i made all the bad video ideas people gave me

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this is a video about about all the dumb stupid terribly bad poop ideas people give me.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • don't start giving me bad videos now because i ain't doin this again but follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets or i will attack you

    • Ok I have a character idea for you it’s lite beer buzz or buzz lite beer and you dress up as buzz light year and don’t do anything

    • you could modify the brother returning one to the hospital doesn’t have a return policy and instead of brother have it been the son

    • you should make a video about that

    • Gus....you could've made this terrible ideas into something ReeeAAllllllLll Gus....into some real bangers....come on Gus...you could've made the most unfunniest video you have and made it into something special...🥺

    • i dont know if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. Find it on google :D

  • Where is mom's mustache?

  • Sponsor of the video was funnier than the other ones XD

  • 6:16 this joke is I a book, that millions of people read, and find it funny

  • I think they would all have worked if he did them completely over the top and I mean that is most likely what people mean when they tell him "thats a video" or maybe he knocked the glass over in a way that made them laugh or something he is not aware about. But, yeah, I think the "thats a video" mindset is coming from people who think that youtubers in general just don't put much effort in sketches or videos so like they could film everything and anything and it would make it funny or meaningful. Thise people usually don't see the effoet and comedic talent that most of the tile goes into peoples videos

  • Who actually thinks this shit is funny?

  • “Always expect your fans to be worse than what you are” -Me

  • E

  • Looks like you're in Ohio

  • Someone said "that's a video" to someone saying that's a video, and gus was like 👈👈 "that's a video"

  • Holy shit Gus' mom predicted covid right at the end

  • Prank call 911

  • I feel like the dead of winter one could have actually been a video though

  • They thought "hey Google, uninstall Google" would be some sort of techno-zappy zero divided by zero implosion paradox hacker movie scene

  • The not shaking the ketchup was genuinely funny

  • That's a FIRE retro angels bullpen jacket

  • The last one was so random about the earbuds.

  • Your mom is really good at acting! She really seemed like she didn’t love you.

  • Now that's a video

  • Actually, that dam one was pretty good lol

  • 4:48 tell me why thats me

  • I have that exact arcade machine 5:04

  • my phone heard you trying to delete google

  • 1:37 I've never seen someone so unenthused.

  • That Ice safety video was halarious cuz sven is so tall💀

  • ur mom is done with you

  • I wish we were friends. Do a video about First day of High School and last day of high school.

  • Mom didn't give a shit lol

  • Do a reaction video to this video. Then do a reaction video to that video. That's a video.

  • No joke, he and Sabrina are hilarious together

  • When he said "ok Google" it paused the video and my phone was like "how can I help" Well done.

  • Sounds like Gus is just salty that he didn’t think of these first lol. These actually could have been really good though....some of them at least....

  • This is def a sub special

  • I have never been to Wisconsin

    • Looks a lot like ohio

  • "bad ideas"... 165k likes... 🤔

  • For some reason unbeknownst to me I laughed at the ice bit.

  • The ice one was actually pretty good

  • "Ah, hey, I love you!" "Alright."

  • 5:55 Sven legit looked like Linguini from Ratatouille.

  • To be fair, you got over 1 million view on a video about posting videos on reddit


  • Me sitting In my office bathroom: 😳

  • See, clearly they were right.

  • Some of these ideas actually aren't too bad if executed properly.

  • The ketchup one was pretty good ngl

  • You should make a video about playing with rocks outside!!

  • The ad break at 7:46 had a “Bounty Paper Towel” ad... PERFECTION!

  • Who are the stale bread eaters who came up with these ideas

  • I like the ice one

  • I laughed out loud from dam

  • the shower one could have been so funny if it went "oh yeah the reason i called is because [relative] died."

  • Ham

  • Some of these actually could work well for a video if you added just a bit more detail

  • I discovered you with mark vidéo, really nice content ^^

  • id like to think thats how sven normally brushes his teath

  • That Angels jacket needs to be a video it’s amazing!

  • You should make this a video

  • I think these were just his own ideas in his phone's notes and he's just too embarrassed to admit it lol

  • to be fair you did make a video about a guy stealing pb&j’s from his friend and getting pb&j all over his face so idk how much liberty you have to diss these ideas

  • *i have an idea:* what actually happens when you accidentally start a vc in a dm on discord

  • The ketchup bottle skit is pretty funny

  • Knowing that these aren't funny, made them funny

  • This is like faibern films right now

  • tbh some of those wouldn't have been so bad if there was more enthusiasm. Like, one, maybe, or two.

  • You should totally do a video on people like me who are impatient and scroll to the comments section before the video is even over just to post a suggestion about how you should totally do a video on people like me who are impatient and scroll to the comments section before the video is even over just to post a suggestion about how you should totally do a video.......

  • Lol the DAM made me laugh genuinely

  • Make a video where you do a bunch of stupid ideas. Now that’s a video!

  • Ngl the dam one made me chuckle

  • Disliked the video because of the “Beat Coastal” shirt. Also these ideas were (mostly) terrible 😅

  • 5:29 I checked if the video is paused lol

  • The shower one was freaking hilarious. I was so uncomfortable watching it.

  • The ice one went on way longer than I expected

  • The person watching their idea getting made fun of be like 😐

  • These are just Instagram comedy sketches

  • that tea one only was entertaining cause i noticed a arcade machine in the back there. also why did you pick the only 2 games nobody has probably heard of

  • the "dam" idea was actually not that bad

  • I think he shouldn't take these ideas as jokes and even though they are weak, he should apply a little bit because he is such a good actor that he could make them not bad, And so you can see that he is angry that he has to do it at all. it puts more emphasis on advertising.

  • Okay but I actually love the dead of winter one

  • 02:25 could be a joel haver skit

  • I believe the ad was funnier than all the videos

  • He’s been hanging out with micheal reeves to much

  • Sabrina "playing" with her dog gave me anxiety lol.

  • My phone died at 1:12

  • 1:13 my phone deid

  • The randomness of these videos is what makes them so funny, keep it up Gus


  • hey gus thats a video you should make a video out of that

  • Why the fuck did I laugh at “dead of winter”

  • 1:31 my Google actually reacted to it

  • I liked the singing one. The walking safe was good. You're supposed to brush with an up-and-down motion you know that right?😁 Raycons are dog poop, well I never tried em but I heard that somewhere, nevermind. The box cost more than the earbuds, well maybe, nevermind.

  • I feel the pain bruh if I have ideas for anything I double check to make sure they’re worth filming otherwise I just forget the ideas lol

  • These are killer ideas.....You just don't know comedy gold, Gus Johnson....

  • At 6:00 damn I didn't know Sven could break dance

  • Gus: I’m tired of all these bad ideas Random dude: yo that’s a video

  • The walking on ice, damn, and tooth brushing one was actually kinda funny

  • Now who wipes up a spill WITHOUT MOVING THE GLASS

  • Hey Gus, do a video about subway jalapeno stems

  • Anyone else laugh to almost all of these?

  • The river dam was the best

  • Hey I live in Wisconsin! What part did you live in?