my pool

Birt 18 jún 2019
Honestly, I'd rather be in here.
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this is a video where i talk about how much i like my pool
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  • honestly not even a problem but if you want to follow me on twitter to let me know how to get outta here that'd be great @Gusbuckets

    • drink all the water

    • Are you still stuck?

    • Nice cassette tape holder for brief case!

    • Feet

    • 1:29 "liquid funds" "Currency" "Bank" English language is magic learn Hebrew like Yahusha spoke. They want you thinking money is life aka "water" necessity. The Res a video might be in my saved playlists somewhere I pray you find it(sorry it's lengthy)

  • Yes, shimmy up that pole.. ;)

  • "Once a seamen always a seamen." - Gus

  • You looked like Jim from Friday night dinner

  • What happened to the unedited version?! I miss the laughter

  • I love how he falls into the pool and doesn’t let go of his mug

  • Ounce a seaman always a seaman I get the joke

  • The files

  • A character that can be in the office

  • My cousin with depression watched this video. He hadn't laughed or even smiled in six months, but now he did. Love you Gus

  • His parents: ur a disappointment

  • “I guess that’s what they mean by liquid funds” XD

  • Short task: *done* dead body: *reported*

  • acting 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,005/10

  • 2:54 was some Buster Keaton level comedy

  • I genuinely feel bad for the dad character here. He's trying real hard to be a good father for his crappy children. From all the kids out there with no dad, shitty dads or a very cold ass dad; we would love a dad like this one.

  • Dad Gus is a Sim, confirmed.

  • I always find myself coming back to this video and I just realized the funniest joke of all is that he’s tall enough to stand on the pool floor

  • The all powerful Kirklands

  • “Well, at least it’s not raining”

  • Dad? ʷʰᵃᵗ

  • He look like my dad and at the same time look like my brother, how in the world he look young and old at the same time

  • Gus is so fucking funny

  • He looks like Jim from Friday night dinner

  • Whoop..

  • Ones a semon always a semon

  • Nice pretending you don't know how to swim, there, pard!

  • He's a sim

  • hi

  • He sounds canadian in this video

  • you are funny

  • Of course he's wearing a Peanuts tie

  • Danget Bobby!

  • This was so frustrating and hilarious to watch

  • 3:21 anyone hear the gunshot?

  • He's ex-Navy but can't swim 😆

  • 3:17 was that a gunshot

  • I like how there is just random guitar in the background

  • That acoustic guitar player in the background makes this so memorable

  • Am I the only on that noticed the QR code on the paper in the bottom right? 1:05

  • Stu and imbiamba are the best charecters

  • How did this man manage to get into the navy without learning how to swim

  • The Sims IRL

  • He sounds really Canadian.

  • *"Once a sEmEN, always a sEmEN"*

  • “Well now thats just dissatisfactionary”

  • "Once a semen, always a semen" Gus Johnson

  • 2:32 🤣

  • why does he remind me of Brandon rogers in this one

  • I wonder if he actually knows how to swim.

  • Great acting. You make a more convincing middle-aged person than I do and I'm 45. Lol

  • Never leave us

  • down stream 😂

  • He’s ready for Olympic tryouts!

  • Im jealous of that pool tbh

  • They’re probably reading... *with their headphones on*

  • The guitar in the background is pretty much the DiCaprio meme

  • This guy is the ultimate optimist.

  • Can you actuallly swimtho lol

  • 7th time rewatching it and my dad walks by right at the point where he is being hung by his fucking tie

  • This is one of my favorite videos on ISchats

  • #5: 1:39

  • I loved the sketch and im just that piece of shit who points out pointless things but to be in the the navy ypu need to pass swim qualification love you guss 😘😘

  • gus looks like a 41yr old teen

  • Can I go in your pool

  • 3:37 i did that at an indoor recreational pool once when i was 12 or something. It's a pretty relaxing pose, except for when you get up and see literally everyone got out of the pool and staring at you in discomfort. Yeah they did not appreciate that LMAO

  • Wtf that pool is HUMONGOUS

  • How was he a seaman if he never learned to swim

  • He never let go off his coffee mug 🤣😂😂

  • ... this deck I built by hand... Uhh oh.

  • "At least everybody's safe" not your paycheck

  • "Reading with their headphones on"

  • The first thing I do if I fall into that I would take off my tie

  • The pool do look nice doe-

  • Listen closely and you can hear a gunshot 3:12

  • his pool

  • Idk why i am watching this but i love it

  • Ok, so from I can gather this is a father in a struggling family, who’s married to the mom in gus’s videos. The mom has two children, the one here and the one in her videos. The dad in the road trip dad video used to be married to the mom, but they got divorced and he took all 3 children from that family, only for the mom to start a new life. The family has two uncles, the gods country guy and inappropriate uncle guy. They have one aunt. Carol (the Netflix/ wine lady). Across the street lives the number sticker guy, who has three children. The white girl from the ukulele vid, the tough kid and the guy who always has a knife. In a church youth group down the road, the pastor teaches only two children; The prankster guy and imbiamba. Speaking of imbiamba, he later grows up to get married straight after high school. In a desperate attempt to get money, he joins a pyramid scheme and fakes his relationship online so he won’t be gossiped about, A little side thing: The lady from the old people logic is married to the older men a urinals video.

  • 3:17 The sound of his kids taking their lives in the background

  • Nobody: My sims when I put fences around the pool

  • I would love to have this guy as my dad

  • dont really know how this happened

  • iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Oh well there goes my paycheck over there XD

  • poor man child... always falling in pools..

  • After watching this video I felt like you personally came over to my house whipped down your pants and pissed in my pool right in front of my face. why do you abuse your audience? You are not funny.

  • The camera man didn't even help.....

  • This is hilarious and so wholesome at the same time😂

  • Trump:We need to build a w-ladder

  • Nobody: Sims:

  • *GEE WHIZ*

  • notice how he's taller than the pool

  • Why is this so funny?

  • My fence

  • Gus : Literally dying Music still playing

  • Once a semen always a semen I was once a semen

  • BTK meets America’s Funniest Home Videos

  • once a semen always a semen

  • Once a seamen always a seamen

  • I honestly fell bad for this guy