your friends who get married after high school

Birt 25 ágú 2019
these people are so happy
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this is about your friends who get married after high school.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • if you or your wife has accidentally gotten married right after high school, follow me on twitter for further assistance @Gusbuckets.

    • Lol my parents are the same way but reversed, pretty sure mom is lookin for a different D

    • Dot

    • Offer still up?

    • Andrea Godoshian i didn’t fucking respond to you

    • @Subway Official REPORTED FOR HARASSING ME. Don't send me this shit. Annulments are a real thing. So is entrapment. Read a book & grow up.

  • Guys don't fucking get married out of highschool. If you think you've met the one, sure it's possible, but just wait a few need to rush things. When you marry someone it's with the intention to spend the rest of your ENTIRE life with them, I have no clue how people can rush into such a huge commitment. Take your time guys.

  • Yes

  • -,- :D

  • I showed this to my mom and she laughed. She said the end was her favourite part.

  • This has much Brian David Gilbert energy


  • My friend is getting married this Halloween, he's 14 and also still in middle school.

  • Is it just me or is Sabrina sending Morse code at 0:19 with her eyes

  • I've watched this 27 times now

  • This video just made me reconsider the relationship I’m in as I graduate high school soon and we’re happy now but I have no way to know how life will be in a few years...

  • Kind of??

  • this is the chaotic evil version of sibling dance

  • This has got to be the saddest most cynical thing I've ever seen. Good friend of mine dated his highschool girlfriend thru college and they're happily married af. My life was miserable when I had multiple girlfriends. Now that I'm married I couldn't be happier.

  • didnt danny gonzalez marry after highschool too?

    • @MATTHEW SANCHEZ same person, no corrections here

    • *Drew Gooden

  • This is too fucking catchy idk

  • Damn. This remix of Scenes From An Italian Restaurant is awesome

  • Another thing to add to "Strange things they do in the US"

  • Yep sounds like my parents

  • Holy shit you guys harmonize perfect together! This is going on my car playlist: (It's the last track)

  • So... Sleep around instead?

  • *I never loved you.*

  • dang I just got out of a lonnnnng relationship that started in high school and I’ve been feeling terrible I really needed this

  • Should ended your title with "are divorced". So many of my friends got married right after highschool and most of them got divorced in 5 years or less.

  • Oof is a good response to all of your videos

  • Kids who got married during highscholl: Now this looks like a job for me.

  • As someone that grew up in Christian Private schools.... yeaaaaahhhh that's my graduating class on social media

  • My friends in nutshell 😂

  • You've done it! You've broken down the young conservative down into their most basic components!

  • well this was depressing

  • Dont most people get married after highschool?

  • Dang y’all act like folks can’t just be happy😂😂

  • I mean most people that get married is after highschool......

  • idontknow whats the problem you just need to have 5 babies

  • She's really beautiful

  • this is Ryan Trahan and Haley Pham

  • Went to a Christian school. Yep.

  • When I was 20, I was an ultra-conservative Christian abstinent man. By 30 I was an liberal atheist polyamorous woman. A lot can change in just ten years, and I am SO glad I didn't marry young.

  • Well at least they're self aware

  • thing is tho, these ppl has the lowest divorce rate out of all.

  • I actually know a couple that got pregnant “to fix” their marriage🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Oh its the proper etiquette girl from sp7.

  • Ryan and Haley have entered the chat

  • It’s amazing how true this is. Although, my buddies that got married right after highschool already had kids.

  • my mormon family is quaking

  • Anyone else watch this about 25 times over?

  • T

  • I'm turning 18 and feel like I'm fresh out of the womb, how are other people getting married at this age?

  • They seem nice

  • I felt that line about the button ups in my heart of hearts

  • I actually want to get married super early. I never want kids, but I still want to get married immediately because for some reason I feel like I'm going to die soon (I have no idea why, I think I'm just paranoid) and I don't want to die single and alone. Problem is, I'm autistic and apparently nobody loves an autistic person 😑

  • Why is the Herbalife thing the most accurate part of this?

  • I neither married nor had any youth lmao. As a 20 year old virgin life sucks with or without herba

  • Dont most people get married after high school

  • ouch

  • Exactly why the voting age needs to be increased to 25.

  • Apparently my dad did this (minus the kids) before divorcing and marrying my mom 5 years later. I didn't find this out until I was 15.

  • holy shit haha. I know ONE couple who got married out of high school that are still high school had like 4000 people...

  • As someone who got married after high school, this upsets me slightly lmao. Been over a year and we're good so far though. :)

  • Why does gus look like Garfield the person

  • Very few get married before highschool. It is worse.

  • Can i just say Sabrina is so adorable-

  • Did this happen to Gus?

  • I wasn't not sure exactly what kind of jokes to expect in this video, but I am not disappointed by any of them

  • You can only imagine taht this is what your parents did and it's true

  • The best is when you meet these people in the military.

  • "I never loved you." JESUS CHRIST

  • Behold its glory, for gus deliverith unto ye gold

  • This is really educational for me

  • this very accurately described my parents

  • Hey look!!!.... it’s me!

  • i luv gus

  • After this video, I told my girlfriend since HS I was reverse-Uno-carding our relationship.

  • literally my parents but 6 kids

  • This is the Pretty Little Liars finale in a nutshell

  • This is funny cuz its uncanny

  • The fifth one would have made it work

  • 0:10 he is a high schooler

  • oof

  • “I’ll leave my goals and aspirations high up on the shelf. I’ll switch to selling herbal life and working on my self.” 😂😂😂😂 Why is it I can call to mind at least 5 young women by name and face just off the top of my head that fit this description 😂

  • Statics might disagree with you on this one.

    • @Colin Atterbury you gotta provide a source man, you can't just say things and expect us to believe you

    • @Ruby Redpeople who save themselves for marriage have the lowest divorce rates.

    • Not really. Some statistics show that waiting till your older than your thirties leads to higher divorce rate, but people who wait until they're 25 get divorced less often than 18-24 year olds

  • I was planning on doing this but uh ill think on it

  • My parents but the only accurate part is the "I don't love you" part. Edit: so as it turns out, also the adultery

  • Have a baby Didn’t work Have another Your a jerk Have three baby’s We should stop Four baby’s I never loved you

  • well that's true tho , especially the thing with thinking babies will actually make them happy and fix their relationship

  • You said butt cheek ha

  • 0:07 This begs the question of why Gus was in that position in the first place!

  • Not getting married at 18 that’s for sure. I’m getting married when I want to settle down.

  • You can't end the video like that? 😮

  • 0:07 gus looks so dead. Look at his eyes

  • Ok i know it was a joke but my parents got married after high school and well you knkw what fuck you

  • This gives me don't hug me im scared vibes.

  • This is my parents and all of my siblings, except one of my brothers and me.

  • I'm reporting this video for being too realistic.

  • Hmmmmmm

  • My 9th grade math teacher got married when he was 19. He married his wife six days after meeting her.

  • one of my classmates did this. but she didnt do it with another dumb high schooler. she married a 22 year old. this is so disgusting idk why she's doing it

  • I will never understand why people think it matters to see many other people naked. It all feels the same, what matters is WHO the other person is and the emotional connection you have.

    • It doesn't lol there are diffrent sizes inside & out faces, personalities ,smells, tastes

  • Lets express ourselves in song all the time