gus johnson sings an entire conway twitty album

Birt 1 apr 2020
Conway Twitty Greatest Hits - Vol. 1
0:00 - I See The Want To In Your Eyes
2:53 - I Want To Know You Before We Make Love
6:29 - Slow Hand
9:43 - That's My Job
14:42 - Hello Darlin'
17:09 - Julia
20:55 - The Rose
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this is the first time i am uploading this video
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Album art and audio mixing by James Allen McCune.
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    • @Barbro the “slay pussy” mindset

    • What mindset did you put yourself into will singing this sleasy, cheesy and absolutely awesome music?

    • I wish i could like this video many more times than I can. I got here because i was grabbing a link for a friend and accidentally passively listened to the whole thing. 'The Rose' pricked my ears hard enough that i googled the lyrics without even knowing why. Please use your voice a lot. Sincerely, someone with functional earholes and other ear-bits.

    • jeebus fuck this is good

    • So clean.....

  • To those who havent heard the original Hello Darlin' - definitely go check it out 💯

  • Omg why is this so good?!

  • I don’t believe what I’m hearing this is too good to be true

  • sing more

  • That’s my job makes me ball my fucking eyes out every god damn time

  • Aaaand here am I. Still listening the whole album now and then

  • This is great

  • Nice music keep it up lil Conway twitty

  • I clicked on this video to laugh but instead I’m crying and wiping my eyes listening to a sound alike Conway twitty

  • I love me some country And damn this was amazing

  • The funniest part of all of this is that you can barely tell that it's not Conway Twitty.

  • Thank you ISchats Algorithm

  • Dude you never cease to impress me keep it up

  • Holy shit this is great

  • Why I don’t see a difference makes me angry

  • hey what

  • holy shit how did I just find this its absolutely fucking amazing. what a great conway tribute

  • this sounds almost exactly like it's really Conway Twitty

  • weirdly accurate

  • Why can you do this

  • Who the fuck is Gus Johnson?????

  • the only thing i could hope for is I'd Just Love to Lay You Down

  • I'm officially ready to confess my love.... I love you Gus Johnson, this is beautiful. The only one I could love more is the man himself, Conway Twitty.

  • Gonna tell my kids this was Conway Twitty

  • The real question: is Gus gonna bless us with the same joke 3 years in a row? Or is he gonna bless us with another new country album? Either way I’m happy

  • Very good lol

  • This version of Hello Darlin' might be my new favourite thing in the universe!

  • Me I’m straight Gus how bout we check that

  • gus is this an ok time to confess my love for you


  • this is way better than legit Conway Twitty

  • Holy shit, this is so good. I legit fucking cried during That's My Job. Gus, not only are you an amazing comedian but you can sing hella good too!! I hope you cover or make more music in the future! I love your singing!

  • man im highly highly impressed

  • I was seriously hoping for those lips to be moving

  • who cares about this

  • Is this reao

  • Ronnie dunn singing slow hand hahaha

  • What? Hell yeah! What?!

  • I sent this to my country music loving grandparents, let’s see what happens lol

  • Damn brings back family guys older episodes where they’d just go ‘ lady’s and gentlemen, Conway twitty


  • He's honestly a country singer with the amount of views this has

  • ladies and gentlemen... mr. gusway twitty

  • This guy looks like Ricky from trailer park Boys

  • I'll take your entire stock

  • When will I be able to buy the vinyl?

  • George Jones?

  • God this is good

  • If this is really Gus I'm shook

  • Transcendent.

  • This entire video is going to be in a Family Guy episode one day.

  • Why is this so good

  • YES! 🤗❤️🤠

  • This is fucking brilliant!

  • He's good

  • Am I missing the joke!? Like, this clearly isn't Gus singing... right?!

  • bruh what the fuck did I just listen through this entire thing?

  • I listen to Gus' The Rose every night before I tuck in my plants.

  • I want this on mp3. How do I get it?

  • I think the April fools joke was him just posting the original songs and he wasn't actually singing. And, nobody has catch onto this so he never said that he didn't sing these songs but just posted the original songs.

    • @Mikeykillsit_07 1 He did it on his snapchat live I think it's still on there.

    • @Night Man I mean if the joke was real

    • @Night Man it would be funny if it was real.

    • No he is really is singing, this compared to the original. Gus actually sounds kinda like alan jackson doing a cover.

  • I thought this was going to be awful based on the thumbnail but *CHRIST IT'S GOOD*

  • I feel like I need to be tipsy with a cold coors in my hand and ponder on past relationships and tear up over regrets that I made like 30 years ago. I'm from South Dakota and that's what Conway Twitty seems to do to every boomer here. I understand...I'm 22

  • Holy crap this is actually good.

  • Not gonna my brother played this and I had no idea it wasn’t Conway great job

  • That’s my job just hits you like a semi truck on the interstate

  • cant wait for family guy to steal this. Ugh, such hacks.

  • I like to think this is an alternate universe and gus is conway

  • Christmas

  • Why isnt this on spotify. Or if it is can someone tell me how to find it.

  • I tapped on this video as a joke but now I’m 14 minutes into it and I literally can’t get off. I’ve tried. Mom if you see this I’m safe.

  • I just found out that you grew up 5-10 minutes from where I live.

  • Most people clicked this thinking they were gonna hear something goofy, but instead got some good music.

  • What the hell?? Why is this so good? Perfect country singing voice.

  • This is my favorite thing you've ever done! You nailed it

  • I actually thought I was gonna get to see you sing Conway Twitty. I found out about him on family guy, until my dad played him and I fucking died 😂😂😂😂

  • I actually like this a lot more than the real Conway Twitty. Well done, Gus.

  • I- I.... I thought this was joke...

  • Not gonna lie he’s good

  • I'm doin a deepfake of this right now.

  • Why do I end up here when I'm sad? It feels like I'm punishing myself by listening to this, and yet I always feel better after? Something about the hypnotic march of the melody and the consistent skeeziness of the lyrics is soothing to me I guess.

  • If you're under 40 and from red state America, there's a very good chance you were conceived to this album.

  • How is this actually good?

  • All these people saying country music is trash don't know what to do now

  • Why am I crying, how am I out of whiskey? Why I am listening to this whole album again?

  • Sign this man

  • thumbnail is creeping me the fuck out

  • I could have sworn I was wearing pants and underwear a minute ago

  • Me: mom I want Conway Twitty Mom: We have Conway Twitty at home Conway Twitty at home: Me: :)

  • This isn't your normal ISchats "musician" or whatever they go by. He actually knows what he's doing, and how to put emotion into music, rather than simply singing notes.

  • First song slaps. Good twitty impression.

  • Omg its actually good.... no this is GREAT

  • This song made my dog bark violently


  • was confused by the pic? Thought it was comedy...But This is really good !

  • bruh I thought this was a joke but damn, props to you man.

  • I’ve always loved hello darlin but damn it’s almost like he lived it

  • Was expecting a meme Stayed for his gorgeous voice.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Mr. Conway Johnson

  • This was just shared to me by a buddy. What a perfect Christmas gift.