getting a haircut from your mom

Birt 27 nóv 2019
come on lemme cut your hair
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this is a video about getting a haircut from your mom
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • my mom really likes it when i make these videos. follow me on twitter if you want to be my mom too @Gusbuckets.

  • In lockdown this is so accurate...

  • Ass braids

  • 1:53 YeS

  • "My instinct as a mother was to protect you, I jumped OUT of the way, you got hit" Amazing

  • My mom is "spend two hours to give me a bowl cut"

  • Why does you mom have a moustache

  • thats a yee yee ass hair cut bro

  • Me when trying to socialize: 1:22

  • me, with a hairdresser for a mom: I don't have such weaknesses

  • My mom did this in front of a couple of people including a Russian the things he said killed me. It was the only Russian in Wisconsin

  • My mom cut my brothers ear trying to cut his hair

  • “I’m gonna smell like a goodwill for a week now” “No you’re gonna smell like a good boy”

  • All the dislikes are from the moms who cut there kids hair😂

  • He plays it so well that I don't even question that mustache.

  • Hawken lugys

  • I gotta ask, are these things even still planned or do you just storm into his room with a camera guy unannounced and start filming, because it does very much feel that way.

  • I... I hate how accurate this mom character is...

  • Anyone else gotten the $5.99 great clips cut?

  • My mom is a professional hair cutter, she Never will let me get it cut by someone else, I will never.

  • Are you hungover :D

  • You forgot the part where she tell you its gonna be fine and ends up shaving an entire side of your hair.

  • I get my hair cut at great clips

  • Lol

  • I'm 43 u can kiss my ass Line of the year

  • I just realized that she has a mustache

  • Me: **Has more male friends than female friends** My mom: _Smells like G A Y in here_

  • This is just early covid

  • Not true beacause my mom is a hair styler

    • Nice you got free haircuts for your entire childhood

  • Not as bad as getting one from the person who does your moms hair cut

  • I like how (s)he was just like "When are you gonna get a girl? Or a guy" I wish

  • This is sooo true

  • Epic Win - Love, A Mom 💗

  • *I feel bad for that minivan, poor thing has to deal with this mother almost all day*

    • @Andor Rynd Why are you saying fish boy-

    • @Kloudz fish boy

    • @Andor Rynd I- what-

    • What a succulent fish boy

  • Honestly can tell if they had a script or they just like went for it

  • Sometimws I really think he is his mom

  • my hair got cutted once

  • Plot twist he's bi

  • This is a basic for 2021

  • My aunt has qualifications to be a hairdressers so free haircuts

  • My mom never did it. Always my dad when I was a kid, just grabbed his beard trimmer and buzz cut me until 3rd grade when I started going to his barber

  • My Mom Is a Hair Dreser

  • i love when people improvise and break characters when it geta to random and funny

  • if that was my mom I would slap her

    • I would probably just kick her out of my apartment

  • Did he even tried to look like a woman?

  • “Fix it, you’re good at computers”. RELATABLE

  • O found this Chanel randomly and it has the best comedy in the world

  • "is it just me or are batteries sliperier these days" god that just killed me

  • He always manages to “flash the crack” as the mom lol

  • I am getting flashbacks from my corona haircut from my mom last year...

  • This is why I shave my head and my hair gets stuck in my helmet

  • This happened a lot during COVID

  • Nice video Btw look at my name

  • I cut my own hair

  • When this is my real mom.. Well shit

  • the echo from the room makes her sound like Bill Cipher

  • Mom of the year

  • I like how Sven actually had the controller turned on while he games.

  • The real fear in Sven’s eyes when Gus goes “this is all coming off” is legendary

  • Can I get a haircut We have haircut at home I’m really unoriginal today

  • "Have I ever offended your appearance or sexuality?!" Why, why do they do this?

  • “Single digits can go up to 9”

  • dads giveing haircuts: time to go bald

  • Just swinging by


  • "Single digits at best." "Single digits can go up to 9"

  • “That’s laundry detergent” “It’s all soap” ***Me washing my clothes with dish soap as a child*** Man I felt that.

  • I feel like Gus was the actual "MOM" of the household, before he realised he was supposed to be a son.

  • Damn this aged bad

  • Moms accusing you of being gay is more accurate than Einstein

  • Hey look 777 dislikes

  • Gus is a very convincing mom even with a mustache

  • Being bald is better than getting a haircut from ur mom

  • Bruh the answer me right now yes or no sounded on point

  • This is the best thing I’ve seen in many long years.

  • im high as literal fuck rn and this is the funniest and most accurate shit ever 🤣

  • That *continental drift* though!

  • What if my mom died

  • I go to sport clips

  • 50?! So she was born in 1969 alright

  • Gay sven

  • I am dead set in the belief that Gus makes these videos solely to call Sven gay.

  • I have the biggest unrequited crush on Sven.

  • This is so my mom

  • And she did better than you in 2020

  • Any Gus mom video: Saying to Sven leave the closet: ✔️ Plumber crack: ✔️ me laughing: haaaaa. gotem ✔️ lol mi boi Gus is the best

  • 2:32 Sven.exe has stopped working.

  • chris farley

  • “These can’t hurt you, Only when you’re holding them!” I lost it there

  • My moms way worse 🤣🤣

  • nerd out

  • Great video

  • Why is he such a good mom 🤣

  • Or a man, or a man

  • Mmmm... Actualy my mother is an hairdresser... for real.

  • A Chinese restaurant this stupid

  • Did y'all steal a government license plate? 🤣

  • When are you gonna accept that your gay 😂😂😂my mum does the exact same thing😂

  • he does a mom so well

  • first haircut my mom gave me i almost lost a ear that day