adam and eve talk to god

Birt 18 sep 2019
this really happened
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this is a video about when adam and eve talked to god.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


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    • Dude you guys are really funny but be nicer to the mom she deserves a lot of support to do what she does

    • Ah yes, jeesis

    • Jeesis lmao you mean Jesus?

    • Ok I kinda do want to learn abou jeesis

    • 1like = 1 prayer for gusses mom

  • This was aamzing

  • Let's be real clear Jesus was not their from the beginning, the bible was written by people long after the the Torah just because it tries to shoe horn in some bull doesn't make it true

  • Guys, god have a fake beard.

  • 1:23 churches be like

  • I want Jesus Christ to comment ''This is canon''

  • They yelling at their mom while their shirt less

  • I've never even touched a Bible in my life but tbh this just about sums it up

  • Ok so, God took A rib from Adam and made Eve, so technically Adam is her dad, now they have to make children.

  • Eve is just so hairy

  • Hairy eve

  • 1:22 POV you're at a youth camp praise and worship night

  • umm it is God and Jesus

  • actually, as far as i know, the apples gave the one who ate them the knowledge of the world, and god didn't want Adam &Eve to find out EVERYTHING on his mind, so he just made the fruit forbidden, and also that means that Adam & Eve didn't know of like 90% of the most basic concepts we all know since childhood, so when they ate half the fruit each, they gained 50% of God's knowledge each. but they knew the exactly same things, Adam didn't know what Eve didn't and vice versa, they both knew the "first half" of everything, and that is also how they found out about sex, because they were so dumb that they didn't even know why they had those things between their legs.

  • I rly hope that his mom was part of the shot because how he treated her was low key kinda mean

  • Eve is more hairier than I thought

  • Why is Gus' brother built like the top half of the Colossus Titan from AoT?

  • The “you said it you said it” is like in kindergarten when that one kid tells the other kids not to say God

  • Poor mom. :(

  • Why do so many of these sketches end with throwing shit at God lmao


  • This is some funny shit

  • Man god really doesn’t like moms

  • I love these religious ones because mom always tells them religious facts from the Bible and gets in the way

  • This chaotic comment section is the verbal embodiment of Florida

  • Kill my mom 🤣

  • forgot about steve

  • 0:54 best quote from the bible

  • I am Christian and I find this hilarious.

  • I just got an ad at the end of the video where some girl said “it’s like everyone else is pregnant” ???

  • These videos are funny as shit and I love making fun of Christianity so much but I genuinely feel bad for mom-

  • I love their mom coming out and correcting them lol

  • Imagine coming home to your family and you see 3 naked middle aged men with one wearing a wig and and the other dressed and roleplaying.

  • Check mate atheists

  • Why are your neighbours not screaming that your mostly naked outside and your in the roof dressed like jesus

  • I don't understand this story people pray to God for some reason even though the rules were broken and they continue to eat apples (for clarification i am not religious)

  • I imagine his mom just getting hit by Apple and telling her to shut up

  • Do one on how about Adam and Eve had 3 sons but population continued

  • no talking snake, my immersion is ruined: 666/10

  • peer pressure WORKS It turnes people for the better or worse

  • who is the cameraman recording such history?

  • Man eve let herself go.

  • "Just a character I've been work shopping"

  • I mean his mom gotta be so scared, there like two people, one is her son, half naked, and his friend in her rooftop

  • I bet I can guess where they learned to throw apples like that

  • Me wondering what the mom is thinking. The Mom: Have kids they said! It will be fine they said!

  • Eve be looking different

  • LoL I love the mom coming out to comment in these

  • mOm ShUt uP iM dOiNg A fILm

  • Mom in the back wtf

  • Eve is accurate

  • “GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD” yo that had me dead hahahhahah

  • “Shut up mom! Mom shut up we’re making a film” hahahhahaha

  • if you are in indonesia, believe me this video maker will be going to jail soon😂

  • U were so rude with your mom

  • Love how mean they are to the mom

  • Be kind to ur mom

  • I LOVE HOW GUS IS EVE it made ma laugh so LOUD dude this made me laugh lmao

  • But mom Jesus wasn’t mentioned until the New Testament I should know I’m Jewish

  • Dude I’m a cristshon. And this is NOT wat it was like

  • I'm an athiest witch just makes it funnyer

  • "Mom shut up, were making a film." A film?

  • The fact he’s able to pull up his beard... talk about Bizzare 😔

  • Me: SO COOL God: Y’all going to hell by MAKING VIDEO OF ME

  • Alternate title: 3 men bully a mom

  • I commend you boys for your historical accuracy to the biblical text.

  • "We're like 100% of the population right now, and you just swore to all of us." - Genesis, Psalm 1:36

  • If I was Adam and/or Eve and/or God and *I* talked to my mo like that. I would get an *ASS BEATING*

  • Man, god is so cool

  • Bible fan theory: God left us because he was exactly like this and just couldn't handle humans after a while

    • You now what I can't handle humans either but I'm not as powerfull

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    • ajlebnru34h-589qu34$#_%$_(%**($#

  • Who else is watching this a year later and loving the memory trip

  • An ad for EVE Online popped up before this....

  • 'Eve were did you get shoes' 'i invented them' 😂

  • why does sven look like a titan

  • The fucking bite Sven took out of that apple was huge

  • It’s pretty dope getting to see this new Jesus character finally (kinda underwhelming though tbh)

  • And thus god said “oh Jesus!”

  • God was badass back then.

  • Was your mom just making an allegory when she was huckin apples at you when you were a kid?

  • So technically women made the down fall of earth sooooo yeah...

  • I honestly can’t tell if you planned you’re mom to be in it or she just yells bible stuff at you guys

  • mom go away

  • Is it just me because last time I remember Jesus was born 1 ad. And there is bc before ad so Jesus wasn’t around in the beginning. And i am a Christian so don’t call me an athiest in the replies

  • Its Canon Eve invented the D R I P

  • Adam: yo ya boy the big G said eating isnt it chief. Eve: fuck off imma eat this mf God: bruh adam my homie, fuck you doin cuh? Yall want some pain?

  • When a substitute teacher came in for a day.

  • I saw the behind the scenes, Sven and Gus's mom starting throwing pots and pans at them for getting it 'wrong'.

  • Oh my god.

  • Jesus

  • It wouldn't surprise me if the forbidden fruit was bacon

  • Wait there were houses back back back back then 0:27

  • I feel bad for his mom😢

  • From the very beginning? That moment when Jesus was actually a hydrogen particle.

  • the tornado twins strike again

  • That went from 0 to cringy real fast

  • Poor mom

  • Wasn't Jesus born on the year 0? How could he be around since the beginning, even saying the bible is all true? Did Gus' mom lie to us or something?

  • I am an atheist but I have read these earlier chapters of genesis and there are a lot of inaccuracies

  • 1:19 **Magically becomes young**