Steve Harvey is terrible with women

Birt 10 mar 2020
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this video is about how steve harvey does not say very nice things about women
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to Imbiamba Jombes to shooting videos with his mom to the Gus & Eddy Podcast to small town reviews to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast, come on.
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  • please take a look at the description and check out the cool women creators i talked about in the video!!!!!!!! women are cool/good!!!!!!!!! 👍

    • @Gus Johnson e

    • Hiii


    • I am going home and then going back bruh was a good time for me and my dad and mom I love mom mom I am so excited I am going home and mom and dad

    • yussss

  • Steve Harvey didn’t even have good game shows sorry people

  • POV: you’re being held at knifepoint to listen to this 30-40 year old man ramble about everything on his mind

  • No Gus, I wouldn’t.

  • Dear god, Steve does not represent dudes

  • Bro I lost it when said that gay men weren't real men STEVE WE HAVE BEEF

    • *hears the r*** thing STEEEEEVVEEEEEE* I'm literally so fucking mad

  • The current head of the Catholic Church is more accepting of gay relationships than someone who gives relationship advice on tv. Let that sink in for a minute.

  • I dont like how hes waving that knife about

  • so steve was endorsing raaaaaaaaaaa... id shadiw legends ?

  • As a guy I absolutely hate watching sports

  • Dude. Steve harvey should not be giving relationship advice. He obviously doesn't understand what is socially acceptable, about respect/consideration for others feelings. What a tool. Lol

  • so i looked it up and it says "Women comprise 45 percent of the National Football League fan base, says an NFL spokeswoman as the league focuses on attracting more young women to the sport."

  • I’m just here sitting and thinking, who tf is still watching Steve

  • He plays piano to cool off

  • I got rejected today so I feel happier now

  • Who says I'm gonna make love at you

  • Yes

  • Tokosna? What

  • *h e l p* , don't think we didn't notice the shirt .,.

  • Pee pee poo poo

  • i want to watch the other steve harvey video but i can’t stand him

  • The fact that I don’t see any women commenting whether or not they would climax to Gus asking such a legitimate question is very upsetting to me, I overheard it as I left the room as he instructed to do and was very curious if that would be a yes or no 😂

  • 8:54 timestamp for sampling - simple unintelligent

  • I'm an idiot. I spent half the video thinking gus was talking about Dr. Phil. smh

  • Steve Harvey: If you ask any man who is friends with you if he would be in a relationship, you'll see the fireworks Me, every time any one of my friends sincerely offer anything sexual: Ew no tf you the homie I aint tryna know what your booty hole look like

  • Oh shit my Man-Card expired today... I guess I'm a woman now?

  • "REAL MEN" Yeah because Rob Halford simply doesn't cut it, right Steve? What's next, you'll tell us all that Freddie Mercury was only half a man?

  • Not gonna lie but I'm a little scared for Bus waving that knife around so close to his neck.

  • meeyen

  • Don't be silly, Gus. I know you love your girlfriend, but women just aren't funny.

  • Steve Harvey:*Is a maniac* Gus Johnson:*Holds microphone with a knife* 2020:*Very many repeated meme formats* My point:*Microwave*

  • If Steve did have female friends, that might solve a lot of these backwards-ass views

  • I watch the UFC EVERY weekend. Every fight I’m there. Fuck Steve.

  • Where are you from in wisconsin? (I live in Wisconsin :D)

  • I want you on his show. Well, one of them.

  • Steve Harvey is Michael Scott with more confidence

  • Wow, Steve is a total womanizer, and thinks all guys are womanizers.

  • That mic is the most American knife

  • Yeah Wisconsinite

  • Steve Harvey can't have any female friends cus of that HeeYuckYuck Laugh he does. Only REAL women will jump in the saddle with him.

  • Men are just waiting for that moment to slide in.. Well guess I'm not a "Real Man". I have plenty of female friends that are attractive and I have absolutely zero interest in being with them like that. [P.S. I'm straight too]

  • Steve should rename his advice to: "Love Life advice for scoundrels and sex offenders".

  • Steve Harvey is one of those assholes who think that everyone is just as much of a jerk as they are, and cannot fathom why anyone would be nice without an ulterior motive

  • I was "please don't stab yourself in the face please don't stab yourself in the face"

  • Imagine having a Dad who thinks he's just being real

  • Steve Harvey's post doesnt even make sense. Men are also responsible for literally everyone being alive. Steve has nothing to thank the women for pretty much.

  • Steve's moustache looks like the pizza hut logo

  • The fullstop on the shirt looks like a nipple

  • " g dang it"

  • steve kinda spitting facts about the majority of men

  • Steve Harvey had to make a simp show just to get attention from them

  • I cant watch this video then knife is giving me anxiety, I'd rather him grip the blade than have it pointed right at his face maybe that's just me tho

  • i just realized that both steve and gus have the same exact facial hair

  • there's no link to gus's mom

  • Im pretty sure my best friend who is a gay guy doesn't secretly want me to date him

  • Trans men can have babies too so women aren't the only group

  • I have switched ISchats to light mode. I have ascended. I do not need this power. I must crawl back into my hole that is ISchats dark mode.


  • that knife scares me...

  • “ real men...” pack it up Pinocchio

  • more of these please!!

  • As a gay man I can not live without women. After all, they are the one group who is responsible for every single human life ever made in the world ...

  • Gus, I just came back to this video because I think you need to make another one of these...There's certainly enough new material. I just saw a clip from Steve's show where a woman in the audience asked him for advice, because her dad is Chief of Police and head of Narcotics, and he got her boyfriend deported. Now she wanted advice on how to make her dad accept her next boyfriend. Steve didn't answer the question and was just like "oh he got him deported, woohoo, guess he deserved it! That's awesome!" And she just stood there awkwardly with the microphone as the audience cheered. 😑 Like yeahhh I love when the police makes extrajudicial deportations wooo 😑

  • Nobody tell Steve about trans people. Yeesh.

  • I read that as Steve Harvey is a terrible woman lol oops

  • Gus gave me anxiety every time he moved his face towards the knife

  • Steve seems like the type of guy who would take women out on his know, because of the "implication".

  • Aww I'm not a real man anymore

  • Aww I'm not a real man anymore

  • The guy Steve is describing is homer Simpson

  • I'm a guy and it's like 60/40 women men friends

  • The sports thing was just stupid. I know plenty of women, including myself, that love sports and know a lot more than a lot of men that I know as well. And the whole guy/girl friendship thing was just as twisted. We can have friends without either ourselves holding a candle for our guy friend or our guy friend holding a candle for us. It's not about gettin some. You just like a person and they're your friend, but they're also a guy or girl. Everythings not a freakin rom com. Just everything about this video gets me so triggered.

  • “Make a username based off of the things you like!” Boobsandvibrato: *Alright then*

  • I was nervous the whole time he had the knife next to his face

  • Steve: (basically saying gay men arent real men) Me: oh my god he just did that >:0

  • He is the living embodiment of the word _Toxic Masculinity_

  • the gus and eddy podcast is my favorite female creator

  • Is your head as round as it looks?

  • Gus did you try to push your glasses then realize your not wearing any

  • Gus told all the men to leave because he knew they’d all say yes

  • Idk why but I read the title as “Steve Harvey is a terrible women”

  • Everyone stop acting surprised 😂. We should be numb to this by now, I just laughed

  • 8:53 what a f*cking maniac he said well waving around a knife with a mic on it

  • That part where he said men cant have female friends really pissed me off. Most of my friends are women and they're pretty but I wouldn't try and date them, they're my friends. this REALLY pissed me off.

  • This video is a certified Hood Classic

  • I like the vikings 👁️👄👁️

  • jeez, I love seeing him on family feud. I knew he's a boomer but I didn't think he was this problematic. He's so matter of fact. It's weird

  • Well to answer gus's question if I weren't 13 I would go crazy

  • I know Steve Harvey cousins

  • Hmm. He's incapable of having female friends but apparently not incapable of cheating. It's almost as if having friends of the opposite sex doesn't mean that you automatically want to fuck each other..hmm?

  • I wish to know what brand and model of knife that is

  • The man who drops his jaw when he hears the word "penis" wants to question the masculinity of other men?

  • I guess I'm part of the 0.1 percent of guys who isn't constantly trying to get into my female friend's pants. Jesus, Steve, what the hell?

  • steve: “trans men are NOT men!!” me, pulling out my birth certificate, driver’s license, legal documents, etc.:

  • I checked that women and men video, people actually still agree with that I don't get it, give me scientific prove for God's sake!!!

  • This is Keenans fiance and I think I'd slap him across his face in front of all his man friends and see how many he feels when he picks his ass up off the floor

  • we are above all women

  • My only male friends has a crush on me so... I mean who doesn't. I'm a bad Bitch

  • gus is a global elite women respecter

  • If he thinks gay man aren't real man just wait for him to learn about trans men