potato chip boys

Birt 9 okt 2019
so this video is about the potato chip boys
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this is a really good video about the potato chip boys
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • this is the best video we could have possibly made. follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets to tell me how this video touched you, as i am assuming i will exclusively receive profound praise for this.

  • every time i watch this i notice something new


  • Marvel: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover in history Gus: Hold my bag of chips

  • It doesn't matter. Anything this man posts is gold. Gus Midas.

  • Is it just me or does it seem like they have a vague idea of the video before they start recording then just improv the rest.

  • Coming soon, Potato Chip Boys 2: TORTILLA CHIPS

  • Doritos aren’t actually potato chips, they are tortilla chips

  • mykkul

  • 0:25 No, that's not mine.

  • I Saw michael thinking "o shit that guy looks like michael reeves" only to realise 10 sec later that it was Michael reeves

  • What the damn hell is this and why did no one bring any neutral chips???

  • Bit disappointed that he used Copernicus in stead of Copernichips


  • This is my favourite ISchats video I think ever.

  • Micheals Vietnam flashback:

  • If we defund the police can we fund potato chips boys instead? This sort of service seems infinitely more useful and applicable in my daily life.

  • "william we're gonna cut the cameras did you actually shit yourself"

  • 3:22 when it got so serious lolol

  • Im a sweet chilli person

  • I honestly can’t tell if this was planned or if they just kinda barged in

  • is that michel reeves??? 0:50

  • Michael looked terrified

  • erhtxjcgmhgrhxtfcgmjcghrgdhfchmghrfgj,hjfghmcghrdhfjfcr

  • seriously considering to be a potato chip boy for halloween

  • Going into this video for the first time, I thought it was going to be some sort of Pet Shop Boys parody

  • 3:55

  • Papa Bruce!

  • Lol Michael seems so depressed

  • I keep thinking about how the potato chip boys are doing in the era of covid. I hope they cool still.

  • when you invite the weird kid to your birthday party

  • The potato chip boys now have the extra job of breaking up covid partys God bless you potato chip boys Sadly the two seen in the video were capped at a covid party just like my boy jfk in September of 2020 and the rookie quit soon after saying and I quote its just not the same without them rest in chips boys rest in chips

  • I think this is my favourite Gus Johnson video

  • 3:18 fucking funny

  • I recognized, like, everybody! This is awesome!

  • Two Potato Chip Men And An Engineer leave a party together. That is a weird sentence

  • Please make part 2 with will once quarantine is over

  • 0:09 is they William Osman and Michael reeves

  • From all corners of youtube

  • it took me like 5 viewings of this video to realize the ending cause gus locked the door

  • Potato Chip Boy Eddy: Did you shit yourself? William Osman: ... Potato Chio Boy Eddy: *breaks character* _Will, we're gonna cut the camera, did you shit yourself?_

  • i mean chips r chips idk

  • Do american Pringles tubes not have the tear-off seal thingy under the lid?

  • The fact that this has 1.8 million views is amazing

  • Can I join the potato chip boys pls? (I even asked nicely)

  • Michael looks so lost throughout this xDD

  • 2:21 "Heisman"

  • I love when they're hugging and eating chips off each other

  • the constant chip bag noises on the mics makes this 10x funnier

  • This might or might not be the video I use to introduce people to Gus and Eddy, i might or might not have watched this video more than 10 times. That's a secret I'll never tell, but yeah both of those are true.

  • I don’t wanna be that person but Doritos is corn, that’s blasphemy to the title 😦

  • Michael Reeve's is nearly about to laugh every second

  • I like Micheal REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'S reaction.

  • We NEED another one of these. This is the move

  • 1:35

  • They're talking about neutral chips without a single fucking mention of dips. This video is bullshit, you shouldn't have done this. Just stop.

  • Give these guys a sponsorship deal

  • Tader chap

  • I'm surprised Michael Reeves didn't taser them

  • Loved seeing Michael Reeves and William Osman in this video.

  • I was tired and I searched "gus johnsoM chiMps" Im sleepy

  • Sour cream and onion is a good flavour

  • Who locked the door were inside?😂😭😂😭😂😭😂

  • sour cream and onion is fire!

  • it's from diablo 2, uh reaper of souls

  • Can we get another potato chip boys

  • Michael just be sittin there like imma make my laser baby now

  • Bring this back pls it’s a good video

  • This needs a sequel when you guys can all be together like this again.

  • Im suprised micheal didnt tase gus

  • "When did language become a part of this interaction?" Then Eddy casually drops the f-bomb 5 seconds later.

  • Potato chip boys 2 with the new guy

  • Gus, why in the FUCK don't you have ONE neutral chip on you?

  • I think my favorite part of the entire video is when they seem genuinely concerned that Will might've shit his pants and they're like "wait Will we'll cut the camera did you actually?" I can't tell if they're joking with him and saying "cut the camera" as part of the joke or they're actually worried he shit his pants

  • Wait... Was that Michael Reeves

  • It's almost been a year.... I'm sitting here eating cape cod original, obviously a neutral chip. WE NEED ANOTHER POTATO CHIP BOYS VIDEO

  • I'm gonna tell my kids this is The Godfather

  • Michael is just wondering why no one is getting tazed yet

  • Potato chip boys 2 : back on the force

  • My favorite Gus vid.

  • “will we’re gonna cut the cameras did you actually shit yourself?” i’m deAd

  • lol amazing gus, you should continue and make a series!

  • gus could legit be a Hollywood actor

  • I watch this at least once a day. it is part of my routine.

  • frog mawnnnnnqanbannananni panan na na nan n an asn na nn an nan an n an n a nan n an n an nas *frog man

  • The way Gus just scratches his head when they mention the JFK reference is gold.

  • Alright. Let's assess something right now. This video has.. 1. Gus Johnson 2. Eddie Burback 3. Bruce Greene 4. Michael Reeves 5. Jacksfilms and 6. that other guy. WE DEMAND MORE COLLABS! BUT ALSO WITH SVEN AND THOR!

  • Lol micheal was like uh uh uh ummm

  • Sour cream and onion is my favorite flavor...

  • sour cream n onion is good imo,

  • Mhicle reevs!!

  • Hey Reeves

  • How many bowls of weed were smoked in the making of this video?


  • 0:26 my immediate thought was "Why the hell isn't he 6' away?? Where the hell is his mask??"

    • There are many points in the video where I am cringing at the lack of social distancing and masks even though this was pre-Covid lol. Man what a time that was :(

  • Every time I watch this it gets better.

  • When I saw Michael I had a Seizure

  • Jacksfilms in a Gus skit is excellent

  • This is the best collab ever take all of my likes please

  • i didnt know u guys know reevs and osman