imbiamba jombes: big doom

Birt 18 ágú 2019
ok come with imby on this adventure
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ok here is another imbiamba jombes.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • wow what a adventure just like the adventure you get when you follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets

  • 1:44 3:12

  • how'd you get this video of my first acid trip?

  • Please make another...

  • The ending is so perfect.

  • Imbi imbi you're gonna get hurt imbi *crashes into a bin *

  • Notice when he stole the scooter imbi got yelled at

  • That's it! I shall not let my child watch this filth, Imby should not promote smoking in front of children! I will speak to the production team behind this and sue! We shall not stand for unjust advertisements of cigarettes in children's programming and eating of live animals! This is truly disgusting and I shall unsubscribe my child from this channel!

  • Indiana Jones impersonator robs ice cream cart with a whip

  • 0:45 🤣 that mean face

  • I don’t know how, when, or why... But I WILL bite that squirrel.

  • Were those.... Nike cigarettes?

  • That ending was so uncalled for, yet i could see no other ending tho

  • Imbiamba just says so much without uttering a single word and I love it

  • am ai allowed to love imba?

  • 999 DISLIKES NO WAY also this is amazing

  • This is a really, really good example of exactly how not to care for / discipline a child xD

  • I was like Imbi. My mom stopped having kids after me.

  • I like to think that this is unscripted

  • IMBY


  • I cant believe he tried to eat jesus christ

  • Did he actually steal a scooter

  • When he hit the trash can, i died laughing.

  • Indiana but autistic

  • Omg the end made me die Lolll

  • where is his revolver

  • He hid behind the tree and I did not see him till he poped out

  • i choked when he ran into the trash can

  • 3:08 that OHHHAHQHQHAH THO


  • I need another imbiamba video please

  • plzz make more imbiamba jombes

  • I didn't even realize Thor is in this sketch for a second

  • 0:34 the most beautiful smile i have ever fucking saw

    • Imbiamba jombs is the most fucking autistic kid i've ever seen and I fucking love it

  • i would die for imbiamba jombes

  • In the background I saw a guy in his underwear

  • Imbi don't socialize Parents with friends

  • "Imby, put down the cigarettes"

  • Watching this on New Year’s Eve to give me some joy so I LITERALLY don’t kill myself

  • Holy shit, if you pause at 2:34 that looks like jesus christ from behind. ???

  • Lol!!!

  • Sphen: Imbi your gonna get hurt

    • Me:😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Imbi: ‘hits trash can

  • Very good

  • I was waiting for a scarce reference at the beginning

  • I literally died of laughter when he ran into the trash can

  • No offense to anyone who fits this description, but he acts like a 5 year old, mute, autistic child

  • Drinking game: Take a shot every time he says "Imby"

  • Gus is really cute being like that 😂

  • I'm sure Gus has convinced at least 20 strangers that he has some type of mental handicap throughout his youtube career.

  • That ending is hilarious.

  • 3:08 top 10 saddest anime deaths

  • its like if a dog and a baby were combined

  • I swear this is canonical to the original franchise. This is CONTENT.

  • imby ur gonna get hurt buddy

  • He is Mr. Noodles

  • Indiana Jones but he's a severely autistic man child


  • What did you watch Me: imbiana jombes You mean Indians jo- Me: did I stutter

  • Plot twist, Imby didn’t want to go on an adventure

  • "What is your plan here" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • That evil Imbi smile, though...

  • Imbiana lunch style: Tobacoo and jesus

  • This is funny

  • That squirl is a payed actor.

  • Imagine seeing him just riding around on a scooter

  • Offers the man a fistful of cigs, gets told he needs Jesus. Sometimes the universe writes the script for you.

  • 3:12 trash ruins fun.

  • When your mom yell at you Sven: IMBIAMBA JONES! get back here.

  • I've never seen a toddler with a mustache.

  • Holy shit that ending

  • I'd like to think you guys didn't tell those people you interacted with what you were doing but I have to know if you explained it to them at all before or after. The cart guy who gave the Jesus card seemed obviously out of the loop and I don't care what the answer is because he had no idea what was going on and that was genuine and that's the story I'm sticking to lol.

  • The ending made me laugh my water out my nose true story

  • imbie, imbie, you gunna get hurt buddie, imbie *Donk

  • Perfect ending

  • Sven: Imby I don't have any *money,* do you? How are you going to *get* this *ice cream?* Imby: (raises whip with a sinister look in his eyes) *Me: (almost dies from laughing without breathing)*


  • how can this man act like a six-year-old Harrison Ford and a suburban dad at the same time? teach me

  • Gus going full send into that trashcan at the end and Sven going Imby! Gets me every time 😂

  • Best actor of all time.

  • I find that last part relatable

  • We need a new Imby.

  • The ending caught off guard 🤣

  • "Whatcha get? Jesus Christ?" I felt that one spiritually

  • 3:12 when I tell you I died...

  • Super awkward

  • This is basically sven the babysitter.

  • alright there in mexico thats a palatra cart

  • Dutlniv tioogattlyg

  • He looks like a 6 year old but a 25 year old at the same time

  • He found jesus christ pamphlet.. mystery solved. And he didn't have to fight nazi to get to it.

  • Wow, I just watched the whole trilogy in 10 minutes. Always remembered it being longer.

  • Oh wow I’ve been to that park before!

  • Someone help me, I can’t figure out what other thing this thing that I’m eating tastes like

  • indiana jones smokes newports too

  • Now I don't know how common they are in America, but red squirrels are really rare in England so I don't know how you managed to find one unplanned

  • When I get the goofs I become Imbiana

  • This is funny but I would not want to be in that park...

  • the crash in the garbage can made me die 😂

  • How does he express how a toddler acts without using words.