when you publicly tell someone to check their DMs

Birt 18 mar 2019
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when you publicly tell someone to check their dms
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  • if you or a loved one has been affected by publicly "atting" someone to check their DMs, please follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets

  • 1 exception - angry girlfriend who does it and lets everyone know you're in deep shit because you're not texting her back because you know *exactly* what you did

  • only positive is impressions

  • how many people @ed you to check your DMs after u posted this Gus

  • That wheat thin came out of nowhere, I feel like I'm at a magic show

  • The fact that he’s cutting up a wheat thind

  • All youtube & public figures should just delete their twitter account all at once, so we can kill twitter. #WalkawayTWT

  • I’m sry Gus for asking you online to check your dms I’ll make it up to you just check you dms and we’ll resolve it together

  • @ Gus John Son Check your DMs

  • very wise, I respect that

  • Gosh darn, I'm so tempted to send this video to his DM's and then publicly @ him...

  • Wtf youtube just unsubed me and I cant resub wtf

  • I feel like this happened to him so he just made a video

  • Did Eddy ever check his DMs?

  • It was always annoying to look for a solution to a problem and see "I DMed you the solution" I don't think you should ever announce you DMed someone.

  • hey jus ghonson check your dms ;))))))

  • I just did this the other day...I'm so sorry @PaulKellyBenson

  • I think I get the point If you don't want to check the DM in Twitter, check it in Instagram!

  • Yeah just gonna piggyback off Josh here, I don't think public ating is good

  • Check ur dms

  • The math confuses me

  • gottem

  • this sounds like that thing you hear on a plane before you lift off

  • Add me on discord: Shounak123#5951

  • Instructions unclear, publicly "atted" everyone to check their DMs 100% of the time

  • Alternative title: *_Gus Johnson chops Wheat Thins ASMR_*

  • This should be an ad

  • Linking this whenever somebody does this to me

  • @Gus Johnson Check dms please

  • I heard that when 50 cent is mentioning “P.I.M.P” in his song he’s actually giving an acronym of the negatives of publicly @‘ing someone

  • I had to @ someone's friends to let them know a stalker they blocked years earlier was making death threats online but no one else had noticed yet. The major problem was that the person lived in their area, was diagnosed with a serious mental disorder, and had been arrested and institutionalized before for violent criminal acts. Edit: None of the friends had their DM turned on. No one did. Yes, the police eventually got involved, did a wellness check and institutionalized the stalker.

  • twitter for android? cringe bruh!

  • Is this just a copy and paste from another shit he's done?

  • This was just so he could tell eddy indirectly with the sign to check his dms

  • Jesus Christ, who is holding the camera? A coke addict after 6 cups of coffee?

  • *chops wheat thins*

  • @gusbuckets hi

  • Okay but Twitter DMs break like everyone week so it’s always questionable if someone actually got the botif

  • "at"

  • Haha fucking unpopular people, how pathetic.

  • ischats.info/fun/lLSwZahqiJeOlIg/v-deo

  • *publicly @s Gus Johnson to tell him to read his dms*

  • @GusJohnson check your DM's

  • This is me when someone adds me in a group on PS4

  • if you don't send this to everyone who @'s you I'll be disappointed

  • Only one "um" in the whole thing, incredible

  • Lmao

  • I feel like he’s calling someone out

  • Where did you get that knife it looks sick I don’t know why but I was thinking about how I want that knife this whole video. My kitchen knife sucks

  • Notice the Twitter for Android idk why but lost it

  • "@"

  • Why does Gus look especially buff in this vid.

  • @gus janeson check ur dms bruv

  • Loved this

  • Liiiike so

  • _Hey, @GusJohnson check your dms_

  • gus was making wheat thinners at the start

  • Basically when your younger siblings tells you that the song your lost ending to was stolen from tik tok

  • Dude check your dms

  • Thank you for your important research

  • I really enjoy a lot of your videos Gus. Although I have come to feel like I am playing Russian roulette every time I click on a video of yours I still really enjoy at least half your content.

  • And then you check the DM, and the DM be like "Yo"

  • @everyone HAHSHAHAHA

  • Check your DM's

    • Oh wait i finished the video, does this mean i could possibly be seen as pathetic?

  • directions weren't clear, accidentally stabbed a guy at Wallmart. gus check your dms, I have some things to say

  • Hey, great video! Could you check your dms?

  • As soon as I get a Twitter account I'm doing this to gus

  • "Atting"

  • I feel like he made this after someone @'d him on twitter telling him to check his dms

  • Someone says something controversial in your comment section. You send them a dm and reply to tell them you did so

  • Actually the only positive thing is they will do it

  • Why is no one talking about how he was cutting up wheat thins at the start of the video

  • Same goes for people that publicly shares their friends phone number and asks followers to text him to move his car

  • Hey @GusJohnson! Check your dms!


  • @GusJohnson check your DMs

  • It’s called tagging the

  • Not even just Twitter. I’ve seen private group chats with one person telling another to check their other private chat. It’s so stupid.

  • Alright, but what about DMing people to check their timeline?

  • Why do I feel like a large sec of your followers will now @ you to check your DMs...

  • Stop fucking crying about it god damn

    • You seem to be the one crying tbh

  • @gusjohnson check ur dms

  • @gusbuckets just privately dmed you about a study I did showing that you’re wrong and I’m right. Check it right now RIGHT NOW you goddamn liar

  • Great video of a mayonnaise sandwich.

  • Twitter is cancer

  • But what if they have dms closed 🤔

  • But did you check your DMs tho?

  • 0:53 is nobody gonna talk about how that was a perfect circle?

  • my grandma does this but for facebook lol

  • @Gus Johnson dude check your DMs for once

  • me when I'm cutting up my wheat thins individually

  • "@"

  • As a UX designer, this video felt like my work lol

  • So you’re saying there’s a chance?

  • Yo Gus u never answered my DMS. I hate u now

  • "@"

  • Why does gus look really manly and lesbian at the same time.

  • This makes me wanna publically @ gus om twitter and tell him to check his dms

  • @gus johnson. We got beef

  • Alright but uh This mainly only applies to creators. Any old average twitter user should be fine to do this sort of thing