How To Be A Professor - Gus Johnson

Birt 28 jan 2017
Follow this simple guide to learn how to be a successful professor.
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Today we learn how to be a professor.
Special thanks to nobody - I did it all myself.
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  • I’m so sorry headphone users

  • Thanks man, this saved me on my first day.

  • The funny thing is I live in Colorado

  • There are actually 30 minute ads on this platform, so if you're a professor and something like that appears, relax and get some popcorn.

  • I'm not even English nor American, and this sh*t still applies

  • lol my professors prefer I call them with their first names.

  • My history teacher actually does the thing where he leaves the cursor sitting on the play button. I always think of this video when he does.

  • first off why was this in my recommended from 2017 second how the fuck did Gus know i used the bathroom took a shit and watch this video after send help

  • Is their something ironic about their being a teaching video to be a professor

  • Lol, tru

  • This explained nothing about giving way too many group projects

  • I have to go to the bath room brb

  • What the fuck this is exactly what teachers are like. Especially the loud as fuck videos they put on. Literally. Every. Single. Day.

  • Basiclly what ur saying is be anooying as fuck

  • or you can keep the speakers at a super low volume

  • Hmm remind me of my prof

  • My english teacher said "I'm a terrible artist" and proceded to draw a hill with stick figures hand in hand on it. We were reading Lord of the Flies.

  • With a thumbnail like that, who couldn't click?

  • That guy took 6 years to become a professor? I learned in three minutes and fifty six seconds.

  • 2:11 to 3:40 is how i feel every class

  • plot twist he knew what netflix and chill means

  • He had a Netflix and chill with his brother

  • Did you know the mitochondria is the power of the cell?


  • Certified classic

  • 1. Why do teachers ALWAYS leave the Mouse on the screen 2. Why is the same clock like the standard edition for ALL schools

  • You need to learn from professors to be a professor, so who taught that professor that taught that professor that taught that professor that taught that professor

  • Yeah, you spent 6 years in the most rigorous learning environment reaching the peak of your knowledge and maturity... but what really matters is that a dumb 19 year old who you see once a week acknowledges it every time they address you.

  • U forgot bad made websites from 2 decades ago with tasks lol

  • This was my health teacher and a nutshell, but he drew better than an A-tier artist.

  • My professors were like, "Just call me J., and I'm gonna be wearing old graphic tees every day". Chill af

  • the yt video part triggered me

  • I first saw this video a few years ago, and now I'm going to college in the fall. I guess this is what I should finally start preparing for!

  • How was this 4 years ago

  • I hope some daring student was able to have this video pop up as first on the screen when the professor's first class started.

  • in italy during that 20 minutes left of class, they give students tests: the teacher gives you questions and you have to answer on the spot with a lengthy and accurate answer. That's really stressful, considering that these "tests" make up for 80% of your final grades

  • I notice you didn't mention that, if given the option, mister professor will always choose to use the yellow marker that nobody can see from more than five feet away. Mister professor also insists on getting every last drop of juice out of a marker before throwing it away (much to the same effect), because he has to spend $10 of his own money on markers every single year god dammit.

  • This is the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen out of a ISchats video!!!!!

  • What kind of schools have you been to bro?

  • Art professor:I’m not that good at art :) Me:wha???

  • This has to be real, because it’s all way too true

  • If nerds had a default skin this would be it

  • Missed an opportunity to say your brother came from Alabama... just saying

  • 2:03 You didn't even hook up the computer to the projector. This video is way better at teaching how to be a professor than I thought

  • 2:52 is literally my parents AND my teachers

  • My teacher for Teaching Academy showed us this video in class

  • The funniest thing about this is when he's just spinning around looking perpetually confused.

  • The school starter pack

  • I am a professor and this is all true. I try to be hip by using cool jargon but it usually backfires.

  • can i go to the bathroom

    • You should have before class

  • I heard "MITOCHON!---------" and I never heard again

  • Dude my professors been using the same projector for 25 years and still doesn’t know how to use it


  • This would be the kind of teacher who would yell at a kid for using his inhaler

  • Literally every teacher

  • This is historical. Plus, the quality of story and acting. Top notch.


  • But Netflix and chilling with cousins is a very normal term

  • You forgot about accidentally clicking "next video" button insted of pause button or volume slider

  • My guy how do you know I need to go to the bathroom

  • My dad is becoming a professor in a year, this already sounds exactly like him.


  • I learned one thing from Mr professor johnson, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  • Idk, I’d be pretty adamant about my title 😂

  • Only thing you forgot is that everyone will say you forgot something

  • my 7th grade science teacher :/

  • My science teacher still forgets to turn the smartboard off of freeze and he’s been teaching for like 30 years Edit: He is always accurate with his stereotypes

  • All of my teachers do that smart board shit


  • I have literally, on more than one occasion, gotten up and out of my desk and went over to a teacher's laptop to move the cursor off the screen for them. Several of them have responded with some version of "I was going to do that!" Really? Were you? It's been 9 minutes, were you really.

  • 0:49 Amazing example, I made the face like I just ate a sour grape when he said this

  • This is basically just how 99% of boomers interact with technology

  • One of my freinds in my class during share something good said “ one time me and my family were having dinner and my little sister said this chicken busting sheeeesh” and my teacher went “noooo”

  • Don’t forget auto play!

  • Talks about walk to work for 40 minutes, tells class to come by during office hours to learn calculus.

  • You forgot 'teach racism and racial segregation, also known as Critical Race Theory' while claiming those holding differing views are the ACTUAL white supremacists.

  • What if I’m on the toilet when I’m watching this

  • that's "Mister Doctor Professor Patrick" to you

  • One thing I will say as someone who's going into teaching is that I would make some degree of a deal about not letting students see my email. There could be things in there about student grades, discipline, parent contact, or anything else that you would want to keep confidential. The last thing I need is a call from admin about why I displayed a email about a student IEP to a whole class.

  • Omg the add's so's so... awkward... especially when they just stand there lol

  • Imagine the other people in the door next to the room

  • 0:45 *Banjo intensifies*

  • I see the miniature and I say to myself x)

  • This is the first thing that comes up when you google how to be a professor

  • I'm glad that he included the link because I seriously needed to know what mitochondria are. I thought that it was the process of cell reproduction.

  • "Me and my brother had a bit of that 'Netflix and Chill' time, so it was a pretty good weekend!" home sweet Alabama

  • coming back to this thinking dear fucking god he looks weird with out facial hair

  • WHen my techer had an online class and tried to show us a video on the internet, in his browser u could see commercials for viagra

  • Gus without any facial hair scares the shit out of me.

  • the pause button is so real

  • I remember those markers for when a teacher makes you get up and answer a question but you’re there for 2minutes looking for a marker that work

  • “Then turn back and draw the most grotesque and child like rappresentation of an object" *draws a women*

  • I wish my teacher was this reasonable

  • I love how Gus' face can just morph into any age role he desires

  • I don’t remember the earrape part being actual earrape my fricking ears

  • I’m in 7th grade and I’m already learning about how the mitochondria

  • I’m in eight grade and I can’t stop laughin

  • That thumbnail.

  • 1:35 Well that is so relatable 😂

    • Hello random verified yt user, brace youself for likes coming your way

    • 0:00 - 3:56 is pretty relatable too

    • 2:03 is also relatabul but enstead of my email its my wach history

    • So is 2:45

  • This is exactly my previous teacher The entire class hated him