The world's most dangerous fast food training video

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ok this video is about jack in the box or something.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • wow what a tasty video. if you want to eat more go follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets

    • I just wanna know how many times you were contractually obligated to say that the Raycons were "slick"

    • @Zenn Exile I'm somewhat late to the discussion, but I agree it's great! I think this was meant as a parody for 70's horror movie trailers.

    • You should watch the german instruction video called "Staplerfahrer Klaus". It's a forklift instruction film with blood, gore and guts. 😄

    • I guess back then 35 year olds still worked at jack in the box

    • I am 70th commenter, no more 69 😭

  • Wow, glad I worked at Taco Bell where the only dangers were the actual food and ex-con employees

  • Your "OK Google" triggered my Google on my phone 😂

  • Jack In The Box is apparently equal to fucking Auschwitz on the level of danger

  • 3:37 trump getting covid


  • I think the guy at the beginning was supposed to say: ,,We have to keep this doors locked. Its the best form of security''

  • Me, the girl at home: 👩🏽‍💻

  • I physically recoil everytime I watch this and gus says "Gucci slips"

  • When he said hey google my google assistant activated lmao.

  • Wow I just realized this is the one year Anniversary of this video The least exciting anniversary ever...

  • When's Ted gonna learn 😂

  • "We have to keep this door locked. [It's (the/our) best hope of security?]" I THINK this is what that guy said???

  • 6:51 fuck you.

  • Can we get more of these reaction to funny commercials

  • Im gunna have a baby just so you can sign it bro

  • That intro alone was enough to earn my like.

  • Jack in the crack killed hundreds of people in the 90’s

  • this is so obviously a joke and everyone is like "wHY IS THIS VIDEO SO GOOFYY???"

  • ofcourse hes black no wonder it got taken down

  • Your vids are cool! 😎

  • is 0:55 on spotify?

  • Some guy: I just got a job at jack in the box Some guy: Watches the training video... That's it! Screw this job, I'm out!

  • Soooooo this is the prequel to Final Destination.

  • Ur clearly missing the joke Gus. Yes they made it intentionally look sound a horror movie commercial.

  • He said "we have to keep this door locked, it's the best hope of security"

  • Shame jontron didn’t do a video in this

  • I'll be honest: I'm vibing with this channel

  • i only knew you had a hernia cause of the micheal reeves vid

  • Dude, those tomato slicers are dangerous. Legit, don't mess with them.

  • My theory: the training scenes aren't in chronological order, and that fall at the end is how he ended up with the neck brace. Also, he probably fell down the stairs because he was woozy from eating it on the wet floor earlier that day

  • This is great! I love how cheesy is is, I think that's what there going for.

  • Legend has it, Ted Bundy still haunts this Jack in the Box to this very day... rocking those same. very. platform. heels.

  • 9:12 When you kill a 12 year old on xbox live

  • What is the timeline of that video?

  • 7:50 music?

  • lmao I think they knew what they were doing even though it was the 70s

  • can I still get the tickets?

  • You can run cars on canoilo oil

  • That was a grease fire

  • I watched it 9 times

  • Loving the stash!

  • My google home yelled out the width of the Caspian sea thanks to this video

  • *Some employee watching this:* "Boy this sure does make me want to continue my job and not quit working at Jack-in-the-box."

  • How does anyone work at Jack in the Box anymore?🤣

  • The guy said "Our best hope for security" ... I think.🤣

  • “I’m just gonna see you. We’ll take photos, I’ll sign your baby, it’ll be a grand ol’ opre.” -Gus Johnson

  • What mic does Gus use?

  • u were way more skinnier back in the days...

  • Okay but I legit have a fear of grease fires they can come out of nowhere and reignite out of nowhere just like in the video. This whole video just convinces me I'll die in a jack in a box someday

  • Worst Jack In The Box commercial I have ever seen...

  • 3:26

  • Is the Michael Phelps chicken samich like the OG Travis Scott burger?

  • Bro I'm a 20 year old adult man THANKYOU VERY MUCH!!! lol jk love the vids Gus!!!

  • Why is there even a staircase in a Jack-in-the-Box? what is he gonna do, grill burgers on the roof

  • Gotta say I at least cringed at the potato peeler would be to scared to use it now lol thanksss

  • I thought it was clear when he said its our best hope of security

  • I start Mon. at tha box. They didn't tell me one damn thing about the horrors and the stomach thing. Thanks Gus. You have given me a hope and maybe a chance to survive my shift. Which is late nite, my God Dracula, Wolf Bugger, Franken.........................👻👹💀🦴🧦🎃🎅🧟🧛🦕🏗️ Scream, scream for your lives!

  • The comment about selling a taco to a drunk ass 17 year old hit a little too hard gus c'mon

  • That tomato slicer is no joke, it's my favorite when people toss that shit in the sudsy ass sink

  • My Google also looked up the Caspian Sea

  • Dang you really like those headphones lol

  • He sounds like terroriser

  • My sleep paralysis be like 7:50

  • i'd watch that horror movie

  • FUCKING never should have existed crime against humanity... define win ... Tik Tock is fucking horrible for humans mental health fuck off China the joke is on all the Fucking users even wholesome content it just never even mattered at all another putrid distraction good riddance to the shit show...

  • Insidious. Tomato slicer.

  • I like your shirt

  • LOL. I wish the training videos I had to watch for training were this entertaining.

  • every time we went to Hawaii on a gig we had to eat "Jack in the Crack" and get one of those antenna spongy things to put on your car antenna, which makes me out to be about 60 yrs old, which i am and have no life. Pass the fries please.

  • No training about where the peep holes are in the bathrooms?

  • 2:25 I'll help you Gus, He said "We have to keep this door locked, it's the best hope of security."

  • Raycon sucks

  • Not funny. Did you know that people (including a child!) died from E.coli from J Box? My friend almost died from Hepatitis A that he got from a Jack in the Box in Torrance, CA along with hundreds of others.

  • If go in jack box die

  • I think he said vestibule of security lol

    • Nope. Best hope of security. Listen to it again

  • Maybe Ted has a crush on Tina and is trying to get tina’s attention

  • Oh I'm sorry, you didn't use the handrail... Time for permadeath.

  • Funny story my friends step dad got a finger in how lettuce at jack in the box

  • well it's really bad to leave the back door open, Gus. And it's very important. What's your problem with that

  • we r kinda danger pls work for us

  • Ted is showing some impressive emotional range. Give that man an Oscar

  • jack in the box hella deadly

  • You look like dr Phil and a decaprio baby

  • Ted bundey

  • what is that instrument

  • All they told me when I worked with a frier was "don't trow a wed rag in the frier, it explodes like a grenade." like what 10 IQ person was employed before me? At least I knew why the job opened up.

  • i appreciate that you like that raycon lets you do what you want with your adverts, but please do some research and don't sell us shit. v disappointed in the product you're selling, but i love your vids :)

  • Y'know, I used to work at a grocery store. I would've preferred this shit over whatever I watched there

  • That looks like Diane from cheers

  • You _know,_ that video would kill, if only they _still_ showed it to their new trainees! 😂😂😂

  • It’s amazing how uncomfortable I get when you weirdly move your hands across the screen.

  • 1:34 the face

  • Ted's finger: *is sliced Into 7ths* Ted: (°~°)

  • The ted actually kinda looks like ted bundy

  • 10:09 stop touching my eyeball, Gus.

  • One might say that Ted is the 'fall guy' for this video, particularly at 8:49. I'm sorry :)

  • The tomato slicer is a slow and insidious killer

  • Ted is trying to get a sweet taste of Tina.

  • What is the music note microphone e called?