gus johnson sings an entire conway twitty album

Birt 1 apr 2019
Conway Twitty Greatest Hits - Vol. 1
0:00 - I See The Want To In Your Eyes
2:53 - I Want To Know You Before We Make Love
6:29 - Slow Hand
9:43 - That's My Job
14:42 - Hello Darlin'
17:09 - Julia
20:55 - The Rose
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conway twitty greatest hits volume 1.
Album art and audio mixing by James Allen McCune.
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  • follow me on conway twitter @Gusbuckets

    • @Jonathan Seegers So what is it Conway did to deserve this?

    • This is scary good, man.

    • You have an actual career as a country singer waiting for you lol

    • I demand a part 2

    • This is incredible, genuinely thought this was Twitty at first lol.

  • Do a Ronnie milsap album

  • This is purty good. I think you're going places kid.

  • Hahahahahahahaha that fucking picture

  • Gus' level of content in terms of being genuinely funny, but also interestingly thought provoking, is unmatched on youtube. Change my mind. This is uniquely hilarious, talented, emotional, and no big deal. Thanks for the upload Gus.

  • Give us David Allan Coe now please!

  • This is the real Conway Twitty. So funny how many people you faked out in the comments. That picture is hilarious

  • I grew up on Conway Twitty. This is amazing. How am I just now finding this?

  • If reincarnation is real then it could be considered Gus is the reincarnation of Conway Twitty giving that Harold passed in 1993 and Gus was born in 1995

  • is it just me or does he actually sound like conway twitty?

  • Sometimes I just listen to this. I barely even think about the meme. It’s just some really fucking good music.

  • Sometimes I just listen to this. I barely even think about the meme. It’s just some really fucking good music.

  • I don't get the joke, I suppose the guy is a famous american singer. Nonetheless it sounds really good actually haha I'm checking the 'real' dude out after listening to every songs.

  • are you freaking kidding me

  • I love Conway twitty i grew up to it and to see now that one of m'y favorite entertainer sings it Dang made my day keep on Conway Johnson i guess

  • Goodness I listened to the whole thing

  • Legitimately listen to this when I clean out my closet

  • Wow he has genuinely great singing voice

  • I´m realy impressed. Very good job :)

  • If you play I see the want in your eyes in this video with the actual version it sounds like 2 drunk buddies doing karaoke

  • ISchats is the best app ever created

  • Down south man right here

  • Sounds really damn good

  • Gonway Jitty or Johnway Gitty

  • Gus I just want you to know. Whenever I need to shave my nuts and my beard. I play this playlist on my phone and Just Starr at that gorgeous bun of hair you don’t have.

  • Only 18k more views boys

  • Release to cd

  • Why is this just so beautiful

  • I’m playing this at my weeding, for real

  • This is way too good, seriously I prefer this to the original.

  • Oh boy you do look like him and sounds like him I wanted to be his woman lol

  • ....... i didn’t think ....... i didn’t know that he could........ WHAT!!!!! Nothing but PRASIE

  • Dude this was really good but did you get copyright struck right away?

  • I love Conway twitty and this lol

  • Why does it say this was uploaded last year? Wtf

  • Holy fuck why does this not have more views? Gus' voice is amazing!

  • What's happening?

  • What time is it?

  • Is this real?

  • i got pumped when I heard thats my job than hello darlin, those songs bring back memories

  • That’s actually pretty, good job man!

  • Hell yea

  • Recycling old material when appropriate, I see

  • why am I now just getting this upload notification

  • I’m confused. I thought this was just uploaded. Why does it say one year ago?

  • Hello darling sounds like David Allen Coe doing a Twitty cover lol. You should do some Coe songs Gus

  • Gus this is amazing. Thank you

  • The picture alone deserves hall of fame lvl of recognition

  • gusway twitty doesn't exist he can't hurt you...

  • Holy shit this was actually good lmao

  • long to find you you golden voiced angel.

  • Conway "Hide your wife" Twitty Gus "Hide your knife" Johnson

  • Damn you go gus

  • NO WAY THATS GUS?!?!???? 😅

  • Hold on. Was this uploaded twice? Gus please just reupload it ever six months

    • Fred Fish April 1st running joke

  • He sounds like Conway twisty mixed with Alan Jackson Edit: apparently my phone autocorrected to Conway twisty aka lil Conway twisty, I’m not even gonna fix that.

  • Really super wot

  • Gus if this is you, send help, I'm feeling emotions.

  • Who else is here for the 2nd time xD

  • Holy fuck thank you for this Gus!

  • Holy fuck thank you for this Gus!

  • Gus. You are beautiful.

  • So he does this sh*t every April 1st?

  • Where is "It's Only Make Believe" and "Fifteen Years Ago" at?

  • Do you know guv; this is really very good.

  • The original is always better than the sequel

  • I think the april fools is that it's the same joke as last year lmao...

  • So just reuploading now?

  • Some guy just reposted your video Gus. I can't believe some people

  • You re released the video?

  • Just finished your other Conway twitty album. Hate to be a critic but this one sounded better

  • Whos here from 2020

  • I am so confused. I've heard Gus sing on live shows and he's very good, but this doesn't quite sound like him. Is this actually him?

  • Gonna get copyrighted

  • meh it was better in 2020

  • Wait a sec. 2020 Version...2019 Version...Conspiracy Theories.

  • its even funnier the second time

  • Who would have known that Gus would be just re-uploading the same exact video.

  • Better the second time

  • Guess whose back...

  • Hold up.... its the same video from 2020. THATS ILLEGAL

  • Ah yes... the first one

  • Damn can't belive it's been a year, felt like it just got uploaded today

  • If it ain't broke

    • exactly.

  • Who else is back here after the reupload to see if this was real

    • When I saw the reupload I had the scariest deja vu moment

    • Stoocy still not sure if I believe it... this is crazy good.

    • i didn’t believe the people in the comments. i checked. it is very much true. i smiled.

  • Here because of the repost

  • This . This is the best April fools joke I didn't know I needed. I'm in tears, gus. How beautiful

  • Wait a minute... This is the same video as you posted a year ago You can’t fool me Gus I am too smart for y

  • I prefer this version.

  • Good job. See


  • Im here from 2020 version.

  • ...

  • I guess people forgot this one exists 😳

  • The OGs know this is the superior version. Don't listen to people saying it's the same

  • Goddamnit Gus

  • I love you Gus I love you Conway

  • I hope a vol 2 comes out today

    • CoreyRexVA it’s just volume one

  • Where's the volume 2 gus.

  • Better than the originals lmao