your friend who has been to the restaurant before

Birt 28 mar 2019
you guys have to try this
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your friend who has been to the restaurant before
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  • oh my gosh you guys have gotta try this delicious twitter page i found it is @Gusbuckets

  • Poor table

  • Dude i was crying i was laughing so hard xD

  • When a male says, "Caprese Salad", it's time to bail out!

    • Wtf are you talking about man

  • I’m annoyed even through a screen

  • I want to go to martellos

  • please don't use the Lord's name in vain

  • It went from the actual skit to just insanity

  • they let you take the table???

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  • 1:47 1:51 Gus breaking character had me rolling

  • I wish I could like and dislike this video at the same time

  • That ended like a Ryan George video

  • I almost spit laughed my drink at that end line.

  • 😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅!!! 😂😅🤣!!!

  • 0:40 did anyone notice that gus kissed sven on the check

  • Why is everything so much funnier 2x speed

  • I don’t wanna make anymore friends if this is some of them

  • There’s a culture you don’t understand

  • I just wanted watter

  • 🤣

  • This is literally me



  • this is a cry for help.

  • 0:57 He looks like Trump for a split second here

  • “I’v- Shut the fuck up-“

  • "They let you keep the table."

  • Swen looks like he’s trying not to crack up the whole time! Lol

  • Their water's not good

  • This is so Buenos Aires (Argentina) fuck

  • he reminds me of farva from super troopers lol

  • Love the kiss! XD

  • The 2.2k dislikes are from people who do this

  • That is so realable that is me so much when I go to pools restaurants and parks

  • Gus: They let you take the table home Umbrella: am I a joke to you

  • Waitress ALMOST sounds like Marzia Ngl....

  • I love when he said shut the fuck up🤣😂🤣😂🤣 when they were ordering

  • 1:33 love this part

  • I would just choke my friend at that point

  • I like the gradually fading light

  • It's like a 4 year old child 🤣

    • And the ending is even funnier!

  • I like how there was also a Kevin at Antonio's restaurant even though he was talking about Kevin in Martello's restaurant

  • Dwight is that you ?

  • The thumbnail looks like he's screaming but he's either wispering or just generally talking This is literally every thumbnail

  • i bet no one will reply to this comment

  • Gives me Bill Burr impersonating women vibes

  • Gus reminds me of my Dad way too much every time he watches a cooking show and starts calling cake “sponge”.

  • This is how Covid spreads.

  • Sxge eg egbeynensundh us usnN Gbc:^Yux, h. B. V

  • Imagine you left your Gf just to keep friendship with this guy.

  • His acting reminded me of Michael Scott

  • Gus always manages to make me genuinly feel frustrated even thoigh I know he's only playing a character

  • As a waitress, I can confirm. The bit about telling the server that they've been here but the other guy is new and about ordering and not letting the other guy speak, those things happen.

  • They let you take the table home!

  • 0:37 your mom when you acted up in the store

  • heck ya

  • Don’t do this to me! Me when I lie to my mom

  • this epik

  • Yeah, I’ve got a friend like this ( it’s my sister 🤫) 😭

  • This is literally me except by myself since I have no friends

  • Where can i get that polo shirt?

  • When he says july 18th 2014 i get nostalgic 😪

  • I would have a serious problem if another mans mustache came soo close. Too close.

  • July 18th is my bday 😂😐

  • The end bro hahahahah

  • tell Kevin Gus is here

  • “I’ll show you how to do the menu” Already off to a great start

  • "shut the fuck up" He said in a oddly upbeat voice

  • "You guys have been here before?" "no-" "shut the fuck up, i did, he didnt"

  • "They let you take the table home"

  • This is my grandma going to her fav restaurant

  • His laugh at 1:29 is frightening


  • The kiss was the killer 😂😂😂

  • 1:44 They let you take the table home had me rollin

  • My guy is having his phone up side down🤣🤣🤣👌🤣👌👌🤣🤣🤣

  • *”THERE’S A CULTURE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!”* ~That person who thinks every song originated from TikTok.

  • Menu

  • *there water's not good*


  • The cutest gay couple

  • I got second hand embarrassment when he said "Their water's not good here."

  • Still his best vid

  • That one guy who has been to any country be like

  • Hardest I’ve laughed on YT

  • Don’t use Gods name in vain

  • This has never even remotely happened to me before but it's still so relatable

  • Capreasy Salad LOL he said Capr'easee' lololololol

  • I'm addicted to this video

  • I can't believe how much anxiety covid has given me seeing Gus talk that close to Sven's face

    • @Pam MaHu oh definitely yeah :3c

    • @Snowsie T if I tell you will it give you more anxiety?

    • @Pam MaHu who's pete?

    • @jer manee I dunno normie, ur kinda sus uwu~

    • Aren't you so quirky with a furry picture and anxiety

  • The Grove on Laguna Beach? Never been, now I want to go, looks like they have multiple levels and bridges.

  • Caprese isn't pronounced Cupreasy, but I guess that just makes this character that much infuriating

  • Anyone else still find it hard to believe that Gus and Sven are brothers?

  • Waiter: have you guys been her before. Gus: um so t. Brother: um no I ha. Gus: shut the f*ck up

  • basically every mom at a restaurant

  • i feel like i’d hate eating at martello’s restaurant

  • 0:30 that is pure rage.

  • Thet let you take the tables home

  • When he tackled his friend I actually felt it