i made all the bad video ideas people gave me

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this is a video about about all the dumb stupid terribly bad poop ideas people give me.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • don't start giving me bad videos now because i ain't doin this again but follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets or i will attack you

    • Make a video where you spill a box of Rice Krispies on the floor and then you hear snap crackle and pop for about 10 minutes afterwards

    • 7:22 God is reading symptoms of being a human 😂 now that's something 😂😂

    • attack me, gus-senpai~

    • Gus "hasno" Johnson. Being unfunny in every video he ever has done. God your mom has a sexy voice. Here's my advice......... You are not funny.

    • Dominick The Weeb shut up weeb

  • Gus you broke my google

  • Symptoms of being human is one of my favorite books

  • Oh no my tea is too hot guess i'll watch this video

  • I like how they’re able to make these dumb ideas into something fantastic

  • 1:54 is definetly a legit good video!

  • "Hey mom, i love you" "Alright" AHHHHYHHHHHDHHSHDHDGSHS

  • The captions make this 2x funnier The blender is music

  • I am English and horrified cause 5:40 u have the fcking tea bag left in

  • Idk the hot tea one killed me

  • the shower one was actually pretty on brand though lol

  • I feel like Gus could have made half of these look funny

  • I feel like the one "shake the ketchup well before opening" was good but only because of their deliverys

  • Okay but you gotta admit. The dam video was pretty funny...

  • Heres one, ignoring you telling me not to. white people being gangster or stereotypical suburban family.

  • These could have been done better. You shat on those ideas

  • Now that's a video

  • Best part of the video is the doge

  • What skren wanted to do the ice one

  • I can't really ever seem to know if Gus is being serious or not.

  • Ripped off micheal reeves :v

  • Well you made a video about them and we all watched it so we're they really bad ideas? Answer: yes

  • Who the hell comes up with these ideas

  • i really like the one about the outlet and the one about tea and the dam one too

  • You set off my google on my phone and this bitch went off for like a minute and I couldn't stop it..

  • The raycon sponsor was the only funny part

  • your death staring had me good man

  • you have to make a video about doing bad film ideas but in the end its better than expected

  • *what did Kevin say*

  • Gus being mean stresses me out when he is mean lol

  • i liked the ketchup one

  • Omfg 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • This has Michael Reeves vibes

  • Make a video where you lost your sunglasses, and found them on your head

  • I love my work-office-bathroom.

  • lol i live in wisconsin too

  • 5:09 - 5:32 A good representation of what I do on a daily basis

  • Do one where you use a hypodermic needle before your friend with AIDs comes in and asks "Hey, have you seen my hypodermic needle?'"

  • 2:57 You: "This will be great footage for a ISchats video. Good loving mom being awkward". Your Mom to self: "I think my child is documenting their Parricide".

  • Your mom was like "Is this really my son?" lol

  • now THATS a video!

  • Ok the slipping on ice one is cracking me up though

  • Ngl the tea one had me laughing

  • Gus that's a video

  • The ice cram one was in fact funny

  • as a person raised mostly in wisconsin, all these behaviors make sense to me... and yes, they are all this cringe, why do I still live here?

  • I feel like the spirit of the ketchup bottle thing is something that could be funny though if you try. Just not original. It's just like the jokes from back in the day about not removing the tag from the mattress where people remove it and get locked up immediately.


  • So the ice one was great tho

  • ok but the walking on ice one was kinda funny

  • The ad read was actually my favorite part.

  • This was pretty funny, tell your friends to keep the ideas coming!

  • This has got to be one of my favorite videos you've done....these are soooooooo bad, they're funny.

  • Honestly, I don't get this video. You've done good content with less in the past. If only you could have put some effort into some of these, they could have been at least decent.

  • We sound enough alike my google device thought I was talking to it when you said "hey google"

  • a bunch of these ideas wernet half bad, they just expected you to like overreact

  • thought this video was about bad ice cream

  • Don't worry bro I have a _good_ video idea: Something about spam and maybe batman. Spatman.. No, Spamman.. No, that sucks, well all the pieces are there, remember to credit me in the video.

  • The wrong on ice one actually got a chuckle outta me

  • I think your mom thinks that you're strange sometimes, Gus......

  • The hospital one is great

  • Ok but I actually laughed really hard at the ice one.

  • Ooh LMAO When svens long legs fling around 🥺😂

  • Mom's acting is next level stupendous.

  • 5:41 alternative title “Look at my brother breakdance”

  • The ketchup one made me laugh tho

  • Lol .... the icecream one actually got me

  • Me watching from my work-office-bathroom like 👁👄👁

  • I wonder if ur still in wisconsin

  • That’s a video

  • Sabrina looks like a teacher

  • You should also make a video about a horse a piece

  • You should make a video about bubblers and how they say creek up in WI (Just moved here from Colorado oh boy)

  • So bad it's good

  • Ok but that ice one was practically breakdancing

  • Twenty years ago I stopped watching Američan Television. This year I met another couple of idiots from Winsconsin,they own South Pacific timbers. After watching this I feel Im invaded by people from Wisconsin. People from Wisconsin need to staý in Wisconsin and have all their media and communications disconnected.

  • "Oh no, my tea is a little too hot" *proceeds to rethink life*

  • therapist: tposing gus isnt real he cannot hurt you Tposing gus: 0:52

  • The dam one got me, the camera work did the trick

  • I legit thought id accidentally puased the vid in that hot tea clip

  • I love wisconsin

  • ..... the video idea was brushing your TEETH.... not your face.

  • Ok. He could not have picked a better person for the ice one. It was just flailing legs🤣

  • " Block my number " 🤣 WHY? Are you warning her that you're about to bombard her with even more bad ideas? Trying to give her a chance to run for the hills? Lmao

  • Imagine watching this, seeing your idea and just getting hit with the realization that your idea sucked.

  • I'm glad it's behind us. That was a ride!

  • That dead of winter joke was actually pretty funny

  • I’ll be honest... I love these.

  • nobody: Gus: (Post the last line in comments)

  • the ketchup sketch made me laugh out loud

  • Man guys, I think that was a video right there

  • Your mom interrupting you, now that's a video

  • I was born in Wisconsin

  • “Thanks mom, I love you.” Mom: *nods* **cries**

  • How did you manage to make a bunch of trash comedy complete gold.

  • 2:00 did he go to an actual hospital just to film this?

  • Everyone else: “That’s a video.” Gus: “That could be a video...”

  • But then y did i laugh at the ketchup one

  • Family guy actually did the tongue burn joke.. They're still just so cutting edge

  • Beat coastal