imbiamba jombes: big doom

Birt 18 ágú 2019
ok come with imby on this adventure
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ok here is another imbiamba jombes.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • wow what a adventure just like the adventure you get when you follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets

    • 69 likes let’s go I always do this

    • give us more imbiamba jombes

    • Absolutely my favorite sketches by you, Gus!

    • Make another one

    • Main character is an autistic 5 yr old adventure boi

  • my god, honestly one of THE BEST videos

  • I ABSOLUTELY DIED AT THAT LAST PART. it was so unexpected and so great.

  • I want more

  • I go to that park all the time

  • Sven Spielberg

  • A true masterpiece

  • The end sent me

  • The ending had me in tears

  • well he never got his icecream

  • description of Imby: a 2 yr old kid in a mans body from the age of 20-50

  • Sven: AAHAHAHAH BIG BOLDER AHAH Imby: *pets rock*

  • Y is imby a man

  • that ending lmao

  • He’s just that one kid that you babysit sometimes who’s weird af but you still have fun taking care of him

  • Later that night, the ice cream man was found dead, with a rope through his throat, the callsign for the horrible serial killer... Imbiamba Jombes.

  • 0:47 is my favorite part ever

  • My grandpa: why is he acting like a dog?

  • After all of Indiana Jones's adventures... *... he finally needs medication*

  • 1:25 thank me later

  • 3:04 That “Imby, look where you’re going!” is so genuine it gets me every time.

  • 3:12 gold

  • When he ran into the trash can at the end 😂

  • I haven’t laughed that hard in years and then the last part of the video came and that’s what made me break

  • I love how he can slip into any character he wants

  • Adorable...

  • Hey man, if you're trying to get off cigarettes try him cigarettes. No tobacco, only CBD and like %0.13 THC.

  • That barrel hit!

  • I didn't know Nike made cigarettes.

  • yo Gus we need an Imbiupdate

  • Tyler and Imby should hang out

  • My man just spit out a Hi-Chew. You know how expensive those are?

  • I remember when he had like 10k views on his videos xD

  • First it’s weird to see this happening in public while you’re having a picnic, but then you see the camera and it’s just strangely sad.

  • When he popped that wheelie on the scooter going down hill my mind just went blank

  • My parents with me

  • 3:10 when i fell off one of these things i broke my arm

  • The end of the thing was the best part

  • What’s so funny is when I was little I called Indiana Jones indi indi jo jo

  • i watched this video a lot and just recognized a little Thor cameo at 2:34. He must be on his own adventure love you boys

  • Imagine if the Pelotero man saw them😂

  • iMBY

  • Comedic gold

  • 2:33 i never realized before that the person on the scooter is thor

  • "So what's your plan here?" asked the camera man to 4-year-old Imby

  • This is legitimately better than Indiana Jones

  • the fact that this is an improvisation is even more mind-blowing

  • How did I just now notice that's Thor at 2:34

  • Every kid ever

  • Ive watched this video atleast 20 times in the last 3 days🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • The guy at 3:00 actually seemed mad lol

  • Wtf

  • My man imbiamba with newports

  • This guy looks like Mr. Noodle!

  • Imbie no

  • I dont get the motivation behind these

  • K just got a pewdiepie add

  • THE ICE CREAM PART IS TOO REAL EXCEPT THE KID I BABYSIT IS ADDICTED TO MILK we got into a full blown argument over it, never once in my life have i ever wanted to scream at a three year old until he screamed at me for a bottle of milk despite just drinking three. That being said i just glared at him and told him "Talk to me like that one more time i dare you" he didn't speak to me for like an hour after that i felt bad

  • I like the part where he says imbie

  • Midwestern guy just waltzes over to a toy cart and comes back with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Go figure lmao

  • I didn't know *nike* was a brand of cigarettes

  • Let's take a minute to appreciate sven as imbiamba's caretaker. This video wouldn't be nearly as hilarious without him for gus to play off of!!


    • @Confused Oxygen me too, im kinda confused whats even going on in the vid tho lol

    • Tankstifyed 22 i thought that was a rickroll

  • knice vigejo meain

  • 3:06 That is all

  • i just now realized the people on the scooters are thor and dad johnson

  • My parents think I’m asleep and I broke when he ran into the trash can on the scooter

  • Did u hear those ppl for real bitching at him? Lol they edited most of it out but you can here some..."Hey! What are you doing, man!?" 😄

  • Lol the boulder

  • Did that boulder have shit on it?

  • These videos are just a metaphor for bad parenting

  • I knew when he said “Imby, Imby you’re gonna get hurt buddy” that something was going to happen

  • 1:46 we youst to ride these babies for miles

  • We need more imbiamba jombes videos



  • imby, imby, you're going to get hurt *hits a trash can* IMb---

  • More imbi pls love it

  • When i was watching the ending i had never laugh harder before my life

  • Found gus's channel during quarentine. This is amusing

  • this is the best fucking video that this godforsaken site will ever witness

  • don't let the boulder😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • I dont know how many times i’ve watched this

  • ur a diisipointment

  • Imbiamba jombes: and the Lost chromosomes.

  • This really shows how people can read toddler’s symbols and language.

  • I gasped at the ending

  • 3:12 XD

  • Don’t go up there with the whip and the cigarettes lol

  • Dude just ran after a black guy with a whip in his hands

  • when he clacked his teeth at the squirrel..

  • The ending tho

  • Lol... idiot

  • Video title: big doom video: i want ice cream

  • I didn’t expect the ending. It caught me off guard when he hit the trash can 😂😂 I would love to see this in person.

  • Haven't laughed like this in a while. Thanks Gus, continue the fantastic job

  • Don’t go up there with the whip and the cigarettes, this is comedy. Fr, this is better then the actual Indiana Jones

  • 3:12

  • I've watched this like 20 times throughout this year...

  • It’s like Mr.Bean