how reddit handles internet justice

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this is a video about how reddit handles internet justice.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • you guys let's go get him on twitter @Gusbuckets

    • This is how Twitter be these days too😂

    • lets find this guys daughter at school

    • I miss eddy

    • can you do more vids on reddit plz

    • It's funny, cause this character is actually Twitter

  • This is Twitter now

  • This is more twitter than reddit

  • this is just the current state of twitter

  • This is fairly accurate on certain subreddits, but I feel like this slightly more true to Twitter than Reddit

  • Yeah Reddit is a cancer

  • more like twitter in 2021

  • this is twitter now

  • The sad thing is, everyone on reddit agrees with this.

  • We takin someone's career right now ! I hate context ! - Lefties when they get butthurt


  • 2:40 Republicans after the failed insurrection

  • It's always an anime/furry pfp

  • I don't understand this and I'm part of reddit, what's this making fun off..?

  • I read the title as internet juice

  • "I hate context" as someone who is using Reddit for few years now, I can confirm that this is how they talk 100% of a time

    • Yup, when you get downvoted in "idiotsincars" for pointing out that the guy who just randomly veered into another lane could have easily suffered a stroke, aneurysm, or was diabetic, especially since after he "cut off" recorder, the car continued to drive off the side of the road. Best part was someone replied to my comment with a link about that crash, sure enough the driver was suffering from a stroke. The person who posted that link got downvoted.

  • "I hate context" -reddit

  • Lmao filthy redditards

  • This gives me PC principle vibes

  • So basically Amber Heard.

  • PS This video is dedicated to Pyrocynical

  • you have gone way too far gus, now i am obligated to downvote this. or the subreddit overlords will eat my heart and... and ban my account... no no that is not happening.

  • “Why would he be accused if he wasn’t guilty”

  • @Callmecarson

  • Now thats literally every social media

  • Reddit: "Remember the human you are" Reddit:

  • only 4chan provides internet justice

  • reddit is being framed for Twitter's crimes

  • you pronounced “twitter” wrong

  • make this twitter and its relevant now

  • i want to see this guy and jeremiah the redditor together.

  • So i got a reddit ad before this

  • Reddit? ah that's the website where idiots pretends to be smart and copying *4chan* right?

  • It''s actually worse now.

  • True this

  • Also twitter does this

  • Same as twitter

  • Yuo*

  • 9/10 people with anime profile pics only know the most popular anime and brag about how much of an anime fanatic they are

    • @ok man the only actual anime fans are almost unnoticeable compared to everyday people

    • I swear to god it's their only personality.

  • carson must be a fan of this video

  • Reddit has become a leftist hellscape of cancel culture.

  • I have reddit and most people on there need to get out of their $587 dollar real leather reclining DXracer office chair with foot rest, take a shower, have a nice drink of water out of an adidas water bottle, and watch ISchats on TV in their pajamas.

  • This juts different rn

  • "Give me two sentences of what I need to know." "It would take it way out of context, you have to read the full thing!" "I HATE CONTEXT!"

  • R/redditmoment

  • *twitter

  • straight up twitter and reddit

  • Republicans before today: 0:20 Republicans after today: 2:45

  • You misspelled Twitter

  • Also twitter

  • *reddit psychoanalyzers want your location*

  • 0:39 "I say we all just go into this guy's house [So they've found his address]. Find his address..." Okay....

  • 2:40 that one is way to accurate

  • Pyrocynical commented on this video... Now if that isn't ironic, I don't know what is

  • Twitter actually

  • This is the opposite of the Johnny depp vs amber heard

  • This video keeps aging better and better

  • Reddit could also be Twitter and it works the same

  • 4chan: successfully finds bike lock man and kills his career. Reddit: mY tUrN

  • There should be a remake about twitter

  • Lol the 1.8k downvotes are from angry edgy meme lord Reddit teens

  • This twitter. If it was reddit, there would also be memes and p0rn

  • lol callmecarson

  • The *throws downvote arrow* caption made me laugh.

  • Thats how i imagine PC principal

  • I remember the time I got 300 downvotes because I said we need evidence to prove sex crimes.

  • This is rich considering twitter's history.

  • "I hate context" sums up most ppl in 21st century society

  • lol

  • 90% of redditors couldn’t do half the stuff Gus is talking abt lol

  • Dude in purple shirt acts like people in CNN video comment section when a Trump supporter shows up. Or like people in a FOX news video comment section act when a Biden supporter shows up.

  • twitter took over this job

  • Change it to twitter same shit

  • your thing!

  • "Edit: thanks for the gold, kind stranger!"

  • You could replace Reddit with Twitter and this would also be accurate

  • As a reddit user... Yes

  • The media against every police officer

  • I think you mixed up "reddit" with "twitter"

  • The quote it for me is the most real thing I’ve ever heard

  • I love how you pointed out how it's stupid when people attack someone accused like this.

  • No one's seriously ever talked about how there's literally three separate TVs in his living room

  • This is literally the dream drama


  • "WHY WOULD HE BE ACCUSED IF HE WASN'T GUILTY?!" - Everyone in the last decade

  • Just wait for 2020 Twitter

  • This is too fucking accurate

  • [removed]

  • Twitter is worse

  • You mean twitter

  • As someone who uses reddit, i couldn't agree more

  • I did not understand this video. So I got reddit and now I understand completely... I also forgot my password so now I have a crazy amount of reddit spam in my email inbox and I cannot delete my account.

  • Ok I’ll have you know us anime pfp’s are credible just as much as the other idiot on reddit and twitter meaning not very much but neither are they.

  • Meanwhile Twitter already firebombing the subject's house

  • r/pcmasterrace when the osu! source code was leaked

  • Reddit is twitter now

  • This is very relevant once again

  • i think thats more uh... *t* *w* *i* *t* *t* *e* *r*

  • Nice

  • middle school white girls be like