how they record voices for nintendo games

Birt 1 júl 2019
this is how they record voices for nintendo games.
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this is how they record voices for nintendo games
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  • Best asmr ever :'D

  • He should play a villager

  • This is my wierd uncle at thanksgiving dinner lol

  • Att his point I’m just randomly clicking on Gus Johnson vids without even looking at the title and its worth it 😂

  • I heard: 0:12 Zelda tough guy NPC 0:21 Link getting hurt 0:30 Mario jump 0:39 Pikmin drinking nectar 0:46 Animal Crossing animalese/Yoshi 1:04 Mario jump 2

  • 10x better with captions

  • he really made that text scrolling sound perfectly

  • I love Nintendo

  • Jesus I hated everyone of those sounds

  • Hint, there is no words actually said in this video because they were all the real Nintendo sounds just edited in

  • Just git a switch ad on this vid XD

  • Correct answer they don’t

  • 0:26 I’ve had piss streams with less magnitude

  • Seen this several times and just noticed Gus narrowly missing dribbling on his lapel mic

  • Dang this was really well done.

  • It sounds kind of like mr bean

  • That was a solid Bowser impression early on

  • 0:12 already know what the joke is gonna be but I'm not complaining

  • If you were a animal crossing villager you would be Gaston

  • the animal crossing one was on point

  • wow gus i didn't know you made asmr your channel is so diverse

  • Even the note on the keyboard was so accurate HAHAHA fml

  • 0:36 most inklings sound like

  • Who the fuck downvoted this piece of brilliance???

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  • ASMR sexualized by Gus Johnson

  • I don't remember these games

  • I had to remind myself what I was watching

  • The Yahoo sneeze is amazing

  • The fact that he keeps a strait face in all of his vids

  • F-Zero, Mario and Animal Crossing

  • Interesting, so the warmup IS the voice acting!

  • Wow, so no talent is required at ALL!? Amazing!

  • this is how they recorded the sounds for rhythm heaven

  • Professional Sound Effects

  • WOW

  • The Mario sneeze killed me

  • he looks like dwight schrutr

  • 0:15 now that's the most familiar sound that u have heard on survival craft

  • I know this is a little old, but if anyone wants to continue the argument about Dave Cooke you can reply to this comment as his comment has reached max capacity.

  • I have the same shirt

  • LMAO! The Mario sneeze for me so much!😂😂😂😂

  • Top tier asmr

  • Nintendo needs to hire this man because he clearly has the voice range to fill up at least 3 Mario games

  • That one special kid in school with tourettes

  • When you realized he said “okey donkey” at the end

  • Got a nintendo add

  • Sounded like the symptoms of COVID19. Get well soon young Padwan.

  • 0:50 way too accurate.

  • So long gay bowser

  • PlayStation, Xbox and Pc: So we recorded sounds from the nature with 18 super high quality different microphones to recreate an immersive background in this particular scene Nintendo: let's just use squeaky toys lmao idgaf

  • i bet one guy just said a word or something and they have just been using that one recording for every dialogue and sound in these games

  • I don't know whether to be impressed or terrified

  • Legit, who warms up like that?

  • He did a perfect animal crossing character

  • now my throat hurts i can feel it

  • ASMR for the bravest

  • This guy is hating

  • I legit almost spat out my coffee while watching this because I couldn't hold back my laugh


  • Pineapple

  • this was minorly discomforting

  • Nobody: The captions: “Loud Mouth Smacks”

  • That was a short documentary.

  • I watched the video before reading the title

  • True true

  • How the FUCK IS THIS SOO TRUE.....

  • The first one is literally just Incineroar

  • the amount of disgusting throat noises is making me cry

  • Where did you learn to speak nintendo

  • this is the most true true

  • Video is definitely not Misophonia friendly lol

  • This is so hard to watch

  • 0:08

  • I'm a simple man, I see bananas, I like. Didn't even watch the video

  • Dad noises for days

  • 🤣 😂 😆

  • When he said, “ahh” and “ble ble ble ble” I felt that 🥺🥺🥺

  • A

  • At first I thought they were recording some DK stuff lmao

  • Y E S

  • The longest and most anticipating joke ever Also the funniest one ever

  • 0:48 my man just became a animal crossing character

  • I’m uncomfortable...

  • 0:29 oh this one is great

  • what is this gus?

  • Nintendo pls hire Gus as a voice actor.

  • Heh


  • A lot can happen in 1 minute and 30 seconds. and i mean A LOT

  • Having subtitles on really enhances the _experience_

  • I didn’t know his did asmr

  • What

  • He was all like عندما يضرب عمه بالمضرب bruh!!!

  • My fav asmr channel

  • *about to sneeze* a-a-a-W A H O O

  • The subtitles are one of the weirdest thing’s i ever see

  • God for bid if they kept that camera straight he wouldn’t have done that

  • U forgot the “so long gay bowser”