop it and take it into eyes. Instant real tears. I dont know how okay it is to dry eyes that much

  • Gus is the American lazerbeam

  • This is now the fourth time I am watching this

  • The fact that most of these sketches keep in some of the laughter of trying to film is so fucking hilarious

  • I was waiting for that candle to burn the floor

  • Seeing Gus speak in the Imby costume makes me uncomfortable

  • i love it when gus makes an edgy joke and immediately goes "yeah we're cutting that"

  • Rare Gus laugh at 9:02 wow what a sound luv it

  • Dick

  • It is Wednesday my dudes... 14:46

  • every time i click this hot vid i have to scroll down so i dont see your peen and or balls on my 1080p 75 hertz moniter, guy!


  • love how in "My pool", Gus' parents are just sitting behind the camera watching the whole thing being filmed

  • 16:03, im sorry what gus?

  • Is that famous doctor mickey mouse?!??


  • People think it’s effortless videos *now you know*

  • 17:38

  • "Your tongue looks like a steak"

  • Glad to see you bathing :P

  • 11:31

  • can i still buy the tickets

  • This proves his skits are so funny he laughs at them himself.

  • Oh my God I'm seriously not ok with amber alerts i mean seriously i didn't take her for that long, i mean seriously amber wasn't even complaining.

  • 🦕

  • Gus looks like dwight and seth looks like ryan tho

  • 11:28

  • 7:07 funniest part in my opinion 😂

  • The movie pass outtakes would work well as it's own video

  • I love it when he laughs but has to cover his mouth cuz he knows he’s spitting💖 I love it because I ALSO DO IT!!!

  • 2:44 can someone explain this plzzz, thanks :)

  • sven’s smile is the most pure thing in the world. also, who was the cameraman on the avatar video?

  • who was the cameraman on the avatar video?

  • Audible got extra advertising

  • I dont want to touch ur butt. Well you came out of my butt cracked me up

  • Can someone clarify why they can’t put “that was before the me blue era” in the video. (What does it mean?)

    • They were referencing the #MeToo thing, which I guess someone would get offended by

  • "I thought you're supposed to be gay" that shit got me bruh

  • "grr" -imbiamba jombes

  • Pause at 7:58

  • The opening scene is probably the worst thing I could’ve imagined

  • You should do a video of publicly scaring people as pillow guy

  • Imby is such a well refined Gus character.


  • "You're an angry gay" *adjusts wig*

  • The mum-wig is absolutely terrifying

  • 6:39 7:14

  • Tub johnson

  • 10000%10000

  • 944944944944944944944944944944

  • 911911911

  • Just reallised Gus looks like Micah Bell from red dead redemption 2, just better looking. And younger. And older. At the same time.

  • I had to hide from mom so she wouldnt spank me for watching this


  • It got to the mum in horror movies clip and my dad was in the bathroom pretty freaked about what the hell I was watching 🤣

  • *tilatkaa mun kanava ei mul muuta*

  • I started dying when he said “I’m gonna rape you”

  • "Gee whiz!"🤣🤣

  • Gezz oh Pete those pool bloopers hurt my sides 😆

  • Your tub seems short or low to the ground.

  • You guys are going to live forever 😅

  • i farted

  • I love how he’s picking at his body hair 😂

  • My favorite part is Svens laugh

  • Why is the audio so damn quiet?

    • Thank you. I thought something is wrong with my phone.

  • Ladies and gentlemen I give you *areolas* (Audience erupts in laughter)

  • hearing Gus say something so unwholesome like “i will rape you” is strange.

  • Ok so I’m the not only one who can’t ask for likes and subs and keep a straight face


  • eyyyyyyyy name bois

  • True story my dad actually knew amber from amber alert personally


  • 5:38🤣🤣🤣

  • Smosh Pit - you couldn't make Gus laugh one single time. Watch this vid for reference - here he can't STOP laughing. You can use that agaisnt him if there is a next time (which I hope there will be).

  • Gus breaks character for 18 minutes

  • The “my pool” bloopers were hands down my favorite 😂

  • you're one of the only people i know who actually look good with a moustache

  • i love how gus girlfriends has 8 gallons of paint on her face per video she's an original

    • I just want to be a mockup model for Gus Johnson

    • this comment was janky but her markup on point

  • That blonde guy was funny, he should start a ISchats channel

  • Being a comedian is saying the same joke over and over again until it’s not funny

  • 14:54 "Ceo and Founder of MoviePass, fk me in the asshole.."

  • I’m just noticing Eddy has a Seth Rogan laugh

  • The "MeBlue" era joke is fucking impressive.

  • 5:01 Gus should do a death metal skit, for sure!

  • Gus is thicc though

  • When I heard you say "I'm going on tour" I was like "wtf" and then I realize this is from last year

  • What is the ‘me blue era’?

    • It's a joke based on the "Me Too" movement, which brought awareness to sexual assault in the entertainment industry.

  • Am I def or iz the beginning quote af