if john wilkes booth had sneezed

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this is so crazy this actually happened
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this is a real actual history video about abe lincoln
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast, come one.
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  • i was totally confused with the sketch for first couple of minutes till i realised its name is not "if john wicks both had sneezed"

  • It’s way funnier knowing that if they were talking this loud in that theatre everyone would be able to hear them

  • You gotta give the costume and set designers a raise after this one, masterpiece!

  • Imagine being in an improv class with these guys

  • Good job Gus Johnson. This made me laugh

  • "i'm kinda abraham lincoln" - abraham lincoln

    • "...and I say ASSASSINATE and not kill cuz I'm Abraham Lincoln!"

  • I'm late but OH HELLO

  • I love how they're asking each other whether something is a thing yet or not.

  • When Lincoln forgets the secret service doesn’t exist yet

  • The secrete service was invented a few days before the assassination

  • This could be accurate, and if it is the camera man just watched the whole time without doing a thing lol.

  • Fun Fact: Hello on Broadway was the feature play when Lincoln was shot.

  • I wonder what abe would think of this joke

  • The fact he's watching oh hello in the beginning makes me so happy.

  • Fun fact Abraham Lincoln established the secret service the same day he got shot but at the time they found counterfeit bills

  • ahahah

  • Oh hello

  • Believe it or not this is actually a very accurate skit... I did actually hear that Mr. Lincoln was a big fan of John Mulaney and Nick Kroll’s “Oh Hello, On Broadway”

  • Aww n- well Actually

  • If John Wilkes Booth was noticed by Lincoln before hand... Knowing that historically Lincoln was a great wrestler.... I think it wouldve ended pretty badly for Booth.

  • 3:33 is the point of reentry

  • Try spinning that’s a good trick

  • Man why is Lincoln harassing some guy?

  • y’all watching the nick kroll and john milanese thing

  • John Wilkes Gus: Is making a stealthy entrance Also John Wilkes Gus: SLAMS door loud enough to get grounded by Mom.

  • That ending also assassinated me.

  • Teacher: you have 76 missing assignments Me: I’m kinda abraham lincoln I don’t really know who you are

  • My anal gases are hot and smelly

  • "pretty sure they didn't have the secret service yet..." If it weren't for that one anachronism, this would easily be comparable to Daniel Day Lewis' portrayal of Lincoln. Aside from that, the level of detail is astonishing, even used the same model of flatscreen and phone chargers, impressive.

  • Fun fact: John Wilkes killed Abraham through a wall which he could see through a peep hole. PS this isn't a "I am mad that this isn't historically correct" comment I love Gus and Eddy

  • John Wilkes Booth is an American hero!!!!! HERO!

  • I'm pretty sure Lincoln would have heard the damn door close.

  • lincoln cared about the union, not the slaves

    • Yeah he didn't care about slaves

  • Yes

  • I fucking love you Gus Johnson

  • What was the joke of "well actually" about?

    • John Wilkes Booth accidentally shot Lincoln, but then remembered that it's what he went to do in the first place.

  • Hey, who's the guy in the hat?

  • Eddy didn't comment on this video because he actually died filming this

  • Not to be “that guy”, but he didn’t actually abolish slavery. The amendment specifically makes slavery illegal to anybody except for the government can enslave people who have committed a crime of any race. Hence prison labor. So he made slavery illegal for anybody that isn’t the United States Government. Fun fact. That isn’t very fun.

  • The secret service was actually made by Abraham Lincoln the exact day Abraham Lincoln was shot and it was used to protect banks

  • 1:58 For anyone curious, the first Los Angeles County Jail was founded in 1850, 15 years before Lincoln's assassination, which would make it a thing

  • wtf

  • Is that starkid in the background

  • Who would've known Abraham Lincoln was watching Oh, Hello when he was shot

  • lincoln definitely knew of john wilkes booth

  • Another thing going for Lincoln is that he founded the Republican party. He was trying to stop the Democrats who started the KKK.

    • Then the party switch happened

  • "I don't think the secret service was invented yet." The secret was service was actually invented just a few hours before Lincoln was assassinated

  • I thought the video was if John wick sneezed

  • I'm actually distantly related to john wilkes booth. My great grandmother was married to one of his relatives

  • At 0:15 was anyone else thinking he was going to say, "oh hello"? lol

  • John milk booth

  • That “well actually” really got me at the end

  • Fun fact: President Lincoln Establish the Secret Service the day he was assassinated. Although it would not have saved him if he did it anytime sooner because the secret service was meant to sniff out counterfeits not necessarily protect the president at that time.

  • fun fact: JWB waited for the crowd's laughter to rise up to shoot lincoln

  • Maybe he actually did sneeze and he accidentally shot him when he sneezed and got lucky

  • Lincoln would have already had a reasonable idea of who John Wilkes Booth was

  • 1 year anniversary babbyyt

  • Um this is inaccurate, the gun John Wilkes Booth used was a Philadelphia Derringer, that looks like a 9mm semi-automatic handgun, which wouldn’t be invented for over 100 year. Get your facts right

  • Too soon

  • This nice man saying hi to the president is missing a lot of great “Oh, Hello”

  • has wasnt tall enough

  • Fun fact, Lincoln was actually racist

  • Did anyone else notice that at 3:08 Eddy said the words Abraham Lincoln at the same time as Nick Kroll behind him on the tv screen?

  • 1:38 Why does that sound like something a police officer would say?

  • who knew? Abraham lincoln was actually pilgrim eddy

  • John wilkes remove the l and replace it with a c and you get John Wick

  • I love that they're watching oh hello!

  • Actually John Wilkes booth was a popular actor and was allowed to be in the presidents quarters

  • *OH NO!!!!* well actually...

  • Wasn't Booth an actor in the play he was watching

  • What if he let out a silent but deadly fart?

  • Historical innacuracy, Lincoln also had a PS3 in his living room, and his wife wasn't a ghost, she was a horse.

  • All fs anyone else

  • That’s kinda sus

  • I don’t remember aberham Lincoln being a pilgrim

  • Lol

  • I feel like this is completely improvised.

  • Abraham Lincoln is very understanding

  • Mrs. Lincoln watching this conversation, right next to her husband: 👁👄👁

  • Abe Lincoln straight up did jack shit. The north already didn’t have slaves anymore and the south was not a part of America anymore so Lincoln had no say in if the south gets to have slaves

  • This is actually how it happened in real life little known fact

  • Oh... HELLO

  • I love how he's watching "oh hello"

  • Me gusta

  • Lincoln actually really liked John Wilkes Booth because he was in some plays Lincoln watched

  • Very inaccurate 😂

  • The secret service were a thing at that time *but* they were made literally the day before so they couldn't really do much lol

  • *slams door Lincoln:

  • did anyone else say "bless you" when he sneezed

  • The camera work gave me motion sickness and I'm not even kdding

  • I grew up dealing with Florida's education system and I legit thought, for several years, that John Wilkes Booth was the area Abe Lincoln was sitting when he was assassinated. Like, as in the area of the theater that Lincoln was in was called John Wilkes' booth. Any time a teacher would as me who killed Lincoln, I'd say John Wilkes' booth because it was the right answer, but always confused. It took me several years to figure it out. Tbf, it may not have been the education system on that one because I thought the saying, "Like a bull in a China shop," was, "Like a bowl in a China shop," until I was like, 19. I knew what the saying meant (clumsy and/or careless), but I didn't get why it was a saying until I told my mom and she laughed at me in my face. Then again, my brother didn't realize the rapper Flo Rida was spelling Florida despite the fact that we both grew up in Florida, so maybe it just runs in the family.

  • Is this canon now?

  • This is 11 months late, but I couldn't stop thinking about it the whole time. I'm half seriously pissed at the fact that the hat is a pilgrims hat, not a top hat, which you can see by the shape of the top and the buckle. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE TOP HAT GUS?? GIVE ME A TOP HAT GUS

  • "Don't break my butt!"

  • Oh Hello on Broadway. Great choice.

  • Fun fact about this is that earlier in life President Lincoln saved John Wilkes Booth from getting hit by a train.

    • @Alexander Dickens damn... thanks for the correction.

    • Close: John Wilkes Booth’s brother Edwin-who was more famous as an actor at the time-saved Lincoln’s son, Todd. It was during the Civil War though, so it certainly made a lot of news. The nation’s most famous actor saving the president’s son!

  • He shot him on stafe

  • John Wilkes Booth was like the Keanu Reeves of the time

  • This might have actually happened and we can never know I’m being serious