The world's most dangerous fast food training video

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ok this video is about jack in the box or something.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  • wow what a tasty video. if you want to eat more go follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets

    • *SIGN MY BABY*

    • My deaf grandpa has some pretty sick air-pods

    • Elicit items you say. 😉

    • Fuck Twitter. Twitter is hacked Russian media.

    • Just so you know Gus he was wearing a back brace not a neck brace it keeps you from bending your back and helps to prevent worse injury

  • 9:00 ayo the pizza here

  • Nice otametone

  • How do we know who is who's boss?

  • I just want to say, there's always the chance of a reflash when it comes to grease/oil fires.

  • 7:50 anybody know what that music bit is called?

  • You didn't grow up in the 1970's did you? You've never been robbed while locked in the fast food freezer by a group of gun-toting gangsters. Yes, you can cut your finger off in a fast food restaurant.

  • 1:19 thanks for signing my baby 😂😂

  • The intro Deserves an instant like

  • Im watching this because i need to calm down after getting hernia symptoms. Thats intro really fucking helps lmao

  • What’s the song that plays at 7:51

  • You know your life is fucked up when you know what inguinal hernias are... but you aren't a doctor or someone with a hernia...

  • It always makes me sad to watch videos before unus annus was made- I don’t know why though

  • Gus seemed in such a good mood in this vid it’s a whole as vibe

  • I don’t know, whenever I added some style at Subway, I got some cute boys asking for my number...

  • This reminds me of the movie The Stuff

  • Is this safety vid ironic given that a 1993 ecoli outbreak linked to Jack in the Box killed 4 children and sickened over 700?

  • Ted reminds me of the kid who sat next to me in 8th grade geography who told everyone he swam from north korea to the twin cities in a day

  • Please watch "staplerfahrer klaus" it is a german safetyvideo for operating a forklift

    • thats the link to the video

  • thanks for triggering my Google Home. now i know how wide the Caspian Sea is

  • I’m quarantined with COVID feeling miserable but this video made me cry laughing. Thank you

  • I think it’s funny that you said Gucci slips because he’s about to slip

  • 5:42 what if he's an amputee

  • Dude it’s for bus Bussbussucrity 😒 ✋

  • Fuck Ted get it together man!

  • How... In the hell did I miss this when it came out?

  • 3:43

  • I worked in burger King for about 2 years, and I'll tell you now. Tomato slicers do not play fucking games

  • the ''dont lift with your back'' is a little false, if you never lift with back, the spine will actually become weak, it got muscles too you have to use them, should be ''dont lift really heavy objects with your back'' or ''dont lift with your back only''

  • Your my favurit youtuber

  • When I was watching this i got an add for Jack in the box but it was like a horror movie trailer

  • Every time you talk with your Google, my Google answers😂

  • The real terror is how ted keeps pooping himself when something goes wrong


  • Why does this music and audio quality make me think of scooby doo? Velma is that YOU MOPPING??

  • 3:52 that laughf

  • We have to keep this door locked it's our best HOPE of security

  • The fact he was able to perfectly sing the intro a minor third higher than the original Wii music is such a unique effect for an introduction to a video!

  • 4:21 how did he slice his finger

  • the tomato slicer part killed me. literally.

  • don't turn on the captions for the intro

  • This man genuinely makes me laugh

  • whats that guys name 0:00

  • He looks my grandpa sometimes and my dad sometimes

  • I always love when Gus comes in and tries to sell me a product like a not confident newly married father-in-law asking if his 14 year old shit ass stepson wants to go to the mall with him for bonding time knowing that he’s going to get fucking roasted by this MCR listening Hot Topic/Spencer’s branded adolescent who hates him for literally existing at all, but he’s going to ask anyway because he’s always looking for that golden hour where maybe he can break through to them only for them to realize he’s a bigger dweeb than they expected which is honestly impressive and humanizing.

  • Funny how im watching this and ordering jack in the box

  • 69k likes nice

  • ted looks alot like ted bundy

  • a otomtone

  • My Google Home went off when he asked about the Caspian Sea 🤣

  • “We have to keep this door locked, it’s our best hope for security.”

  • 1:18 was that a taladega nights reference?

  • Please repent from sin God loves you he sent Jesus to die on the cross for your sins so you can have eternal life with God and if you do chose to make sure to confess and be baptised and read the bible and share it with others

  • “So you know how our actor looks just like Ted Bundy, we should call him Ted”

  • So Ted: Fell on his back Cut his finger into several pieces Broke his back Deep fried his entire hand Fell down a flight of stairs And still didn’t clock out. That right there is dedication.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if the kitchen was actually the 9th circle of hell.

  • Yo that case is the same as the galaxy buds lol

  • I think he says "we gotta keep this door locked, it's our only hope of security"

  • Was this the first SJW training video? Cuz the white girl and the black guy are really busting his balls!

  • My nan said that raycon ear buds look like baked beans in your ears. Comidy

  • Is this the same production as "a 1000 ways to die"? what the heck is this, hahaha

  • Its from the 1970s

  • 7:20 XD

  • I heard him say Tim I want to know who he is I need the the jack and the box lore

  • Gus, please sign my baby.

  • I think maybe you missed the fact that they were purposely trying to make the video exaggerated and funny and entertaining and cheesy

  • Jack in the box is just jacks

  • Halfway through I forgot it was for Jack in the Box and thought it was a trailer for a spooky movie.

  • Oh no black bars there so deadly

  • Oh man Jack in the Box... Now I need to get trashed and get 20 deepfried soybean tacos at 2 am.

  • The dude talking bout security reminds me of the “ don’t be like my friend here”

  • why does he look like the gay neighbor on an 80 sitcom?

  • I wanna share a story in this ISchats comment section. I used to work at a burrito joint in my neighborhood. I lasted three weeks. Basically they let us eat the food when we were on our lunch or dinner breaks. Being a burrito place, going to the bathroom a few times after your break is to be expected. Well. One day after my break we got swamped, and I wasn't able to make the bathroom after my break. I think you know where this was going. I changed when I got home and I got fired that night. Thank you for reading the story of my first job.

  • Hey Gus have you ever thought of going on Lewis spears podcast

  • You should check out "Staplerfahrer Klaus". It's even better. It's an instructional video for forklift drivers, in German, but i'm sure you'll get the basics :D

  • Ted: Nothings wrong with my back two minutes earlier Ted: Falls flat in the floor most likely injuring his spine

  • Those tomatoe slicers for real don't fuck around

  • Is that a damn Otama tone

  • [hello]

  • Ted is always fuckin up 😆

  • *Get's obliterated by the sun* Me :O

  • *Get's shot in the face by a 45. bullet* Ted: O(

  • This guy loves Seattle, every hat has something to do with Seattle.

  • lol ted be a real simp

  • "It's our one hope of security" but it multiple tries and lip reading so

  • 3:36 is the best

  • Ted the entire time:😮

  • gus im from the future im hear to tell u the hernia gets better

  • My boyfriend just introduced me to this channel today and we were gasping for air trying to not die from laughing so hard. But as we were watching this video, I was like "sweetie, that guy kinda looks like an off-brand Ted Bundy." For quick clarification before anyone thinks I'm referring to Gus, I am referring to Ted from the training video. Then like 2 minutes later, Gus starts talking about Ted again, and I realize "omg, his name even is TED!" My boyfriend just turned up the volume so he could hear the video over me, which is fair actually. I make a lot of unnecessary comments, just like this one. You're welcome.

  • Who elses google home told them that the Caspian sea is 270.3 miles when gus asked his phone!! XDDD


  • I’m so blazed rn & feel real bad for my next door neighbors. My laugh-snort is extra obnoxious 💀

  • 05:05 you may not know it but this is denzel washington

  • 5:70 what song did gus use?

  • Man it's a good thing they didn't let ol' sure footed ted mop the floor idiot would probably end up mixing bleach and amonia and gassing the joint.

  • Wow ted must be working in a union kitchen cause he don't give a damn.

  • Eh ted's fine he landed on his ass first I've done that a fair few times at work. Signed a restaurant worker.

  • I'm crying, not cuz my parents just died but because your videos are fucking great. Rip ma and pa

  • I wish I was a fan of you ten years ago instead of Nathan Barnett, maybe I would've seen your show. Sad sad

  • e