paper-based stickers

Birt 25 okt 2019
this song is about paper-based stickers
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pretty much this song is about paper-based stickers.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
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  • paper-based stickers are responsible for the collapse of the roman empire follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets

    • @DreamFragments1 at least it's not paper

    • If it's really that important to remove the sticker just rub it will the a rag damp with WD-40 or let it soak for a few minutes if possible. Works 60% of the time every time.

    • Too soon :(

    • Oi oi oi-just use Goo Gone, muh boi! Seriously, Goo Gone will get the glue off.

    • it's less plastic dude

  • How much money did you get to make this?

  • The environment can suck a nugget, we need more plastic crap!

  • Just watched a dude overreacting over a sticker

  • i come back to this video every time I have to peel a paper-based sticker

  • Paper stickers are for the greedy big corporations.

  • But then the plastic sticker rips off the top layer of the paper it's stuck on...

  • i dont care how many turtles die, this is what humanity really needs

  • Hint: Use a hair dryer

  • Yes

  • Don't worry plastic ones will probably get banned

  • I like how the plastic-based sticker wasn't even on anything that he was going to keep. Even if he bought that make up intentionally, you're just going to throw the Box away so it doesn't matter if there's a sticker on it or not.

  • Pro-tip: rubbing alcohol

  • Is no one going to question why he bought a value pack of perfume

  • All of the dislikes are from the paper-based stickers

  • hAhaHaHa!!!!!sO rELAtaBle But seriously I hate paper-based stickers

  • Plastic is killing the world

  • To be fair paper based are better for the environment

  • The solution is to scrub it with oil if anyone cares

  • One time in my life I ripped a plastic sticker, and it made a zip sound coming off the cardboard. I still think about that feeling

  • This is so BDG-ey

  • Im surprised that most of the market hasn't taken a hint yet

  • BARS.

  • evian water bottle stickers are the B O M B

  • "ow fuck it sliced open my finger"

  • ironic how the plastic sticker is he only one that didn't need to be takes off

  • paper dont kill so many ocean creatures tho

  • Fuck plastic

  • Quick little tip if you're struggling with paper based stickers just freeze them and they peel right off

  • And then the plastic based sticker leaves fucking disgusting residue

  • Everything this guy does brings a smile to the miserable worlds face! Happy 2021 everyone, let’s all hope that it’s not going to be anything like 2020!

  • Plastic’s bad for the environment😏

  • while I too hate those little fuckers paper based is probably better for the simple fact that they're biodegradable

  • Rip, we'll never move away from plastics if they don't stop makin them paper stickers inferior.

  • I've never cared about those stickers.

  • The way in which that ending lead into the outro felt like listening to an album in track order

  • Anyone gonna consider environmental impact?... not that this isnt the most annoying thing ever hahah

  • Me when I bought two catfood bowls that had paper stickers on the top surface of the actual dish.

  • My fucking boy!!! I literally went on a rant about this the other day! Merry Christmas Gus, Sabrina and Eddy!!!

  • A paper sticker will shred a book

  • Yay. More plastic pollution to end up in the ocean

  • This is art

  • 0:47 he legit sounds like Freddie Mercury

  • But the oceans, Gus!

  • take this pro plastic propaganda and shove it up your ass.

  • another masterpiece. Thanks Gus!

  • OK GUS, I hope you see this. I know you have WD-40 so just spray some of that on the stickers and those boys 'll come right off. Changed my life

  • Whoever invented paper based sticker is a demon.

  • My life changed the day I discovered goo gone

  • I’d rather have a fucking hole in my xbox game box than any remnants of the pre owned sticker

  • Googone

  • is this a year old already?

  • I wish I had these problems in 2020

  • Then you finally decide the only thing that’s going to work is using your finger nail. But after getting started you have a crap load of sticker left to scratch so you just welcome the half scratched off sticker into your world forever.

  • ఆ ఆi love u girl.

  • Sounds like the Ahokohio album Why?

  • Plastic is way yuckier for the environment than paper doe

  • Ahem, @gamestop

  • Only Gus could make me click on a video called “paper based stickers”

  • Amazon sent me a comic book with a paper based sticker on it. WTF? (It was a comic with essentially a paperback cover but still.)

  • 0:42 sounds exactly like the soundtrack from swiss army man

  • i coom everytime theres a plastic based sticker

  • I am irrationally angry that they didn’t rhyme “smooth” with “remove” rather than saying ‘pull off’

  • THIS. Is the most relatable video.

  • Yes!!! Why do so many places out those stupid stickers on everything, this ruining the product lol

  • Because CEO’s don’t care as long as they can save a few cents

  • This video is an entire musical with an exposition a conflict a climax and a conclusion

  • This quickly turns into a 21 pilots song

  • The Epoch Times ads are the ones I end up watching somehow

  • Your videos are sticky. I can't stop watching them.


  • rock paper stickers

  • Rubbing alcohol works wonders......

  • I will make a somthing to make thiz video cool again 🤔

  • Why wasn't this on the ballot?

  • I'ma let you finish, but Gus Johnson had the best music video of the year

  • FUCK GameStop stickers.

  • This has the biggest swiss army man vibes

  • Once I shoplifted a pen because I thought it was "too expensive for a pen". But no one this confession so I'll be fine.

    • The feds are after you, better run

  • *BU t p ApeR ls cHE a PeR*

  • if you turn on captions when he says its a plastic base sticker the captions read " blastastic "

  • You know he bought that box set for Sabrina and was taking off the sticker so she wouldn't see how much he saved/payed for it and as he removed the sticker, he noticed how easy it came off and the idea was born.

  • Oohhhhhhohohohooooo I take it you haven't heard of an eggshell sticker...

  • As a book collector I feel this in my soul.

  • And of course the plastic sticker is on something that you would just throw away.

  • I like the paper ones more

  • Fuck this kids actually a good actor

  • Bad for the environment though

  • Finally. Music that gets me.

  • Because the plastic stickers are 1cent more expensive

  • 0:48 Thats what she said

  • I have some plates that still have bits of paper based stickers after several years of use.

  • Plastic based stickers are bad for the environment

  • HOW ARE YOU SO FUNNY?! I've watched this video like seven times and I still love it.

  • Where is the beat for this????

  • If were already destrying earyh with plastic might as well just make stickers plastic (Joke btw)

  • This has Jack Stauber vibes

  • For anyone struggling with the removal of paper stickers, use rubbing alcohol to remove them or any leftover adhesive left by a paper sticker. The rubbing alcohol breaks down the adhesive allowing for easy removal. Things to know about this method. The more paper left by sticker the more scrubbing is required. And most sticker adhesives can be removed with rubbing alcohol (including stickers not made from paper.) (I not entirely sure if this is 100% safe, so it's a try it at your own risk kind of thing)

  • It's probably because it's cheaper to make.

  • Lmao