getting a haircut from your mom

Birt 27 nóv 2019
come on lemme cut your hair
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this is a video about getting a haircut from your mom
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • my mom really likes it when i make these videos. follow me on twitter if you want to be my mom too @Gusbuckets.

    • AWWW!!! SO CUTE!

    • I dont need to follow your mother on twitter. I follow her irl

    • @Harold Rowan definitely, I have been using Flixzone for since november myself :D

    • Pro trick: you can watch series at flixzone. Been using it for watching a lot of movies these days.

    • Pr

  • Hes like. Okaaay kaaaren

  • Omg, the amount of times my mom made excuses to misuse products (like the laundry detergent), I legitimately died on that - so true!

  • "Mommas got backs" 🎶

  • My mom actually does a good job at do hair cuts lol

  • No way I'm going back to great clips. Everyone there is an amateur. I want the sides to be short and the top to be left untouched and they want to give me a fade. I want to see the line where the short hair and long hair meets and you give me a fade?!

  • When these guys do this it reminds me of Markipliers a unnus annus.

  • i just noticed the echo

  • Poor Deb!!!😅😆😜

  • I am just now realizing that if Gus drove 4 hours to his son, then that likely means he lives in Las Vegas or California. *We’re coming for you Gus Johnson*

  • His mom videos are just excuses to call his brother gay

  • "Or a MAN" so accurate

  • I am absolutely the first comment

  • 3:56 I laughed way too hard at this ending

  • Man Gus got that DUMPY

  • my stomach hurts from laughing so much

  • Bro watching this while high is funny asf


  • I found this video and I hovered my mouse over it only for it to say "Sam o'nella viewers also watch this"

  • Same my mom has a mustache too

  • My mom has always told me she is 21 I looked her up... She's 43

  • “Part family, hehe” he couldn’t keep his composure

  • You kidnapped my mom

  • get out of son's hair

  • It's pretty great that we can see 7/8ths of gus's crack

  • The aspergerse joke hit me like a freight train

  • its funny how they break character and laugh at themselves

  • I can really feel the fear coming off Sven...

  • Probably the funniest part is that they are having fun too, and they just come up with it

  • When 1 person has four beds...

  • Idk how they write content ,but they don't do retakes for sure.

  • I love this video you can tell they had fun making it

  • Can't relate. My mom is a hair stylist.

  • The mini van is being towed was my favorite part

  • these feel unscripted. I like it

  • “Anything that has a button is a computer and I don’t understand it” My grandma lmao

  • Who else heard Grey Clips, instead of Great Clips?

  • this guy makes me laugh every single time

  • Okay, now this video right here was funny.

  • I passed out for 10 seconds I was LAUGHING SO HARD

  • the younger dude looks like machine gun kelly

  • I don't understand mothers, being born in for example 1960 button's did exist along with various computer technologies. So how do they not understand it?

  • Notice how the wig has more hair than his hair

  • Idk if it's worse or better that my mom is an ex hair dresser

  • Tell me why Sven is genuinely scared

  • Well my mom worked at a hair salon sooooooo

  • Gus: He has assbraids Sven: Assburgers?

  • “Ass isn’t a swear it’s in the Bible” Add that to the list of things that made me audibly laugh

  • 3:23 yes. But it means like the donkey

  • How much of this character is based on their mom I wonder

  • This comment section: 10% regular comments. 90% "people putting things said in the video in quotes."

  • My mom always cuts my hair and likes to cut me bald im losing it

  • (Gus drops razer ) Me and i'm scared for life

  • This is even more relevent coz of the pandemic we in right now

  • My mom gets super pissed off and takes it personally when I show her these videos. 😂😂😂

  • You might have mom's that act like this, but my mom does is fast and smoothly

  • What is the filming process for these lol

  • Best Gus character

  • The mom that wanted to be so supportive that she wished for her son to be gay.

  • "How are you gonna get a girl, or a guyyyy" Add "or one of those nonbinaries" and that's pretty much my life.

  • is it just me or is the best part about these videos the fact that these two r like best friends and have the best bond and r having so much fun

  • You need a flowbee

  • He his right a** is in the bible

  • Not correct. my mom just grabs a peice of glass and starts choppin

  • You fucking nailed it

  • This is so relevant now

  • I love the fact that I don’t know if Sven’s laughs are scripted or genuine

  • It’s all soap Gus 2019

  • "youre an angry gay"

  • gus plays ( racist mom over protective crazy mom )way to well

  • Lol I’m getting a haircut today, what coincidence

  • 2:27 Sven's acting of not knowing how to respond is epic

  • I love getting haircuts from Your Mom 😂🤣

  • poor Sven

  • It's scary how accurate this is

  • Why does my mom have a mustache

  • I love how they laugh while playing the characters

  • sven, you're mom is hot

  • Part car part family

  • "My instinct as a mother was to protect you." DAAAANG can NOT even tell you how many times I've heard that!

  • this is literally identical to my mom, even the 2002 mini van that we might get rid of in 2 weeks

  • I’m gonna smell like a goodwill You gonna smell like a good boy, made me laugh fsr

  • I'm starting to get targeted adds for The Church of Latter-Day Saints because of your videos

  • yeah my mom says im gay to

  • this guys a legend

  • I love it when Sven can't stay in character and busts out laughing mid video

  • Gus surprisingly really makes that wig work.

  • The part where the mom is always asking if he’s fat is *SO* relatable!

  • Your such a good boi i love you

  • Why is it when gus acts like a middle aged man he shaves but when hes acting like svens mom he keeps the mustache

  • “How many haircuts have you screwed up, mom?” “Well, let’s just say only single digits.” “SINGLE DIGITS CAN GO UP TO 9.”

  • “It’s not my business but I want to know” most accurate thing I’ve ever seen

  • Wholesome

  • When your mom has a mustasch

  • 1:16 man i couldn't stop laughing for an hour

  • *gets haircut from mom* -walks away bald

  • This was so accurate that it was stressful

  • if i get a cut from my mom (which is rare not ironic) she will cut me bsld

  • The venomous afghanistan demographically impress because swiss early judge towards a torpid octagon. oval, scandalous step-aunt

  • the only white guy make me laugh