if john wilkes booth had sneezed

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this is so crazy this actually happened
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this is a real actual history video about abe lincoln
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast, come one.
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  • remember that time trump said "stand down and stand by" to the "proud boys" sounded like he was rallying them. look up who they are. go ahead. wikipedia is fine.

  • Lincoln and his famous pilgrim hat

  • Trump when he says he's greater than Abraham Lincoln 😂😂😂😂

  • Idk if this is historicly correct, i think wkuk covered it better

  • Too much tuna!

  • How'd Lincoln get tickets to "Oh, hello?"

  • Was the Los Angeles county jail shirt on purpose

  • Oh no! Well, actually.

  • Abaham Lincoln knew John Wilkes booth

  • Very accurate indeed, except I was his favorite actor.

  • Pretty sure Lincoln wore a stovepipe hat

  • This is filmed like the office lolll

  • Abe Lincoln was the best Republican president ever

  • Gus: *loudly slams the door" Abraham: -_- Gus: *sneeze* Abraham: O_O

  • Imagine this is what actually happened and the just talked for like 20 minutes then he just BAM

  • i believe secret services was a thing back then, but it was to track counterfeit money, because back then some banks printed different money, making it easy to just say the bill is from a different bank. it was after Abraham's assassination that it was re purposed to protect the president.

  • Omg he's watching Oh,Hello

  • this is the second funniest Lincoln assassination video on youtube lol, look up whitest kids you know "hamlet"

  • It's crazy to think that a sneeze could've actually changed history.

  • Lol "Oh Hello" playing in the background

  • 1:57 "is that a thing yet? I don't know" had me dying

  • Accidentally assassinated on purpose.

  • John was actually a HUGE actor back then. It's like if Johnny Depp killed Trump. Also he wasn't supposed to be in the Play, it was just his way out.

  • Actually jhon wilkes booth was the equivenlent to dyane the rock jhonson of his time

  • He still would of shot him

  • "The top hat" *points to pilgrim hat*

  • Wait, was that Abraham Lincoln the whole time?

  • mrs lincoln must have been confused as hell

  • Lmao What a coincidence Im watching this while im studying for my civil war test that includes the fact that John wilks booth killed president Lincoln because Lincoln enforced the 13th amendment of abolishing slavery, so that made the confederacy mad ,so booth planned to kill lincoln and also a few other important “important” union officials but the others who were supposed to kill the others never actually left the bar that booth went to right before he assassinated president Abraham Lincoln. Btw he was at the bar for some courage drinks.ThE mOrE yOu KnOw

  • Lol so he just forgot that he could shoot the gun at any point in that entire conversation.

  • “ I don’t really know you, I’m kinda Abraham Lincoln”

  • Oh, guess Abe likes comedies.

  • wo

  • "Can I make some assumptions here really quick" "Well yeah *shoot* for it"

  • alternative title: to LA nerd plans to shoot top hat guy

  • when gus is a imposter

  • Oh hello on broadway 😅

  • okay guys who gave john wilkes booth an m9 beretta

  • 0:03 why is that volume boost so funny? XD

  • I love how he keeps referring to it as a theatre, even though it's a john mulaney skit on a flat screen tv

  • Imagine Abraham Lincoln watching a madia play 😱😱😱 really makes you think

  • Lincoln was racist.

  • The beard and top hat

  • I love the fact that this feels like a conversation they's just have on the Boothe and Lincoln podcast

  • The real among us

  • There’s no rules for theatre 😅

    • Uhh no well actually this shit too much😂

    • Shoot for it 😭

  • He’s Abraham Lincoln

  • Kinda looks like pilgrim eddy doing a Abraham cosplay

  • I read it like "if John wick booze was stolen" wtf

  • yes

  • John Wilkes Booth didn’t do it, he was framed

  • 0:45 Michael in the office

  • This is some reno 911 vibes

  • he looks like Q from impractical jokers 0:44

  • wait he's watching oh hello

  • gottem

  • “Ugh NO..well actually”😂😂😂😂

  • I looked at the title and immediately knew

  • Abraham Lincoln with the xbox

  • Agree on the tophat

  • Come on man too soon.

  • Ummm. I just looked up the name of the dude who killed Abraham and I go to my homepage of ISchats and I see this. If that's not my FBI agent screwing with me then I don't know what is.

  • Fun fact: the plan to assassinate abe Lincoln was a more famous part of a plan to kill the president and vice president, bc the assassination attempt on the vice president failed. The vice president was bedridden after a carriage accident, and had an old timey neck brace on. An assassin broke into the vp's house just shanking ppl left n right, and eventually got to the vp, but missed and stabbed his neck brace instead

  • The “well actually” at the end killed me

  • That’s some good shit on the TV

  • 0:15 what a missed opportunity for “oh... hello?”

  • *AHEM* Not to be that guy, but totally to be that guy, President Lincoln was sitting with his wife when he was shot. Fact check.

  • It’s good, but Wkuk though

  • He did sneeze tho

  • John Mulaney and Nick Kroll in the background

  • I fucking love that Lincoln is watching Oh, Hello. That seems so appropriate.

  • THE DISLIKES!!! They are exactly 420.

  • Would be maybe funny if you hair children scream in a basement. Would fit

  • The winner's of wars write history.

  • thats also everyone ive seen testify to congress in last few years

  • Now this is my head cannon. ... No pun intended.


  • Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang rogaza rogaza

  • Awkweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd

  • Is it just me or does abraham kinda look like Dutch from Red dead redemption 2

  • 0:44 is this the office

  • That second spin was really graceful.

  • I just love how they chose to play Oh, Hello on Broadway on the tv during the entirety of this.

  • I love how Lincoln keeps bringing up how big a deal he is 🤣 "Did you come here to assassinated me? And I say assassinate and not kill, because I'm Abraham Lincoln."

  • 0:25 john Wilkes booth was actually one of his favorite actor, making it funnier.

  • They actually did have the secret service then

  • Guys! Im pretty sure this is fake! If you look really closely, you can see that its not actually john wilkes booth, its Gus johnson in disguise.

  • First off, I love that they're watching Oh Hello on Broadway 👏👏👏

  • Exactly

  • That almost defied science.

  • as a person who lives in america i do not like people who do thaf and im sorry the they are here i am not one of them and most people i know take this seriously but im sorry that powple are doing this

  • I just wanna know where his wife was, in all this

  • When your last name is wilkes

  • Fun fact: you cant be assassinated if you make eye contact with the assassin. Its like the boos in super mario.

  • This is soooo unrealistic. Abraham lincoln was watching the movie from the right side of the theatre...not straight in front of it. Jeez

  • “It’s a free country!” “Yeah, because of me!” Most inaccurate part of the whole skit.

    • Pakrat Miz Actually, he only freed the slaves in rebelling states. He did not free the slaves in the border states where slavery was a contested issue. His own general, Ulysses S. Grant, had slaves for the duration of the war, even after the Emancipation Proclamation. And the freedom of the slaves was conditional. If you read the Emancipation Proclamation, you will find that if the South started paying taxes, Lincoln would have let them keep their slaves. Lincoln didn’t care about slaves, he cared about money. Check out is inaugural addresses. Aside from only freeing the slaves because the South wouldn’t pay taxes, Lincoln did all manner of things which lessened American freedom considerably.

    • @Pakrat Miz 2 Weeks late

    • Bruh, the dude literally freed all slaves

    • Wrong

  • Is that “ooooooooooh hello” playing on the tv?

  • oh hello in the background that's perfect

  • Leaked footage of the 1964 New York world’s fair Disney show “Great moments with Mr Lincoln”