how they record voices for nintendo games

Birt 1 júl 2019
this is how they record voices for nintendo games.
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this is how they record voices for nintendo games
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  • 0:48 to 0:52 is the best

  • I think you meant zelda games

  • This guy is seriously underrated

  • all the noises I know how to make with Fredrick noise maker

  • Someone needs to replace all the audio for super Mario 64 with these sounds

  • Ballyhoo

  • I have the exact same banana shirt

  • Pov:you're watching how they made BTW

  • So asmr

  • 0:49 Every single animal crossing character:

  • I accidently connected this to the bluetooth speaker in the living room now my parents are concerned

  • all one take. impressive

  • I love the outro music

  • Animal Crossing be like

  • Lol listed off about 8 Nintendo games with just a warmup


  • should have had a retching hyeeet for link

  • Nice

  • 0:49 sounds just like animal crossing

  • Ummmmmmmm ok

  • 0:29

  • this makes me so uncomfortable

  • speaking of unusual sounds... barbarian folk metal. idefk.

  • Ngl this just made me uncomfortable

  • Bruh he was talking animal crossing

  • 0:55 the piano bro that kills me every time

  • so this is the voice of WAHOO, weegee, onion man, wah, and bowset- bowser

  • yes


  • I just watched a full grown man make noises for 130

  • In the ad before this video I got Rick rolled by frito lay

  • A

  • I’ve never been so afended by something I 100% agree with

  • so its just its just one big warm up

  • 0:51 animal crossing character recordings behind the scenes

  • I’ve never felt so uncomfortable

  • This looks accurate

  • Nobody: Animal crossing dialogue: 0:49

  • What the hell is this I see asmr

  • I own the same shirt

  • omg thats good

  • Villager: 0:50 Me: _yes_

  • At one point he sounded like an animal crossing character

  • Makes me wonder what zelda was doing when voicing smash 😏

  • The best is the animal crossing speak

  • I have a sore throat while watching this, and it is not fun, I must say

  • Gus has the best thoughts

  • It’s funny because it’s true

  • This is so weird watching high

  • i knew what was gonna happen at the 26 second mark and still laughed

  • i have that shirt

  • The part where you hit the piano is super accurate

  • Did u possibly subliminally get this from the Pete holmes but?

  • i was laughing and then the water bit happened and i was laughing and retching

  • Is Is Gus a voice actor???

  • That Animal Crossing bit was way too accurate

  • I would buy this as asmr

  • more thought went into that then top 40 rap music


  • The fact that this video is taken just once, made it more absurd

  • Me: sounds familiar My tourettes: oh you think so?

  • Press 5 to experience an alien explaining to his family what lips are like.

  • I can’t even tell if he’s recording voices or warming u- oh wait...

  • Pretty legit, got a few browser grunts in there

  • Makes ya wonder why a man would make these noises anyway, though.

  • Gus is a great actor wow. I never realize for before

  • funny sound funny

  • This was painful to listen too.

  • Did gus voice act every character in animal crossing?!

  • I was hoping for a "KYAAAAA"

  • I fucking lost it when he coughed up the cough drop


  • why is it 144p

  • Inaccurate, he didn't say "So long, Gay Bowser!"

  • This video is secretly asmr

  • 0:30 CrankGameplays?

  • Ey Gus - give the gentleman Dave Cooke a shout-out! Voice actors from our childhood keeping up with youtube content creators is one of the most wholesome things ever!! 💯💯

  • I watch an ad for Nintendo right be for this video lol

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • these amsr videos are getting out of hand...

  • Best asmr ever :'D

  • He should play a villager

  • This is my wierd uncle at thanksgiving dinner lol

  • Att his point I’m just randomly clicking on Gus Johnson vids without even looking at the title and its worth it 😂

  • I heard: 0:12 Zelda tough guy NPC 0:21 Link getting hurt 0:30 Mario jump 0:39 Pikmin drinking nectar 0:46 Animal Crossing animalese/Yoshi 1:04 Mario jump 2

  • 10x better with captions

  • he really made that text scrolling sound perfectly

  • I love Nintendo

  • Jesus I hated everyone of those sounds

  • Hint, there is no words actually said in this video because they were all the real Nintendo sounds just edited in

  • Just git a switch ad on this vid XD

  • Correct answer they don’t

  • 0:26 I’ve had piss streams with less magnitude

  • Seen this several times and just noticed Gus narrowly missing dribbling on his lapel mic

  • Dang this was really well done.

  • It sounds kind of like mr bean

  • That was a solid Bowser impression early on

  • 0:12 already know what the joke is gonna be but I'm not complaining

  • If you were a animal crossing villager you would be Gaston