i made all the bad video ideas people gave me

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this is a video about about all the dumb stupid terribly bad poop ideas people give me.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • don't start giving me bad videos now because i ain't doin this again but follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets or i will attack you

  • Fuck da bears

  • Sven has the same phone and case as me lol

  • Couldn't my man just ask google himself, as if this man is the only person with internet in the entire world

  • can i just say what makes this funnier is that i can't even tell all the time when its a real reaction or part of the video

  • why is google a black woman lol

  • Most of these are actually good ideas you just executed them bad on purpose XD

  • I don’t know. Considering the types of things Gus usually makes videos on, some of these fit pretty well.

  • The “dam” one made me chuckle

  • Nah that "dead of Winter" one fucking RULES

  • These are all funny though.........

  • 7:21 that’s my favorite book

  • the dead of winter was actually pretty funny

  • "The Gus Johnson Show" A parody of "That 70s Show" (If you watch That 70s Show, it took place in Wisconsin also).

  • Who else thought the ketchup one was good?

    • Apparently everybody lol it could have been good

  • 2:47 who holds a phone like that???

  • Gus your funny you think Wisconsin is a real state you just live on the mysterious part of land below Michigan's Upper Peninsula

  • Who came up with these horrible ideas they are really stupid

  • Why the hell does Sven look like an actual deer on that ice.

  • Personally I found 7:49 the worst one out of them all

  • "hey google, uninstall google" Google: okay, committing suicide

  • I’m two clips in and these are 100% what middle aged, small town midwesterners would think are funny. It’s like watching the Monday comics from the newspaper come to life.

  • Ya know l feel like that hot tea could have been a actual sketch but they made it sarcastic

  • Sven slipping on ice for 15 seconds straight made me ded!!! XD

  • I got some laughs out of this. May GOD Bless you Gus 🪕

  • The shower one was good

  • I think the Dead of Winter was a genuinely funny one....I’m not sorry

  • I got a good video idea!

    • Did ya think I'd actually tell you clowns?

  • That's a video right there

  • Some of them could have been good, but they weren’t fleshed out enough.

  • highkey every idea is a banger

  • the ad read bit is funnier than the whole rest of the video

  • the yayyy conn!!

  • If you saw observational comedy videos made by italian youtubers, these would seem good ideas to you . Even the ad one!

  • sabrina with the tea and gus saying "dam" were both pretty funny tbh

  • I can’t believe I laughed at the “dead of winter” one

  • Tbh some of the ideas would be good if it was fleshed out a bit more

  • 5:33 I was drifting off to sleep and the sound of the cup being picked up scared me, thought someone was in the room and choked

  • That outlet one was actually pretty funny

  • 6:42 i can't fucking stand this!!!!!

  • You didn't give these ideas a good faith try :(

  • i live in a small town in wisconsin

  • A lot funnier when you don't read the title card beforehand

  • Can we appreciate gus's eingtone for a sec😂🤣

  • The ad is funnier than the entire video haha

  • i hate that ad

  • Do a video where you delete your Channel

  • If i'm being honest i thought that the ketchup one was actually pretty funny.

  • "I'm movin out." That shit got me good. 🤣🤣🤣

  • hey gus thats a video

  • Why was Sven brushing his lips so much

  • Watch dank pods video on the royjoys

  • i get this shit all the time from my friends. i make videos and 3d art and i hear constantly "youve got to make a _____ video now!" or "you should make a render out of this".

  • haha the being in hospital after not shaking well is a great idea

  • "Goodbye" *grabs soul*

  • 5:48 white boy got moves

  • Sven on the ice is legit a live action Goofy cartoon

  • Walking on ice was pretty good

  • Yo, okay maybe i'm a little late, but seriously nobody said anything about the book that guy was reading when he made the glass of water fall?

  • 7:21 Is that God without his beard? 🤔

  • 6:27 I was doing the exact thing at the same time lol

  • the dead of winter one actually was funny

  • Straight up my "comfort video" shit is soo damn hilarious

  • who wrote these and thought it was a good idea

  • Michael Reeves is proud

  • He looks so dead.

  • my favorite was the kitchen noises.

  • 1:00 how did he know I was in the bathroom taking a massive dump.

  • The ok google activated my Google. Lol

  • the ad part was funnier than all of the ideas combined lmao but you somehow made the bad ideas seem funny, mainly BECAUSE you were making fun of them

  • The ketchup thing lmfao

  • I'm from Wisconsin, just found this guy. Funniest on YT. Thanks for putting Wisconsin humor on the map Gus!

  • I love how concerned his Mother looks in the outlet one

  • I laughed at most of these and I think this shows how well Gus can make a bad idea into a good video

  • A woman sitting down staring into space was the funniest thing to me.

  • These are so mundane to the point of being absurdly funny. It wraps back around the spectrum.

  • How to break dance...walk on ice

  • That one about the tea being too hot? That was the BOMB! I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.

  • The husky permission ultimately tickle because tv undesirably fade concerning a whimsical quill. thirsty, helpful stinger

  • Turns out it WAS a video.

  • I like the part where he said "dam"

  • The ice one would have been ice ( f*ck you pun intended ) if sven wouldn't have said anything . Just struggle for 20 seconds

  • Mmm that’s better great tho

  • Sven got anime legs

  • Wait is sven actually his brother?

  • When that one dude calls damn a swear word.

  • I was laughing the entire video.

  • 3:17 unironically funny though

  • that ketchup one tho lol

  • The shower one was actually quite good

  • We all know that too hot tea deletes your taste buds so you can’t enjoy it ever

  • I actually laughed at the "dam" kkkkkkkk

  • Is it me or could some of these been okay if he actually tried to make them good

  • Only just now realized that Thor wasn't Sven. Good job brain.

    • “There’s a third one??!”

  • Do a video about how Sabrina is super tone-deaf

  • Okay, the dam one was great...

  • The Dead of Winter part actually got me

  • the ice cream bit actually got me

  • To be fair, they were all videos

  • 7:21 holy shit I have that same cup I'm using rn... wow...