Reading Small Town Reviews With The Boys

Birt 31 jan 2019
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The boys read some small town business reviews.
Welcome to the Gus Johnson channel, where the most average content comes to fizzle out.
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    • @Elliott Jaxxon yup, have been using Flixzone for years myself =)

    • Pro trick : watch series at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching lots of of movies during the lockdown.

    • You act like any of your subscribers can afford stuff

    • RIP bomb fell

    • @Luke Pfanstiel yeah I clicked on the link and it was just sad

  • Is that Tom Hardy?!?

  • Hello, Florida man here. Broward is a county in Florida, usually referenced as the gangsta county of Miami. Lot of shootings there and I'm from duval904(Jacksonville) lol.

  • Someone tried to snort mini M&Ms


  • How do you make powder out of Smarties? And smoke it? How does the chocolate in rhe Smarties stay put?

  • Pray for Broward is in reference to Broward County Florida shooting.

  • Nah nah nah you don’t smoke the smarty’s we snort them

  • 10:28 That reminds when when a couple of kids grinded up Smarties into a dust, then snorted them. The one that came up with the idea also swallowed a quarter.

  • Nice try hard t-shirt Gus

  • The exercice ball game review dude it from your gang?? :o

  • I gotta tell yall when ppl say "one star, never been there" its cuz google maps is like "hey you're near panda express, wanna give it a review?" Lol

  • I liked this a lot! 4/5 stars!

  • pooh corner accidentally walked into a preschool

  • This video needs 2 mics

  • 4:59 It was probably a Wal-mart in Broward county Florida

  • Isaiah is the smartest of them sll

  • Hey Gus can I have your moustache

  • 4:54 Everytime i see broward and guns it just reminds me of the Stoneman Douglas shooting. He’s probably talking about that. Pretty fucked up review.

  • 2 stars he didn’t spell .com

  • .

  • These always make me want to look at google reviews in my hometown

  • Hate to say it but this is way better than any of the later videos in this series. Just the energy of all the boys is exquisite.

  • Jonkus

  • Okay, I was thinking as they read Richard, what if the say my name next? And legit they say Isaiah, it’s not the way you spell my name, but I thought that was cool.

  • you should do more highschool review ones!!

  • do more pls

  • Holy shit he has such a dad bod

  • The only way you can see the kick is if it was a roundhouse...he saw the was a roundhouse

  • gus." go to" Old people. " SCaM"

  • Can we get this again seriously, this hangout was also my favorite episode of the podcast we need all the boys back together

  • My gf: Hes probably cheating on me What Im really doing with the boys:

  • This reminds me of hanging with my/the boys watching some ISchats poop..... I miss the good ol days 🙃

  • In my middle school they all used to snort the smarty dust

  • Neat

  • this is such a wonderful wholesome video! can't wait to see all you guys in one room back in action!

  • Lmfao if you Google Lerbata the first result is the link to this video

  • Why did Simon say "enough" in German? (Reicht)

  • The #PrayForBrower one was disrespectful. That hashtag is used for gun violence in Brower County in the public schools. The reason they wouldn't sell a gun without ID is BECAUSE of gun violence. Whoever wrote that one is just an ass.

  • 8:34 is very obviously a white supremacist with a satirical review

  • Her: he's prob out cheating Him:

  • How are you missing a whole leg and only two toes?

  • We also make grass cigs

  • whos that weird guy named eddy in the back

  • People in my school do lines of smarties

  • Nice

  • wow these are some really good boys congratualtion

  • I miss being able to hang my boys like this.

  • 6:01 Hey. I live in EC!

  • He looked like a middle aged dad at the end

  • NakeyJakey on Oneyplays was great

  • 4:32 that review was written by Bubbles from trailer park boys

  • 5:15 did that guy reference parks and rec?

  • Titanicus Firepower? Emperor be praised!

  • why was jakey just throwin gang signs

  • Broward is a county in Florida, it's right next to the county I'm in, Brevard.

  • The fact that they thought broward is a person is so much better when you know that it is a County

  • Broward is a county in florida

  • The buying an automatic weapon had to be a joke, they don’t even sell those lol

  • There is something off with that dollar store

  • Saw this a while ago when I hadn’t seen Eddy or Jakey. Back now with a whole new enjoyment and appreciation for this video

  • Czesław is a Polish name, here's how to pronounce it... "Cheswav"

  • never knew i'd rewatch a youtube.

  • 5:13 What the scallop they didn't even pick up on the Parks and Rec reference from this review so uncultured. I. AM. FLUSTERED! the reference:

  • funny ironic unboxing video

  • Eddy looked genuinely distressed when they read the one about the lady saying she was gonna hang herself in the freezer

  • Ah, so the old smarty snorting transcends generations. Kids at my school still do it or did do it

  • I’ve got that white red and blue shirt from H and M hmmmm

  • I wish I was joking, but dumbasses in my school used to snort pixie stix. I hope no other schools kids did this but they probably did

  • Naw

  • Dude I just looked it up and that Bombfell company closed down. Now when you click the link you an article titled “Epilogue”

  • Jake looks like off brand Ben Affleck

  • the review at 5:36 kinda reads like a donald trump tweet

  • My favorite part was your ad

  • Dem some hot bios!

  • 5:21-5:38 I’m dying

  • Im just here to see the makeover

  • Five ⭐️ Glad I stayed for the makeover.

  • Waste of skin is actually a very common insult where I live.

  • These are the funniest videos I’ve ever seen😂😂😂

  • I always thought I was 100% straight.... Until I found out who NakeyJakey was. Now, I'm not so sure. 😂 No regrets!

  • Jaquan

  • ya know what else is a waste of skin 7:11 foreskin

  • lol bomfell shut down

  • Whenever I’m having a bad day I come and watch these review videos with Gus and pals and it genuinely makes me feel better

  • I snort the smarties

  • how tf do you lose one leg but only two toes

  • “Carol, what are you doing?” One of the best sentences in this video.

  • Wow

  • so now after some time I clicked this video again and it's just a funny ad for bombfell by gus, so the video ended and I thought that was the entire content of this video with a misleading title.. "you know, classical gus humor" I thought to myself.. then I realized it's just the rest of the video that I cut off when watching the first time like EXACTLY before the ad started. Making yourself laugh because you've been stupid is the best. lol

  • You should do a review on small town daycares lol

  • Why is Gus always shirtless in his videos?

  • I assume broward refers to broward county in Florida which makes sense based on the regiew


  • Broward County FL was where the Parkland shooting was

  • Eddy is just sitting in the back for 75 percent of the time

  • This video just gets funnier and funnier 😂😂❤️❤️

  • the amount of people who have seen this video have probably left a comment on every single subway in LA or Minnesota to attempt to get into Gus' video.

  • 6:22 for reference, Firepower is a Judas Priest album. Not such an amazing one I'd want to name myself online after it, nor do I know where Titanicus comes from, but that's his profile picture and some context I guess. It is a pretty sick album though, highly recommended

  • I wanna see the boys together again g-dangit