my pool

Birt 18 jún 2019
Honestly, I'd rather be in here.
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this is a video where i talk about how much i like my pool
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  • honestly not even a problem but if you want to follow me on twitter to let me know how to get outta here that'd be great @Gusbuckets

    • You said it's not a problem and now if I don't follow you on Twitter you're gonna track me down and yell at me? You changed

    • "once a semen, always a semen"

    • Was the pool edited in post

    • drink all the water

    • Are you still stuck?

  • It is a miracle gus has not died from the stuff he has done

  • Chris Farley would be proud bud.

  • This must be how the sims view life

  • lol

  • Anybody else notice the gunshot at 3:17 or that just me?

  • I love how he can clearly reach the bottom of the pool yet he drowns. Amazing.

  • 3:17 regular old america... always shooting and sh-

  • Ned Flanders almost dies

  • navy is drowning

  • *slowly dying* "It'S aLl GoOd"

  • "Well, at least it's not rainin'". -Funny

  • This is not garbage its a masterpiece and u would be a good dad

  • 0:55 Pffffff HAHAHA

  • I love how his tie got like 9 inches longer after he nearly hanged himself xD

  • Im getting Ned Flanders vibes XD

  • This is a true work of art. It has wholesomeness Good acting A truth to it And good writing if there were any

  • once a seamen always a seamen

  • *Our pool*

  • Anyone else agreeing that Gus would be the most stereotypical dad ever?

  • I bet those ungrateful kids barely use the pool

  • 2:32 WTF

  • 1:43 : every 5 year old when in a pool more than 2.5 feet deep

  • I must have a mini series of him

  • 😄

  • It would be even funnier if he had a Minnesotan accent.

  • Imagine not having waterproof money -this post was made by Canadian gang

    • Yall got loonies and toonies, I think it balances out

  • Why did this make me so saddddddddd poor guy seems so nice and positive and his kids just don’t care

  • The end got me

  • He looks like Mark heaps in the thumbnail photo

  • my pool is funny, but my roof was better

  • That is why I always carry a water proof notebook

  • I can quote this guy on so many things in this video

  • This is great content I love it I will keep watching

  • I love my pool not a swimmer did not learn how

  • Anyone else hear the gunshot at 3:16?

  • epic

  • him: there goes my paycheck me: thats alot of damage

  • Man he is so calm

  • Who ngo the liquid funds joke was actually kinda good

  • lmao your so funny

  • 3:17 _distant gunshot_

  • ah his pool

  • He looks like dwight from the office. He also acts like him to

  • me lol

  • 2:14 how to swim 101

  • 2021?

  • How. He older than me but. Can swim lol

  • "once a semen always a semen" -gus johnson 2019

  • At least its not raining!

  • This character: Gets shot Also this character: Oh that’s ok

  • This is how I always killed my sims :)

  • 0:02 when u see this cheater i can’t stop smiling lol

  • And nothing went wrong

  • R.I.P paycheck

  • SCP-XXXX: "Dad"

  • i like how his kids dont care

  • This man can be any age

  • 3:10

  • This video always makes me feel bad because business Gus lost his paycheck and files

  • was that a gunshot? 3:16 -3:18

  • This makes me severely uncomfortable

  • Honestly as long as he's having a good time

  • Gus: Getting strangled by his tie Also Gus: Jee wiz!

  • "I can't swim to well, or very at all."

  • The office 2 electric bogaloo

  • 1:55 *is that a tf2 reference*

  • what the hell are his neibour thinking

  • *Once a seaman always a seaman*

  • Ned flanders is looking different then i remember.

  • I used to go to my aunts house and the bee thing was real. Except instead of bees (and I am not joking) it was snakes and the occasional tarantula.

  • Or stand up in the pool

  • He’s taller than the pool how can you not swim

  • Once semen always a seaman

  • If he only asked the camera man for help

  • 1:01

  • 1:01

  • It doesn't seem physically possible that a human can be as god damn hilarious as you.

  • Once a seamen always seamen!

  • your a happy chicken nugget

  • you know your rewatching this rn

  • This man is a sims character

  • 0:30 *standing level with the pool* *still proceeds to drown*

  • u

  • This man is one crack

  • +100 for falling in the pool with your coffee mug and briefcase with really important papers.

  • Local camera man watches suburban father drown

  • Every time that I revisit this wonderful art I am always reminded of the true beauty...

  • Take a shot every time he says ‘pool’

  • anyone else hear that? 3:17

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