getting a haircut from your mom

Birt 27 nóv 2019
come on lemme cut your hair
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this is a video about getting a haircut from your mom
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • my mom really likes it when i make these videos. follow me on twitter if you want to be my mom too @Gusbuckets.

    • Where do you go when your mom is there?

    • The most relatable part was when you brought up the government

    • Go smell like goodwill for a week

    • Don’t ever go to great clips I had a really nice lions mane as I Call it, I said not the front and Trim the sides and back they did the exact opposite my dad was there and he went out of his way to clarify before it happened as well

    • Lol so funny 🤣

  • As someone with asperger's. Yes.

  • This is what you have to do now

  • ever wonder if he has a dad?

  • My mom had a barber degree but never was a barber. I CAN RELATE

  • you forgot the constant digging into the scalp and pulling of the hair.

  • I couldn’t help but keep replaying the part when he yells OW when he hits his head

  • How much money did you spend to get here? “ it’s irrelevant”

  • I feel like no hair was cutt

  • Me during a haircut: *moves my finger* Stylist: STOP FLAILING YOUR ARMS

  • “Im 43 just like the other years”

  • This is the only option now

  • The ending though

  • next level acting

  • DISCLAIMER: No hair was actually cut in the entire video.

  • I fear there is no Script for these Sketches... this is just improv and Gus and Sven are just that good.

  • Accurate

  • "my instinct as a mother is to protect you" LMAO

  • "When are you gonna accept the fact that you're gay?" My parents talking to me

  • My mom cut my ear try to do that

  • us

  • Imagine Svens roommate coming back early to this

  • You’re gonna smell like a good boy if you act like it😂

  • Ive had almost the same experience and it hurts me

  • Im 43 you can kiss my ass

  • This is the best vid from Gus yet XD

  • Why is gus' audio so reverby

  • The amount of times i've watched this😆

  • single digits can go up to 10

  • 1:45 OMG you can actually see Sven's forehead

  • no :)

  • So true

  • This is surprisingly accurate

  • this is soooooooo fucking frustrating

  • My used to give me bangs

  • "Have you ever drank? You're not in trouble I promise".. "I may have had a beer" "Oh you're dead" Nostalgia.

  • The mom says she is 43 and if Sven is 21 the legal drinking age than she would be 22 so when Sven was born she was 1 year old

  • Why he think, her son in gey?

  • Anything with a button is a computer

  • You should do driving with your mom.

    • @Ricky Gordon I was thinking more along the line of the son (Sven) driving with the mom in the passenger seat losing her cool and nitpicking every little thing

    • The car is going to crash

  • This is my tenth time watching... I NEED MORE.

  • i love your vids there funny

  • I like to think the mom character is married to the dad character from the "my" series.

  • This and the other ones are scarily similar to my mum

  • 0:39 the way that gus smiled at the end just made my day

  • Definily my mom

  • Amazing karen like acting gus you've caught the essensce


  • I love how the guy getting the hair cut is having a hard time keeping a straight face

  • "This stupid ear is in the way." I like the implication that mom would shave his ear without hesitation if he wasn't so fussy about it.

  • To funny

  • black people in a nutshell

  • It was buzzing I projected you not you shity son 299.99 bitch

  • Gus becomes his characters.

  • This guy can look 67 and 15 at the same time

  • "Fix it ur good with computers .." so so relatable ,100% my mom

  • My mom actually took a whole haircutting course when she was younger and has been taught how to do it multiple times and I still have Problems with getting a haircut from her

  • A S S B R A I D S

  • Give Sonny Boy a bowl haircut using an actual bowl

  • Why have I never found this series?

  • Carol is just Sven's mom when she is alone.

  • STILL DONT LIKE MAYONNAISE..I DO NOT WANT IT ON THE SANDWICH I DIDN'T WANT..FUCK..When are u gonna let me leave I'm not gonna wreck cause it's late IM 29 MOM

  • If I didn't know that this is gus in a wig I would be very confused as to how you found a home video of my mom.

  • I rate the acting 11/10

  • Let’s all take a moment to appreciate that the controller was on.

  • When are you just gonna admit you're gay 😂😂😂

  • It's part car part family " Lmao

  • Omg this is exactly my mom this is hilarious

  • My sideburns refused to exist

  • Lmao, I cut my dads hair because I’m good at it and my mom only knows how to give bullcuts and trims

  • 1:18 I CRACKED up lol. (Um sorry about dat lol)

  • Do you think Sven accidentally calls Gus "Mom" all the time now, or only when he has the wig on?

  • 0:23 LMAO

  • When you're embarrassed by mom's obvious mustache.

  • the only good content now.

  • “It’s all soap” when I say my childhood

  • "Anything that has a button is a computer and i don't understand it"

  • "I'm gonna smell like a good will for a week" "No I'm gonna smell like a good boy"

  • This is totally my ma

  • Assbraids!!! Why was that so funny



  • my mom is obsessed with great clips i wanted short hair she cut me nearly bald

  • Yes ass is in the bible

  • I've still got scars on my head from the last time my mom attempted to cut my hair

  • I wish I had a mom. 🥺

  • "If it has a button, its a computor." OH MY GOD IM DYING

  • “GeT oUt Of My SoNs HaIr!”

  • “These big ears are in the way.” Me: snip snip snip

  • Gus how you have friends that participate in your Ridiculousness is beyond me. Here it is everyone. The future. The future of Comedy the future of our nation I just want to put a gun to my head oh by the way Gus........... You are not funny

  • Why do I feel like this will be my mom in the future

  • 0:36 “It’s a 2002 minivan, there is no way it is a hybrid.” “It is a hybrid, part car, part family”

  • my mum actually used to be a hair dresser so...

  • Man without even watching this my head hurts 🤣 though my mom was always good with haircuts, it was my brother that sucked! More or less pulled my hair instead of cut it!

  • Why is this so accurate? XD

  • drives 4 hours to give him flack about how dirty his room is

  • "Single digits can go up to 9"

  • My mom has a salon sooooo she does good

  • When it's your dad he shaves your head almost bald and then you cry the rest of the day and since your to busy crying you miss school and then the next day your forced to go to school and a teacher compliments your hair cut but they clearly don't care and every in school makes fun of you specifically 5th grade and it happened 3 years ago No just me?

  • My mom is a hair dresser at home :/