hey do you want to make a video

Birt 10 nóv 2019
we made this video
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this video is about me and eddy making a video
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • we made this video

  • Oh... I thought I was filming.

  • sure

  • Aye the potato chip boys

  • good hair day for gus

  • well now i just wanna know what camera Gus was using

  • When he said "Mics are hot" I felt that

  • This is just thier podcast opener

  • Surprised the mics didn't melt

  • Eddy Burback is James and Nolan from donut as one

  • hey do you want to post a comment

  • Gus: Hey you have an idea? Eddy: I got nothing Gus: How about we make a video about us not having ideas

  • Why did youtube not recommend me this before i had to look through his channel to find this gem

  • What cameras are they using?

  • Are the mics hot?

  • These guys are really serious about this social distancing stuff.

  • Classic. Did we ever get the version from Eddy's perspective?

  • Two beefy bros filming each other in public

  • I love this sketch

  • legend has it the mics are still hot to this day

  • corona virus social distancing

  • Damn. That's a hot ass mic.

  • ohh this video

  • rewatching this to give them the views they deserved on this

  • This video is 300000000X better at 1/2 Speed

  • The mics are hot. Eddy’s hot. Whoo I’m heating up

  • You’ve just captured about 90% of my first two years in film class.

  • hello poopys

  • Jesus I only just noticed that its from the perspective of the cameras I'm so dumb

  • "mics are hot" was killing me bro lmao

  • Mics so hot they are cutting through random objects and getting millions of views.

  • Me: 30 seconds is in realizing the cameras that are in the video are the ones they are filming it with...

  • Am I the ony one who noticed at one point a child crying or laughing

  • By any chance, are the mics hot

  • Spiritual successors to Balloon Shop.

  • I have the same camera, I knew I liked you guys (nohomo)

  • this is so good

  • Quid pro quo bro quid pro quo

  • Mics are hot

  • Nice!

  • Plot twist mics are cold

  • peRfect

  • The mics hot

  • But are the mic’s hot ?

  • Based on a harrowing true story

  • It's like Ian and Anthony if they evolved instead of breaking up.

  • this video makes me so uncomfortable in the best way

  • I love when Danny and Drew collab

  • This is like a drew golden/ Danny Gonzalez colab but a full video and funnier

  • Usually I can tell who is playing the dumber role in these sketches but in this one I'm just baffled

  • Mics are hot. lmao.

  • This has some serious Abbot and Costelo vibes

  • this video is my fav of yall's btw

  • I love this

  • You can't figure out which person is stupid, and which is right...

  • Genius

  • I imagine this is exactly what happened, then they though "Hey this would be a good video idea" 😂

  • Hottest mics i have ever laid my damn eyes upon

  • Whose the camera man and whose the actor?

  • Is this drew and Danny at the beginning of a collab?

  • The amount of anxiety this gives me is unreal!

  • Quality content

  • The mics are hot should be the next boys merch please i love it

  • Brad Leone

  • the fact that this is a video about nothing and there are still 1.8K comments is incredible

  • Genius

  • there’s a cherdleys vibe to this video

  • My last two brain cells on a test:

  • Mics are hot

  • two beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, drop-dead stunning men argue in the park

  • the mics are hot

  • CHERDLEYS wheres that second gus Johnson colllab

  • The temperature of the microphones was greater than average body temperature.

  • Great

  • This is my exact humor in a video wth

  • I could legit watch this for hours

  • Why does eddy sound like brad leone..

  • When the mom and her toddler showed up in the back round in one frame I freakin lost it

  • wow so content much video

  • Seeing the boys outside has the same energy as that episode of friends where they play football in the park and I can't explain why

  • Mice are hot

  • mikes are hot

  • the mics are scolding hot... who is hot and why are the mics yelling at them?? but actually this is the best video execution of a non video ive ever seen

  • Imagine this As an actual movie production Id sit through 2 hrs at least

  • Audio listeners where ya @

  • When the plot is the lack of plot


  • This feels like a short Cherdley's video.

  • Damn Cherdleys you look weird bro...

  • a filming of a video in a video

  • This is like some kind of modern day Abbott and Costello. I love it.

  • just 2 boys and their scolding hot mics

  • when you have to do a school project with your friends that requires a video:

  • Only Eddie could make that awful shirt look so damn good

  • Hey can you guys cool off those mics for the next video because my ears are crispy as hell from this one.

  • Dude not gonna lie, those mics were pretty freaking hot.

  • Please go watch guavas hotwheels trickshots

  • "The mics are burning hot, they're scolding hot."

  • We all have that one friend XD

  • Someone had to do it i guess.