moms in horror movies

Birt 7 júl 2019
this is the real scary
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this is moms in horror movies.
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    • ko

    • Kinda sus

    • So when I turn 11 I'll have a mustache

    • My mom does exactly that just, minus the demon girl and she's blaming the family falling apart on the least talkative one in the household.

  • I mean, he's not wrong.

  • Hey that’s so true tho

  • .I thought you hated him.....

  • Lol 😂

  • Whites

  • Dude 0:58 made me laugh

  • The fact that he's only 11 years old makes it even more funny.

  • You're just a stupid kid *Blows hair out of face* Who doesn't know any better

  • 0:55 it's 55 seconds.

  • I would love a horror movie where the kid is just chill about the whole ghost thing

  • 😂😂😂😂 why did you!!!!!

  • Yes

  • So, is Jamie Sven's grandma

  • Itz soo foony

  • “YoU lItTlE lIaIr”

  • Wait, is that famous actor James Allen McCune?

  • She literally has a beard

  • Gus Johnson your my favorite person on this earth im so happy you make a lot of videos this is my 6th time watching this please keep up the good work

  • that's just my moms irl

  • And then there are the horror movies where parents just don't exist. I'm looking at you, It Follows.

  • Yup

  • That mom is basically my mom at the beginning I mean

  • This is just my mom irl 😆

  • What 11 year old has a full mustache

  • this Is SO GOOD

  • True

  • this vid is so true

  • Yup you look soo much like a 11 yo mustache and all

  • "Mom mom theres straight up like a demon girl in my room" mom: YOUR LYING. GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM OR SUM.

  • The best part is either “I hate YOU, why?” Then the 3 seconds of Aaaeeeeaahhh

  • accurate

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  • She looks and sounds just like my mom.

  • 😂

  • This is most horror movies in a nutshell i love this

  • The mothers in horror movies are usually more scary than the monsters.

  • soooo true lol

  • this is heriditary at the finest

  • H

  • which ones the mom?

  • why is this true

  • I mean, they are aliens so they do act weird...

  • Nobody: Me looking at the mom’s beard : 👁 👄 👁

  • I love what he said to his mom “dude thank you"

  • Alright Missy Mc scaryson. *uses shotgun shells* You are goin to die today. *uses shotgun shells* I have 69 more rounds in this goddamn shotgun over here. Now you cutting my jack lackin boots swagin shit over here. *shoots*


  • Demon girl: I've come to suck your soul Me: bitch dont hate me because I'm beautiful maybe if you got rid of that yee yee ass hair cut youd get some bitches Demon Girl : WHAT?


  • The acting is on par with Hollywood actors

  • If i was that mom i would definitely check it out

  • The Americans in a nutshell

  • 11 years on this earth, how the fuck does he have a moustache!?

  • Horror movies with deaths: Funny horror movies

  • Hollywood movies be like

  • like SO TRUE

  • The fact that these grown men can play the opposite gender so accurately is astonishing

  • I need that shirt

  • If I snapped at my mom she'd beat the shit outta me, I seen her do it before...

  • it's true and i hate it

  • Wait. That's how my mom acts everyday :'))

  • "Our family" *Communism Intensifies*

  • Eeuughh I just don’t like that. 😂

  • A lil demon girl

  • so true

  • Bro I hate that in scarry movies

  • lol

  • This is true

  • lol

  • i got rickrolled in a Frito-Lay ad before this video

  • The dad who adopted that girl: : | |:

  • "There is a demon girl inside my room" Me a weeb: lucky bastard

  • I HATE YOU Why Best part

  • This is garbage I *LOVE* it

  • You forgot to say that she gets killed via car or R O O F

  • Thats wat my mom be like bro

  • oh i just dont like that

  • The demon girl:Seriously just seriously how stupid are you

  • i like it how the mother is just following the script and the son is not XDDDDD

  • In 2020, that seem normal

  • The mother could have said, at the end, ‘Well that’s the only girl you’ll ever have in your room.’. *And that could mean two things-*

  • this is my mom daliy.

  • Thats Like my real mom

  • Mom....what up......demon my room. ...please help.... Mom:you filthy lier I disown you


  • 0:12 when mom said “WHAT?” It just made me laugh for some reason

  • This I literally the mom in phennies and ferb

  • This is just my mom normally

  • The mom from babadook

  • "Ugh I just don't like that. MOM! Mom..." 😂

  • I legit hate it in movies and shows when the parents are like this even though there’s actual proof

  • At the end u said subscribe for more garbage I think you mean subscribe for more legendary content

  • Are we gonna ignore the fact that his shirt say *grilled cheese*

  • I am a pickle


  • Is..... not my mom

  • sometimes a good ole slap in the face works

  • The mom has a brown beard and blond hair

  • Mom said to the demon girl, "Stay away form my baby boy that i love and respect." 8 seconds earlier calling him a child who dose not know any better and a lier

  • You completely hit the nail on the target almost every horror movie I watch that happens😂