gus johnson sings an entire conway twitty album

Birt 1 apr 2020
Conway Twitty Greatest Hits - Vol. 1
0:00 - I See The Want To In Your Eyes
2:53 - I Want To Know You Before We Make Love
6:29 - Slow Hand
9:43 - That's My Job
14:42 - Hello Darlin'
17:09 - Julia
20:55 - The Rose
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this is the first time i am uploading this video
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Album art and audio mixing by James Allen McCune.
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    • I wish i could like this video many more times than I can. I got here because i was grabbing a link for a friend and accidentally passively listened to the whole thing. 'The Rose' pricked my ears hard enough that i googled the lyrics without even knowing why. Please use your voice a lot. Sincerely, someone with functional earholes and other ear-bits.

    • jeebus fuck this is good

    • So clean.....

    • Gus Johnson is this really you bro?


  • This has been in my recommended for months, finally clicked it, and loved it. Holy shit, I did not expect that. Amazing voice. I’ve never heard of Conway twitty outside of family guy. You continue to surprise me Mr. Johnson

  • Damnit boy you got the pipes on you!!! Subbed for more of these.

  • Well, we all know what Gus will do if ISchats doesn’t pan out

  • Ron Swanson everybody

  • Please do volume 2

  • Holy shit Gus, you're so talented

  • I hate how the one conway twitty song i actually like is in this

  • Wow..

  • unironically good singing. you put some effort in that and i love it. PLS DO JOHNNY PAYCHECK NEXT

  • Seriously, where can I get this album of his singing this?? He actually sounds good!!

  • Gus, will you come sing at my birthday party?

  • After listening to the original by Conway Twitty hundreds of times now, I have finally heard the differences.

  • ❤❤❤

  • Thought he was doing some parody like Weird Al but this is even better.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Conway twitty,

  • Straight F I R E

  • Bruh. I knew this would be legit good as soon as I saw it so I waited months to listen to it. T_T so good.

  • Is this on spotify?

  • It’s good?

  • is this...real? I feel I’m in the back of my grandma’s 1998 impala again.

  • so good that youtube still copywrited them

  • I fully expected creamy memes but this is pretty awesome, well done Gus!

  • I don't get why everyone shits on Conway Twitty so much, he is one of the better country singers from his generation.

  • When I see the want to in your eyes I honestly thought it was Cayne Twitty

  • Who

  • This is outrageously good for what I was expecting

  • I literally thought this was Conway Twitty at first...

  • I unironically love Conway Twitty and this is amazing holy shit dude

  • Yeah, I'm gonna need another album of Gus covers. Is this on Spotify?

  • I clicked on this for the meme but holy shit, not bad at all ✌🏾

  • I study to this ✨

  • Ok.... why........ is there a purpose......... is he ok........?

  • Damn gus. I like country so this is just beautiful to me.

  • Gus, you just gotta do this in full character

  • Dead ass thought this was troll then I was stuck for all of it. Props dudeski

  • This is great

  • When you realize he actually isn’t singing lol

  • You got a sweet sweet voice....noice work. Can you maybe sing a whole Glen Campbell album?

  • Yes

  • julia was amazing gus!

  • Wait this is really good

  • I mean. Damn!

  • Damn, dude. This is legitimately great singing. You don't even SOUND like you.

  • I can hardly tell the difference Gus.

  • Okay dude this isn’t funny you just killed it and gave us good music. Actually sang along with slow hand

  • More covers Gus, please?

  • Me at thumbnail: “oh this will be funny!” Me after it’s all over: “I think I wanna lay with Gus Johnson...”

  • Just think of it. Gus and Jakey playing Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn

  • Totally awesome! Old country music is the best music BY FAR BAR NONE! Hearing Gus sing John Anderson or George Jones would be awesome.. They have very unique voices

  • Very nice songs young man, you’ve earned another subscriber to your newsletter.


  • "Hello Darlin" has hit me now more than ever

  • See what happens when you separate yourself from Subway Jalapeños? You FLOURISH

  • You gonna do George Jones next? Actually his range be pretty wild. Maybe do some Willie? Phases and Stages maybe? How about Red Headed Stranger?

  • Wait. He can sing?

  • You finally made a video that your mom has on repeat. Congrats!

  • Who tf is Gus Johnson.

  • its actually good too not a meme

  • A beautiful voice that he can only share with us through the vessel of irony. I stole this from somewhere, I don't know what vessel means.

  • As a huge Coway Fan I loved this so much! Thank you Gus! I love you even more!

  • God damn leave some talent for the rest of us

  • Good resonance, nice mimicry, you should definitely join us for karaoke some night1

  • I have no clue who you are this is my first time viewing your content I’m actually a big Conway fan and just ran up on this video and dude this was great! You did a wonderful job!

  • Damn gus killed this shit

  • Well then. I'm a huge fan of Conway and this is just fantastic.

  • This has the smell of a talent his parents pushed him into and nurtured for years until he grew up and moved away but now it's ironically cool for young people to like Conway Twitty and Gus finally was able to use that weirdly specific talent he gas

  • Why doesn’t this have a million views like 6/10 of Gus’s videos? Lame.

  • Thoroughly enjoyable, thank you for this!

  • Conway was my grandma's favorite singer. I'm sure she would have enjoyed this. Good job man

  • Now we just need a vaporwave version of this album.

  • Dude I'm totally adding this to my country playlist.

  • I dont think anyone has done justice to conway twitty until now.

  • I cant put into words how much I love this. please release more covers Gus!!!

  • Ladies and gentlemen, mr. Conway Twitty

  • Hello darlin is my fav

  • Holy shit you can sing so good

  • This is better than it has any right to be, he actually sounds vaguely like Conway twitty

  • Go. To. Nashville. You are way too talented not to. You're funny, you have a good voice, and you actually seem to care about your fans. (i've seen you reply to peioles comments before, you are amazing.)

  • Slowhand then my thats my job. I see what you did

  • I liked this tho...

  • Give us the music video gus

  • No fucking way!!!??????

  • That CT hanger looks like a communist symbol

  • He'll really make it.

  • i definitely didn't tear up during hello darlin....

  • Listening to this unironically right now.

  • this is lowkey bs...its still conway twitty singing but they just changed the key to make to sound slightly different but you can't get that past me:/

    • @Marty Benson listen to this and then the original...its the same but they just motified the key...same tone tho and cracks and everything

    • i dont believe you. if you were right, this is an april fools video after all

  • That’s my job played at my grandfathers funeral he died recently long story short I cried I cried to Gus Johnson singing Conway twitty

  • Ppl forget my boi got pipes

  • Just a shame that twitty city was bought out and made into trinity city. The sign for twitty city is still up on the highway in hendersonville tn tho.

  • damn gus johnson singing these true country songs

  • This isn't a parody hes just showing us what he got and I respect it

  • I expected a joke. But this actually really good. Ol'Twitty would be proud of you.

  • Your art reaches strange places, Gus. I just named my kanban sprint at work "Wk41 - Gusway Twitty". My boss is very confused.

  • i really cant tell if he is trying to sing or not cause this is actually really good

  • Conway gus twitty

  • Gus is the man I loved every second

  • Lol this is pretty good

  • What's the fucking difference? I really can't distinguish.