imbiamba jombes

Birt 12 jún 2019
this video is about imbiamba jombes
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imbiamba jombes doesn't wanna go on an adventure
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  • wow this was a adventure and so is my really cool twitter page @Gusbuckets


  • Imbiama stop it

  • And people wonder why I don’t want kids

  • Bring back imbiamba

  • imbi is the one of the train station name in my town Lol

  • i don't mean this in a weird way, but this is so cute

  • Dude is definitely from wisconsin with that bar.

  • Indiana Jones but it’s a family vlog channel

  • yo I would fucking love to have this man as a roommate 😂

  • Why was this the funniest thing I have ever seen

  • This is a great recreation of the dynamic between a terrible teaching assistant and a difficult kid, they're both perfect for the role

  • We all knew this kid in school...

  • no snakes were harmed in the process of this video.

  • Hey give me some 2:29

  • Whats the point of him getting alcohol if he's already drunk

  • We've got mysteries to solve. Stuff belongs in a musium! Lmao. 😂

  • When ur 6 with a mustache:

  • Gus nailed the “yeah, it is” face after Sven told him his hand wasn’t broken, perfection

  • Indiana Jones but for ages 0-5.

  • This was really just a way to show of your Galaga arcade cabinet.

  • Every now and then I rewatch this series and it just gets better and better

  • Can we have more imbiamba jombes

  • Classic Toddler with a mustache

  • Awee, wie kan afrikaans praat??😂😂

  • I need MORE IMBY

  • cats be like:

  • 2:05 gus johnson in 2019

  • My daughter is 1 year old and Jesus christ this looks like the screenplay to every day since she turned 1

  • Hhguo

  • 2:58 lafave bros anyone?

  • 2:06 made me lol

  • 3:06 why does he give drunk imbi his whip back???

  • Omg as a mom this was actually giving me anxiety at one point literally me trying to make a cute Halloween video with my little munchkins and everything going to hell- I cannot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 10/10 acting lol


  • Hi I'm new to Gus Johnsons channel. hell damn how i laughed out loud so much!!!!!!! hahhahahahahahaah jeeezzzzz this was funnier than pewdiepies latest videos (3 weeks or so)! or is it because its 03:00??

  • Im gettin vibes of gus’ birthday

  • Whoever created the idiea of this must have babysitted alot cuz this is the defenition of 5 year old

  • this is like an autistic version of indiana jones

  • oh my god that is the perfect representation of a 5 year old im not even kidding

  • hes literally just a cat

  • What if this was the last surviving footage of humans

  • Don't do drugs kids

  • 2:58 what do you have to say for yourself *hrgg*

  • I can't figure out why this is so funny

  • As a person with two little brothers This is exactly what it's like to play with them...

  • It’s almost like Indiana got a camera and tried to raise his son like he is him and is trying to get him to do what he did but he’s just a fuckin toddler

  • Imby searching for clues is actually me playing LA Noire

  • Imbiamba the Explorer

  • I have seen this video SO MANY TIMES now.

  • what do you have to say for yourself grrr

  • A classic amongst classics. Truly timeless

  • Fun Fact: this fact isn’t fun

  • the vid is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long

  • Gus smiling at the end was wholesome

  • Id love to see Harrison Ford be imbiamba Jombes

  • length of the video

  • Big fan, want more

  • Imbiamba Jombes...

  • Imbiamba is in fact more Fearless than Indiana

  • My kids

  • 1:28 just a random timestamp 2:47 another one

  • Why do you look so much like Micah bell


  • i love that the video is exacty 4:20 minutes

  • It is so cute when he pokes his head out the door

  • 4:20 *click* noice

  • So no one is gonna talk about how this video is 4:20 long?

  • oi imbiamba wheres my wife

  • The Stanley Parable in a nutshell

  • This is actually some of the best acting i've seen in a very long time

  • This has Idubbbz-in-spongebob-onesie energy, I love it

  • imbiamba: *Coughs* Mom: no

  • I watched it like 20 minutes, because i have to pause every five seconds from laughing.

  • What he would’ve said: What? No. Fine.. Here.. No. No. Idk! Glasses? Uhm... tissue! Yeah?! This? Idk. IDk! IDK we don’t need it. No. Lemme get something real quick. Haha yeah. I hate youuu! Piece of s- Idk.. No. We. Don’t. Need. IT! No! NO, You can’t see me. Nope. Haha no. No. Fine.. AHH SAVE ME. I need snake. Mwah! Want some? Ooh, yes! Yes it is. Gimme! Fine I’ll get it. Oops. SLURRRP No (Finished at around 3:00)

  • Why did I watch Gus just being a child for 4 minutes?

  • this sucks he doesnt even sday anything! unsubscribe

  • This is why i hate kids

  • watching this makes me wana die lol

  • Finally ungrounded after two weeks for thinking I would get away with not laughing and watching the video.

  • jesus i hope he gets impaled in the spike trap...

  • It's like if a 3 year old played indianna jones

  • inside blender software- node editor- indiana jones node -then pick invert node :D

  • every time I watch this video I burst out in laughter

  • I like how he’s supposed to be a toddler yet has the average dad shoes

  • imbiamba jones is better than indiana jones

  • Has anyone realised that this video is 4:20 seconds

  • No Imbiamba

  • I just noticed that the video is 4:20 minutes long

  • Alternate Title: Grown man with whip makes dead man deader

  • Perfect representative know my sister

  • imbiamba seems like my 6 year old cousin

  • i babysit a toddler and he acts like this, needless to say i hate him but i also love him but i hate him. He threw a bottle at me because i was too busy changing his sister's diaper to change the channel and got even more angry when i had no reaction.

  • Imbiamba Jombes

  • What about the length of the video guys

  • I like when it became real Harrison Ford because he went for all the alcohol

  • aspergers

  • look how long the video is

  • Children’s toy channels in a nutshell