your friend who has been to the restaurant before

Birt 28 mar 2019
you guys have to try this
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your friend who has been to the restaurant before
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  • oh my gosh you guys have gotta try this delicious twitter page i found it is @Gusbuckets

  • I feel like this is more of your mom at a restaurant 😂

  • did he just kiss his brother

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • “They let you take the tables home.”

  • I’m an adult, I can order for myself When you parents say your 10 so you get a free meal

  • Sven is my fave😂

  • Gus's fbi agent : suspect is a 17-12-647-35 or 29-year-old man or woman

  • this is why I hate going to restaurants, because this is either happening at the table next to me, behind me or in front of me.

    • Lmao what kind of restaurants do you go to

  • Make a third your friend who has...

  • This is so chaotic after he says "they let you take the table"

  • That little smooch...I want it 🥺

  • their little argument at 0:29 gives off the same energy as that first argument in ferris bueller’s day off lol

  • You’ll be okay. You will be okay. You’ll be okay.

  • I have been-shut the fuck up hahahaahahahahahahahahahaah

  • Can we just appreciate how calm Sven (I think that’s his name) was when Gus kicked his phone😂😂😂😂

  • The restaurant was McDonalds

  • Me and my sibling fighting for the Xbox- 0:46

  • Why does Gus remind me of Brian David Gilbert?

  • I dont care how funny this was but i would never wanna be kissed by my best friend who is a guy me being also a guy

  • The guy in the pink shirt kinda looks like Jonah Marais...

  • When you invite the methhead to dinner and they suddenly start withdrawling


  • 0:10 what i think when i talk to a girl

  • What's really scary is that this is DEFINTELY me.

  • I fucking LOST IT at the cheek kiss

  • I’m embarrassed because that’s me😭 I’m always making sure everyone knows I was there already

  • lol

  • "I've been here before *shut the fuck up* "

  • Funny shit

  • My theory: everyone of Gus’s “impersonating an annoying stereotype” videos, is secretly personally attacking one of his friends.

  • “One time I asked they GAVE EM TO ME” lol

  • *N O O B I E B O O B I E*

  • Fun fact you aren’t in full screen

  • He's so controlling he even took control of the audience via the camera zoom

  • I don’t know if it was intentional or not but the “sometimes” is so spot on

  • Gus looks like svens dad.

  • I've been here, shut the f up, yeah so anyway

  • Why are u gae?

  • he turns from a gay friend to a ADHD child

  • This isn't funny if you've been through this

  • When gus's mouth got so close to his cheeck, i went "that must've not felt comfortable" then he kissed his cheek, I shrieked!

  • I swear every American I meet is like this. They have a stereotype of being overbearingly loud and overconfident lol.

  • lol imagine he said he was a noobie boobie

  • This is Antonio's? I've never been here before..... 😆🤣

  • 0:46 brother love ❤️


  • Sven: What should we eat for dinner? Gus: *yes*

  • 0:39 I DIED

  • 😂😂😂

  • Is Gus always the extra one? 😂

  • The thumbnail sold it

  • i want that shirt with the fries

  • this gives me huge brandon rogers vibes, and i love it


  • The 1.8k that disliked are the people that act like this.

  • Why does sven’s facial expression in the thumbnail have the energy of an old painting

  • This is legit my grandma

  • Idk why, but the end.... to funny. The part where he panìcs is the best like " are you happy with this resturant"

  • He goes from weird to insane in less than a minute 😂😂

  • The kiss on the cheek killed me XD

  • "I've been shut the f***k up I've been here before." XD

  • 0:45 what i do when a kid takes my bouncy ball

  • *My friend whenever she's off her pills.*

  • So Gus Johnson is Amir?

  • Are you having fun? -N..No?!

  • 0:11

  • the place kevin works at should be called wu's i they gave him chopsticks

  • When ur gf brings you to starbucks

  • This was one of the first videos I've seen by you, Gus. It won me over instantly.

  • Have you guys been here before? I hav- shut the f*ck up, I've been here before Classic 🤣🤣

  • He's genius for understanding people.

  • that ending tho lol I strive to be this person

  • I just love that feeling when you talk up a restaurant to your friends and when you finally take them there it sucks so you spend the next hour apologising and explaining it's normally better.

  • Just discovered that it's funny even if you are not high

  • my vote for gus's greatest sketch

  • ive been binging your vids and im dying laughing

  • This is possibly my favorite thing on the internet. Thank you for making this, Gus

  • Lmao I love how it gets more chaotic as it goes🤣😂🤣😂 “...I have not been here.”☠️

  • I think they're probably improvizing ten of these every day, and most are shit, so they only upload every other day or something

  • I can only tell these 2 are related when they do a close up of their faces lol otherwise they look nothing alike

  • This has almost had the same level of chaos as the 1st 2020 presidential debate!

  • This is one of those videos you have to watch for a second time after just discovering it

  • "There's a culture here that you don't understand" Is me explaining star Trek to people

  • OMG

  • There are no napkins.

  • This gave me secondhand paranoia that I would go to a restaurant with somebody and they would do this

  • This is the first presidential debate...

  • This is more like a mom hanging out with her son and his friends😂

  • k

  • shit, i am that guy...

  • "a wauderRr"

  • Tried to double-like this.

  • Sven: I w- Gus: AH *shut the fuck up*

  • [Insert funny joke that will get a lot of likes]

  • Luckily im Asian and my friends listen to my food opinions cuz rice is fucking good

  • “They let you take the table home”

  • The best improvised channel ever.

  • 0:40 YOU GAY 🤣🤣🤣 0:45 NOW YOU TWO ARE GAY 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • dont mind me just a mildy interesting timestamp for me 0:45