potato chip boys

Birt 9 okt 2019
so this video is about the potato chip boys
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this is a really good video about the potato chip boys
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
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  • this is the best video we could have possibly made. follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets to tell me how this video touched you, as i am assuming i will exclusively receive profound praise for this.

    • It touched my soul when you hired another on

    • You got Michael reeves to join in and that is just one thing that makes it better for me

    • Is that Jack films in Michael Reeves

    • I genuinley love thiusi video soooo much thank you its greay

    • Did you really salute Hitler in the midst of shooting this sketch?

  • This is basically pillow guy x 2 plus sunglasses

  • neutral chips are apparently barbecue as well

  • Can't believe Michael didn't have acne scars in this

  • Barbeque is not a neutral chip

  • Is that Michael Reeves i see

  • I cant help but notice the uncomfortable amount of alcohol on the shelf in the background

  • Corn tortillas chips

  • Pillow guy found a friend

  • why the hell was wilum osmin there

  • i have rewatched this video at least 24 times

  • Why does Michael look like he’s gonna cry the entire

  • Michael weevs

  • Do thay even know those guy

  • When you have guys Johnson, William Osman, and Bruce Greene in one skit

  • Hey look it’s Michel

  • Love the skits but always feel they make their point in like a minute and yet still has like another few minutes left.

  • Who knew michal Reeves could be so quiet

  • Jack Douglass: Fix Pix Michael Reeves: Taser that made the laser (baby)

  • I’m watching this as I eat a bag of sour cream. Just by chance

  • william osman and bruce green lmfao

  • lol I saw Michael reeves

  • i love how Michael is just like wth is going on why am I here

  • Michael isn’t used to this stuff

  • This was the first time I ever experienced Michael Reeves and lemme tell you, I got total whiplash going from this to his regular videos. He seems like an entirely different person.

  • I have never seen Michael so fucking petrified, truly a pair of men to fear.

  • look at the like to dislike ratio, WOAH

  • I'm here for the cameo.by T.V's Bruce Greene

  • Did anyone else smell chips while watching this,or it's just me?

  • Brucesgooses

  • Bruce??

  • The only clip where Michel reeves isn’t carrying the comedy. And the only clip where he isn’t creating a item without some sort of taser integrated into it. This is a sad day

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  • Wheres the obligatory dingdong

  • Anybody else notice that Michael Reeves is in this

  • Michael is just sittin’ there takin’ it in

  • i shouldn’t watch this at 2 am, i’m getting hungry.

  • There is Michael reves, William osman, and i dont know who

  • when the host says they’ll supply (neutral) chips if guests bring dip... and we end up with 5 salsas, 3 guacs, 8 french onion dips and a tiny can of bean dip with only a single bag of ruffles to go with them.

  • Now this is the biggest crossover event of the century

  • Bruuuuucccceeee

  • Ahhh the fabled "Neutral chip" never will I be so blessed to behold one in my lifetime.

  • So this is what Jordan Belfort did after his Wall Street career fell through.

  • What's micheal doing here

  • These are the videos you watch when no ones around

  • Bro Michel reeeeeeeeeeeves William osmal

  • Michael reeves!!!!!!

  • its amazing I aggree with will on this one

  • This is the smallest tile jacksfilms could play and you're not persuading me otherwise


  • The Potato Chip boys up in here wondering where the chips are, I'm here wondering why they're drinking *natural lime*

  • why is Michaels face so clear it makes NO SENSE

  • i always knew john was no good

  • "When did language become a factor in this interaction?" i thought they were speaking english im scared please help

    • They are speaking english. He doesn't mean 'language' in the way you're thinking. He's asking why Jack is cussing at him.

  • Didn’t expect Michael Reeves in this video lol

  • They’re giving the taser man what he deserves

  • This was the first Gus (and Eddie) video I watched and I have no regrets that I've watched this at least 5x since then

  • I like to imagine that these guys actually broke into a party for this.

  • The Pinnacle Of Comedy.

  • I come back to this video every couple of months and it keeps getting better

  • “When did language become a factor in this interaction” lol

  • I love you

  • I watch this every time I need to cheer up 😆 so good thank you Gus and Eddy 💜

  • This is real footage from “growth group” nights at my old church. Some uptight old lady policed everyone’s fucking food contributions like they weren’t platinum enough. My mom brought chips which she ASKED her to bring and then she spent 10 min criticizing her over them and then hid them and the salsa she’d also asked her to bring in the back room so no one would see them and eat them.

  • This potato chip sound is so annoying

  • Diablo 2 reaper of souls

  • I actually like sour cream and onion flavour- it’s the first flavour I tried from the ruffles brand of chips

  • I love it

  • wait if they're neutral chips lovers then why does gus have BBQ pringles on his arms...

  • "When did language become a part of this interaction?" I love the way Gus says that 🤣

  • THE DOOR GETS LOCKED SO PEOPLE WITH WEAPONS DON'T BUST IN AND DO BAD THINGS TO US! 😭 Don't judge us inside-lockers! It helps us feel secure!

  • 2:33

  • Patayta ship bois

  • Is that micheal reeves

  • this is the best thing on your channel

  • I've always been a potato chip boy in my heart.

  • william osman craped his pants

  • It's a cornucopia if comedic genius

  • Don't mind them, they're just salty

  • I have watched this video so many times, and only just now realized Gus locked the door at the beginning and then they both wondered who locked the door at the end of the video. C O M E D Y

  • Don’t like jack guy

  • I also lost it at "diablo 2 reaper of souls" haha. Great game though


  • Always love seeing my boy Bruce❤️

  • Sour cream and onion is a pretty neutral chip. It's one of our go to's for our parties

    • My diet is kinda fucked for a few reasons - two of which are getting various degrees and lengths of sick from garlic, and from onions. So there's that, uncommon food sensitivities though they are.

  • Is that michel revves

  • Wait aren't those guys from Funhaus? Is that Bruce?

  • I watch this daily. God damn it.

  • Ur under arrest by the chip boys and the dip gals

  • I expected Michal to take them

  • I have never seen bruce greene outside of funhaus!!

  • I didn’t know Jacksfilms has friends

  • I didn’t hear about these guys in the Bible, but they are just as important as Jesus

  • The most awkward part is they are both wearing flannel

  • I just like how they walked in the bathroom and William Osman was sitting on the toilet

  • Hi i would like to file a complaint Pringles are not classified as chips They are crisps.

  • 2:17 LMAO

  • most underrated video of all time!

  • Literally Every Teacher ever: Anybody got any questions? Student: **raises hand** Teacher: Ok hold on put ya hand down lets move on

  • Wait did I just see Michael Reeves