your friend who has been to the theme park before

Birt 6 sep 2019
hahaha you guys will love this
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this is a video about your friend who has been to the theme park before.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • trust me you guys i know about this real cool twitter account @Gusbuckets

    • your friend who has seen a movie before

    • ha! i went there!!

    • @Izako _18 you are a fake man I don’t have a good day to go do it for me I’m sorry you have never had any luck I love when I am so sorry for your loss you deserve to have a great year I am just so thankful that I have a lot to you deserve for me and I am your friend and green I love when I can do it I am so I am tired I am just so sorry for your heart so

    • @Ruben De la Cruz problem?

    • Is this a FrIeNd of yours???

  • That Captain America so nice he has free CAKE for everyone he walks past.

  • This was my experience watching Tarzan at the cinnema as a kid when the girl in front of us had seen it before.

  • These should be called going anywhere at all with a narcissist

  • I have experienced this person and this video gives me memories and therefore unbridled rage.

  • dude literally me whenever i get the chance cuz I'm so desperate for attention and "leadership" lol

  • This video is a true story.

  • This is like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory

  • Omg this reminds me of my dads ex wife, we went to Disney (The only time I’ve ever been) we had been waiting for 15 minutes for this one ride, then she was like this doesn’t have any wait time let’s do it and forced us to go on the crappy ride

  • Would you be so kind to guide me through this restaurant you have been before?

  • Oof

  • I've been to universal, I'll make sure to act like this

  • This is that friend who's good to have around and ignore most of the time but occasionally pick their brain. The food part came to mind. "Alright I don't wanna spend too much and get something shitty, Gus what should I order?"

  • This reminds me of the “with your mom” vids

  • This reminds me of a similar joke i saw in a comic book series i used to read in my teens. Some friends get together to go to a fun fair, which had already been visited by one of them( his name is Lucien). As they walk by the attractions Lucien keeps telling them how crappy they are and not worth their time , even though they actually look very fun. They slowly get angry, and when Lucien finally finds an attraction he likes, it turns out to be the worst( all of Lucien's friends end up losing their money on a conman's ring toss gallery, but Lucien changes his mind when its his turn to play). They finally snap and beat Lucien up. He ends up on a freak stage, looking like the elephant man with his bruises.

  • 1:51 this

  • That’s me 😂😂😂

  • im exactly like this

  • As a Disney fan, I can approve of this.

  • Please do a the guy who read the books

  • bruh

  • Yes, you are reading a comment right now I hope you enjoy.

  • This guy is so annoying that its actually great.

  • i cant remember the last time i laughed so hard

  • 1:27

  • this is more like that one aunt

  • Is this theme park in colorado

  • Who invented burping? Me: Gus Johnson

  • This is the evolution of the restaurant one!

  • Its frustrating when people actually like this exsist

  • gus more like... bus haha like if you agree 😂

  • Burp wit the corn dog got me xD

  • this is unintentionally just coaster enthusiasts in a nutshell

  • i just wanna punch you if you are like that

  • You guys are funny as fk

  • This was just an excuse for them to go to Disney land

  • "I've experienced this ride before so you don't have to experience it"😂😂😂

  • Did Sabrina just... Stay in the car the whole time or...

  • Why would you go from Pixar Pier to Pirates of the Caribbean only to go back to Pixar Pier to ride Inside Out and the Incredicoaster.

  • I went to Disney world in February of 2008 you'd have to pay me to go back.

  • Gus: i've already experienced it so you don't have to Me: I'm dying of laughter!🤣🤣🤣

  • 1:43 my dad at a restaurant

  • Winnie the Pooh Round 2!

  • Ok but in the background after saying "hi captain america" the little kids face and the little high five made my day

  • I used to go to Six flags over a lot, had season passes and everything. So when my highschool decided to take all the seniors to six-flags, I didn’t even have to buy a ticket. Anyway, we get there and I know the park by heart, so I just b-lined for my favorite rides with my friends in tow, who all followed me because I knew where to go. It was fun

  • The captain American thing triggers me a little bit

  • Maybe Gus just had a dream to work as a Theme Park guide..

  • This is amazing ahahahhaa

  • You know it’s good acting when you actually start developing an immense hatred for Gus

  • This is me exactly and I don’t like it

  • "you don't need to explain, this ride is made for kids" - sven is the best

  • Can't say I've been immune to this

  • Haha! Well acted, I really enjoyed this one.

  • nononono this isn't an experience this is an equasion

  • gus is narating everything because he doesn't want to get claimed by owner of the music tracks :D

  • Ok so at this part they are under the sea😂😂😂


  • 0:04 to 0:12 that's how my parents made Disneyworld work (the one in Florida I cant remember the name) we had to wake up at 530 to 6 am every morning to go to a damn event 4 of the 12 people wanted to go to. It was a week long "vacation"

  • This is going to be my wife on our future honeymoon when we get married. She wants to go back to Disney World.

  • guys I’m pretty sure he has been there before Idk tho

  • i hate that i am saying this but i feel personally attacked by this video. it is almost as if he has been on a trip to a theme park with me and took inspiration from my uppity self lol

  • As a person who has been to Disneyland 10 times already I can confirm this is how I am

  • 0:03 Those aren’t all in the same park, I shouldn’t care, but I’m sure someone else was bothered.

  • the way gus blurps is also a work of art...

  • This is my brother whenever we go to Disney World

  • This triggers me so much 😂😡

  • I’m ashamed of myself. It’s like looking in a mirror.

  • How did Gus walk around Disney Land in broad daylight without being mobbed by fans?

  • this is my mom at Disney World.

  • So true

  • I'm that friend

  • its really frightening how Gus can manage to look like that one kid who caught snakes for fun but lives in the suburbs but a grown ass adult at the same time

  • can I just say, Sven and Gus are, like, the most opposite names ever. Also, this video is SO ACCURATE but now I'm scared that the person is sometimes me...

  • 1:35 no because i didn't approve it

  • I am this friend.

  • I went to Disneyland with my class in highschool. This group of maybe 3 or 4 kids spent all three days going on California Screamin' over and over again. One of them wore the same onesie all three days. In Anaheim. In June.

  • God I am this friend, and I hate looking in this recorded mirror.

  • So true

  • Why is this me....

  • “This isn’t a experience its a equation”

  • It’s me. I’m the friend.

  • gottem

  • This is literally everyone about every thing ever

  • You can't mess up the formula.

  • I feel like that is me

  • anybody else think of The lorax when looking at Gus's mustache

  • It's funny because it's true.

  • I'm afraid to say something because I might be wrong

  • I miss Disney Land

  • *My sister has entered the chat....*

  • Did you mean *my sister*

  • If we all have a friend who tries to make us go to the monsters inc ride MULTIPLE TIMES then why is it always 5 minutes?

  • Oh no....I'm that guy!

  • What a family on a Ferris wheel at the amusement park heard: “Ken, flippity-slippity-whippity, Kenny!”

  • I been there once and I reckon I will still act like this

  • that friend who makes youtube videos so you can’t go to a theme park and have fun

  • E

  • Duuddeee he is giving me serious Sheldon vibes (from big bang theory)

  • Me when I go on a cruise and research too much and know where everything is on the ship, and tell everyone where everything is

  • Can't get enough of you!!! Can you do more of family vacation back seats??