moms in horror movies

Birt 7 júl 2019
this is the real scary
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this is moms in horror movies.
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  • Literally my mom, I don’t even lie when we lose the remote I say I don’t have it, and this bitch threatens to beat me into hell

  • Me in the middle of the night seeing if that's a hoodie or a person 0:04

  • movie plot: everyone who've stepped inside that house has been found dead. dumb ass family: sounds good to me. let's move in.

  • bro the neck beard

  • That's just me and my mom irl tbh

  • Kid: mom there's a demon girl in my room Mom: oh a girl huh?? Better use protection Kid: *MOM!*

  • I like how he got up and look at it twice

  • "why are you doing this to our family you little liar?!" "Mom I literally haven't lied to you in all my 11 years on this earth." (Mom ignores everything you just said) *AHGD* "What is wrong with you?!?" 49 seconds later "AHHHHHHHHH stay away from my baby boy who Love and respect!"

  • If captions aren't on you're missing out

  • How the hell did you get my mom to agree to doing a video with you?

  • “Oh I just don’t like that. MOM!!!” 😂 That cracked me up for some reason

  • ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

  • True

  • Don’t do drugs kids

  • I literally watched this video like 10 times within 2 days but I'm still laughing every time😂 Is it normal? I don't think so😅

  • I love that Gus is so calm

  • 😂

  • Your saying the mum is always stupid

  • You could rename this moms in general

  • Me on week days: “ahh I just don’t like that”

  • 0:58 my favorite part.

  • the dad would straight up beat the living shit out of them

  • "I just don't like that" One of the funniest one liners I've ever heard

  • sll

  • No thats actually moms irl

  • Moms: I am the loyalist smartest and never blaming person here in tnis family Also moms

  • baasicly every girl irl

  • “I have literally never lied to you for my 11 years on earth.”

  • You forgot when your mom starts talking to her for a hour

  • so true

  • My sister when I’m talking to my mom be like 1:04

  • You're not wrong

  • Gay

  • That's an interesting mustache for an 11 year old lol

  • Jeez what a karen

  • Moms in horror movies are so annoying dude lmfao.

  • Is this The Babadook?

  • Someone please tell me why this is true

  • I don't think anyone over the age of 11 would lie about anything like this because they wouldn't lie about something you wouldn't believe, so it's worth it to believe them

  • Soooo true!

  • I’m here did you subscribe

  • nice grilled cheese shirt

  • calling your mom dude, classic.

  • Hahahaha so true

  • so true

  • I love you Gus

  • Moms in other movies: WHY WONT ANYONE BELIEVE ME!?!!!!! MY CHILD HAS BEEN POSSESSED!!!!!!!!!

  • The real question is Who the f*** is that girl?

  • I love this

  • Why do I keep watching this lmfao. I love this. Best Mum acting ever! 🤣

  • By that time I would want to be killed

  • Uhmygoodness thatsalittledemongurl

  • that's not only in movies

  • 0:06 uh I just don’t like that BOI I WOUDE BE Packing my bag

  • HEY! My friend animated this in Minecraft and it would be really cool if you checked it out:

  • And she’s played by Toni Colette

  • “Ugh I just don’t like that” is my favourite line

  • Gus: "MOM, she's here!" Mom: ... Mom: "Somebody just brought home a little girl 😏"

  • My mum is like this normally

  • "Oh I just don't like that" lol

  • Child’s Play off the top of my head

  • ART

  • ight, kinda rude, whatever 🤷‍♀️

  • "you're just a stupid child who doesn't know anything" "okay kinda rude"


  • I thought this was a sneak peak into a new film my bad

    • Understandable, have a nice day. Fucker

  • This whole video is literally the entire plot of Hereditary to a T.

  • *:literally sees a ghost* "I just don't like that." lmaoooo

  • 0:00 **yawns** 0- 0- -0 _ -0 Oh I just don't like that.

  • 1:00 wat da f*ck

  • Is that Famous Actor James Allen McCune??!? :O

  • My friend:The New paranormal activities came out wanna see it Me:Nahh My friend:Why Me:

  • this is my actual fucking parents

  • Is that nakey jakey

  • I wouldn't protest if I had a demon girl in my room

  • can we just take a moment to appreciate gus's yawn at the beginning

  • Ikr

  • mY bAbY bOy wHo i lOvE aNd rEsPeCT

  • Last three people after they realized that I'm the imposter and I turn out the lights and they still suspect each other

  • Ok now this mom is basically a Karen kinda lol

  • That's true

  • that is just FUNNY reply if this is funny

  • My mom said the exact same thing to me when I told her I’ve seen ghosts and told the future

  • Sabrina typically looks cute but somehow for this vid she manages to look creepy af

  • If this is real life the ghost would just come in and say "what the fuc"

  • Yup Yes What are you searching for?

  • You clearly forgot the drinking problem

  • Hi ha

  • "I hate you" "why" "AAAAAAAAAEAEEAEAEAA" English teachers: This says a lot about society

  • S T I C K Y J U I C E

  • So true

  • Is it just me or he does sound like mister beast little

  • if you close your eyes he do sound like Mr. Beast

  • This is my mom in real life.

  • Seems like he copied every mom in real life and not a horror movie

  • Lol if that was me i would either just be shock for 3 minutes and try and punch the ghost if that fails i tell it this get out of my room u creep im playong minecraft using my brain

  • こいつは本物だわって思った最初の動画。

  • "ugh, i just don't like that"

  • Me: that was funny ill check out that james guys channel James first video: Lets talk about Trump Me: nevermind