Steve Harvey is terrible with women

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this video is about how steve harvey does not say very nice things about women
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to Imbiamba Jombes to shooting videos with his mom to the Gus & Eddy Podcast to small town reviews to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast, come on.
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  • please take a look at the description and check out the cool women creators i talked about in the video!!!!!!!! women are cool/good!!!!!!!!! 👍

  • Hey thats the guy from GMM dude, that's crazy

  • Your knife mic gave me wicked anxiety.

  • 8:34 my answer is yes

  • the intro

  • yes

  • Steve Harvey 🤝 Wendy Williams pulling "a man card"

  • I wonder what he'd say about lesbians having male friends.

  • The knife & shirt are Papa Franku signs..

  • How the hell does this guy get gigs giving relationship advice when hes been married 3 times and doesn't really talk to women...or know them.

  • Hello Mr. Delusional

  • i am a man, but yes, i would climax at the bar

  • I climaxed.

  • I want my male friends to like me >:( but every time I try to advance it’s always “I’m not gay” or “dude get your dick out of my face” Steve lied to me!

  • Yeah I don't know about Steve, but all men are not just constantly wanting to date and exploit all women and cannot be just friends without wanting to date them.

  • Weather for the shower!!!!!

  • that man really had to have just hopped out of the renaissance there's no way he's from any time after like the 16th century

  • Just wait till Steve learns about asexual men...

  • I hate gender but I live in a gender world. Sigh’

  • Is it bad that I agree with Steve a lot

  • willing to say or do anything for attention

  • Gay men are not real men

    • Do you need the definition of a man

  • shes not a mean mom shes a meme mom

  • Him with knife “hi woman am just wanna do something to ya tonight”

  • Listen, I have held the title as #1 women respecter... but technically.. just hear me out.. men also are responsible for humans.

  • Not tryna be offensive but it also takes a guy to make children lol

  • Ok hi I just met you today Gus, but you are high key being the friend who always has a knife guy too. That's it. That's the comment.

  • Biden actually started listing off multiple different races

  • "Woman" is not a personality trait.

  • Climax achieved

  • Throw up on me when I ask for the location of the jamba juice

  • "Hold on. I need to play piano for a second." lmao

  • Can't relate to 95% of what Steve said. I have attractive female friends I'd never ever have sex with. Hell when I was in middle school my best friend was a girl. And I'm straight as fuck. Chivalry isn't dead. Just because Steve is sex and woman obsessed doesn't mean every straight high sex drive man like me is. I'm sex obsessed for MY wife. And that is NOT weak to say.

  • If I was alone in a bar and Gus whispered "I wanna do something to ya tonight" I would absolutely climax

  • the way you were holding the knife made me nervous the entire video

  • I’m trying to justify his cheating stuff because I use to really like his game show but I can’t

  • In this type of scenario I really try to find good things about the Pearson. I know media can really ruin someone’s life for no reason. But man he is said more than the average joe.

  • He's not too far off about your girlfriends male friends tho.. At least some of the time he is right, they are just waiting for a opportunity.

    • Cap. The only dudes who act like that are the fucking discord mods who are so thirsty they can’t have a conversation with any female without thinking about sex.

  • I think it’s a black culture thing, no offense but many young black men grow up without a father figure and need to be extra manly to feel like a man, it’s sad. Men need to know it’s ok to feel, and you don’t have to get pussy and be tough to be a man.

  • Liking casual sex makes you shallow and unintelligent I guess. Oh but only if you're a woman of course!

  • Imagine what this guys like when the cameras are turned off.

  • 14:16 I'm just wanna do something to find good people!

  • I'm glad I found this channel. Hahahaha hilarious

  • 8:44 ohhhhh I’m lesbiam and I climaxed (😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 jk if a man walked up to me and said the t to me I swear-)

  • ok but this comment section absolutely passes the vibe check

  • Where I’m from it’s 100% equal men and women watching sports

  • He says this nonsense on Family Feud and people are suppose to laugh it off. My folks and I watch and just yikes all the time. Oh boy.

  • one of these days when gus has a dangerous thing his mic is clipped to he is gonna fall down or do a weird bit and will seriously hurt himself

  • Dangerous not gona lye

  • all the girlfriends ive ever had i got by using harveys advice. im single

  • Yo I’m actually mad he has light theme on

  • I respected Steve Harvey once ONCE

  • As a person from Wisconsin every one in my family loves the Packers, it’s fun to play along

  • WOW! Steve has tout me so much lol

  • Could you show your annalytics bc u get tons of views and i just wanna be rude to the ppl who wath but arent subbed. :)

  • The way he generalises and lumps all men in with the way he thinks makes me want to renounce my "man card"

  • Interviewer: why do men cheat? Steve: because there are other women What

  • I thought the title was he was a terrible woman.

  • I read the title as “Steve Harvey is a terrible women” and was very confused

  • Just cuz you dont like it, doesn't mean he's wrong

  • 15:20 idk, Steve. I have a few completely straight male friends and if I asked them that, they won't accept, they'd look at me awkwardly, stutter, and try to lay it out gently that no, they just want to stay as friend, another type would bark out a laugh, say 'Are you crazy?!' laugh some more, and say 'No way!'. This guy is nuts, how is he 'famous' there?

  • Steve garbage is the type of guy to be jealous of a man who was raped by a woman

  • Nk

  • 11:16 I've never laughed at something so stupid in my life

  • I love how he’s using a knife as a mic

  • Always like his shirts

  • Please make this the most liked comment please thx

  • That knife was making me nervous the entire time

  • Steve just loves all women that's why he cheats he has enough love to go around

  • 4:20 obviously a bald cap. #gopackgo

  • Gus is the only man in the world who can pull off a neckbeard

  • This makes me sad I thought he was more cool

  • 4:50 "it's sexist to say only women nag" it's also sexist to say only men cheat.

  • LOL! I have that exact same knife. Cheapest and best knife I've ever had.

  • Anyone else notice that 2:45 is an actually perfect NakeyJakey impersonation?

  • as a man id for sure climax

  • jeez steve harvey is a jerk i dont know what else to say 🤔

  • Steve the Simp Harvey

  • 8:34

  • Can I still purchase the Help shirt?

  • POV: you're being held at knifepoint while being forced to listen to someone rant about a homophobic misogynistic toxic old man

  • i’m happy there’s still decent men in the world who look at what the hell this guy is saying and see how just fucking wrong it is.

  • Why does men want shallow women MEN uh because uh TIDDES

  • I thought it said "Steve Harvey is a terrible woman" at first

  • An intervention??! During a pAnDeMiC -- oh wait 9 months ago...nvm

  • What about Jayden animations

  • I hate the packers

    • thanks for your opinion cooper carson

  • It turns out Steve is 99% of men

  • Yeah I saw a compilation of a lot of the shitty stuff he has said and I was like damn

  • Steve Harvey doth protest too much methinks lol

  • I'm from Minnesota so my family are Viking fans while I'm a Titans fan

  • As a man, Steve Harvey does not speak for me

  • I mean honestly this is why i tended to like guys a few years younger than me as opposed to older than me (when we all adults don't worry) because luckily the toxic mindset Steve has is dying out among the younger generations and I'm very happy for everyone.

  • Guys are also responsible for everyone

  • 14:00 is facts tho with some people

  • simp

  • i cant help feel that you're just kinda copying idubbzz

    • bruh how

    • because idubbzz invented commentary???

  • *if you say g-dangit one more g-dang time i swear to g....*

  • Got my braces stuck in my blanket we don't ask

  • Oof. It's crazy how people like him become insanely popular. It proves that there are way too many people out there that think the same way as him. Fml