Reading the Worst Small Town Casino Reviews

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ok here is me and my brother sven johnson reading some small town reviews except at casinos ok later.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • yo we truly are out here. we always have lots of fun shooting these small town reviews videos. you wanna see some more? you wanna cyberbully me? follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets for all your home shopping needs.

    • Gus, how dare you! I'm binging your videos because i have cramps and i kept laughing!!! Putting me in more pain!! Absolutely disgusting, no regard for me. 1 star.

    • We want mor 👀

    • Who in here is cyberbullying my dude Gus 😠

    • 9:27 My dad puts the ... in text messages, makes everything seem suspensful

    • Yes, there are mucho good me likey make more so I can consume internet video

  • Do a series where you visit some select small town businesses you’ve read reviews for 💀💀

  • I find reading reviews something that particularly shows your humorous abilities, but I'm still watching then, so don't take my opinion into account I guess

  • 1 Star I laughed so hard that I spilled my chocolate milk all over my desk and ruined some important stuff 10/10 DO NOT RECCOMEND

  • Gus has the most convincing face for making me want to buy something

  • dude it has 777 dislikes...

    • I am the 778. dislike

    • No 778

  • more small town reviews please

  • In the casino in Alabama, they had a problem with people ( women ) getting drunk and “losing” there clothes. Just to clear it up.

  • Casinos are illegal in alabama

  • 4:42 It was Frosty the Snowman, not Rudolph, though not important

  • I grew up in a very small town in Oklahoma and grew up to work at the casino there for a year cuz well there wasn't much else and what a weird experience having to give customer service to ppl i went to HS with. They'd walk in there high and mighty being demanding and im like bruh chill i went to your 6th grade bday party where you peed the bed.

  • This is great

  • I do not like these videos but i will still watch then if you make more

  • You never gamble expecting to win, you go expecting to lose and only take money you don't need

  • 10:40 we don't have an official language you idiotic strain on humanity

  • The USA has no official language. But the states do.

  • Dude they should see the comments In virtually every joeysworldtour vids. one of his greatest hits video commented roughly described as written sin "the greatest hits papi Joey gives are the ones in his basement

  • I used to work security at a casino and I cannot tell you how many times I got blamed and yelled at because people lost all their money. So many "Fuck you! You stole my money!". I usually responded with "I didn't realize I had a gun to your head and forced you to play."

  • Me too ahah, many times I found despise okay? Ahaha ah

  • Fun Fact the US does not have an official language. In fact there are many schools in the US where English is taught as a secondary language. And in many of those schools there are over 20 languages that are spoken as primary languages.

  • Me mad, me watch vide... it tak tom

  • I once stayed in a hotel, and found ants in the maple syrup at the breakfast station. The owner didn’t even take care of it after I told staff.

  • Awww don't cape for casinos guys

  • 15:57 when your friend wakes you up to make a retarded tik tok

  • 10:04 Gus laugh

  • ellipses*

  • I work in a casino. These people are 90% of the players.

  • Sven looks like a moron

    • Your name is a keyboard smash in russian.

  • Just marry me you are my only true love

  • There was one hotel I stayed in with my parents that had a sensor light right in the room where the futon folded out. Basically when we all went to bed, it would turn on whenever it sensed my movement. There were cages around the fixtures so no one could turn off or unscrew the bulb. The available staff didn’t know how to fix it because it was super late at night. I decided to sleep in the car.

  • Funny how the people that leave the stupidest reviews are also really bad at spelling. Almost need a translator.

  • 6:09 "to lose ones ass" means one lost all their money.

  • people need to be taught probability in schools. no educated person will ever touch gambling. go for the shows. go for the food. go for the drinks. DONT TOUCH THE TABLES OR SLOTS.

  • aw feels bad. you went to a place designed to suck you dry and you got sucked dry. i feel soooooooo bad for you.

  • I love this so much I laugh mucky times

  • lol

  • Sven is the reason why I’m not straight

  • please do more small town reviews they are amazing.

  • A ellipsis (. . .) in writing means there’s more unwritten context. For example...

  • Imagine feeling discriminated against just because someone is speaking a different language in your general vicinity...what a dumbass

  • This was written like some Fortnite kids went to a casino

  • 4:43 did.. he just say.. rudolph

  • 10:35 does the reviewer not know that the United States does not have an official language, English is not the official, Spanish is not the official, the U.S does not not have an official language

  • 7:01 maybe it’s a precaution against sexual harassment?

  • Yes

  • 0:3-0:4 sven? is he swedish?

  • When your crush walks in and you gotta act natural: 13:15

  • I love how this was posted last year and he has only one yellow mark on the whole line

  • Hope covid didnt mess up the tours bruh

  • When he started talking about his show I moved my cursor over where I thought the "skip ad" button would be. It wasn't there :)

  • How did i just find this guy lol He's one if the funniest people on youtube

  • ît's Fiz-Co

  • "sun i s a bitch" is a chant people who don't like Mohegan sun yell. Used to live around there and heard it too much

  • Sven always looks sad 😭 like he's the little brother 😂

  • Waffle House should just become a massive palace of everything because the only times they close is if the world is basically destroyed they’ll be working even in the worst conditions

  • Anyone else watching this at 1AM?

  • Oh boy. Try being a cocktail server, literally being instructed NOT to serve drunk ass ppl, only to have said drunk ass belligerent douchbag CALL THE MANAGER and ending up serving them ANYWAY.... never again...

  • Sven stop looking into my soul

  • Nothing screams fuckboy more, than that dude's haircut on the right.

  • The reveiw that said thanks for the it was right above the like buttkn so im asumming they expected people to like it

  • I like the one comment on the usa’s official language is English. We dont have an official language everyone just happens to speak English😂

  • vyh does sven lok like boffy

  • You know your a good youtuber if you have a million more subs than views

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzi wut you Gus 😂

  • The biggest physical indication that these two are brothers is their rodent-like teeth Dw though, my teeth are fucked up too, so no offense

  • Why does Gus look like a 50 year old gas station worker and Sven look like an E boy who got kicked off tik tok and is now doing ISchats videos with his weird uncle?

  • Holy fuck. My friend told me I look a lot like Gus. I also happen to have that same blockbuster shirt. I know what I’m doing for halloween

  • this vidio...funny it

  • How is it that so many people reach adulthood and type with the vocabulary and sentence structure of a fucking caveman?

  • One of my favorite series

  • Damn makes me wish I had a brother

    • My Brother wanted to Drown,stab or bash my head in ... you do not need one my Friend

  • Love it, make more, day 4 or maybe 5 I don't know anymore but GUSATHON!!

  • You should look at the reviews of the snowy owl hotel in waterville Valley NH

  • You overestimate the consumers’ levels of sobriety when writing the reviews.

  • I had a dog named Gus he was half rot half Bassett hound. Looked just like a rot with eight inch legs. I loved him

  • Has that target shirt

  • So many of these are DEFINITELY dude's who have lost everything that night, gotten shitfaced on complimentary drinks, and are drunk reviewing the place from the curb outside.

  • That one dude with the birth certificate problem truly understands America. Shame on them, he's got it down. Gamble and vote.

  • Lol for two days straight been watching your videos. I’m from Scotland so the culture jokes r hilarious yes if like more of this plz.

  • The first review was a snowman

  • Victory land is literally in my home town

  • 10:45 Buy complains about people speaking Spanish, can't even speak English

  • *Coughing*...Hertel.

  • There is a local business right down the road from my house and one review was "1 star. Waitress scratched her shirt sleeve. Absolutely repulsing." And the owner just responded with, and I quote: "shut." Amazing.

  • Everytime I hear Sven I think of a generic Skyrim NPC with that dumb hat with flaps and the shitty brown and darker brown clothing item.

  • I wanna see more of this stuff

  • 6:48 the victory land casino could have had a lot of drugging and r*apists and they wanted to bring down the number

  • Fun fact: The U.S. has no official language *cough* Chucky *cough*

  • ... …

  • I found a review of a mosque in Oslo norway by a White man tthat only Said not good

  • You guys are like the Beavis & Butthead of this generation. Love you buds.

  • PSA: America has no official language, despite all the racist fucks' attempts to establish one. *rainbow* The more you know. DOT DOT DOT

  • I lost money at Vegas. I didn't gamble.

  • The U.S has no official language


  • more

  • The “BUSY BUSY BUSY” thing is from Frosty the snowman you FOOL

  • Not saying the guy is a saint, but for the guy angry about Spanish speaking at the Poker table, it is a very common rule for casinos to only allow English at the poker table, because speaking in other languages allows for people to collude against players without their knowledge very easily. Which, as you can imagine, if there is 9 people at the table and two or three of them are working together those remaining people are playing 1v3, which is unfair and actually illegal, especially if the casino doesn't do anything about it. However, this guy is probably just a racist based on the rest of his comment, lol.

  • No it didn’t

  • I don't know what americans believe ''...'' to be. It has many meaning depending on context or language, it can be a suspension mark for an allusion/insinuation, to represent a silence or a voluntary omission and more. Don't assume that you know everything you need to know about grammar and laugh at people who may have learned english from people with basic grammar knowledge. Edit: comedy central youtube channel is not available in my country. I get why you have nord vpn for sponsors now.